Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to the Kosmos

i created this blog to share some of my collection ... i have over 3,500 lp`s.
i am using an old vintage marantz 1150D amp [ thanks pa ! ], Yamaha YP-D4 turntable , seasound SOLO EX soundcard , & Cubase 5 to do all transfers.
this seems to capture the warmth of vinyl as well , which is really nice !
most of my wax is real clean so i hope to get some clean transfers.
maybe some recordings will be cd transfers , but the majority will be scare psych LP`s.
i have about a thousand cds , many of which are OOP & obscure enuff to share.
i have noticed alot of really obscure stuff being posted here & there. i will try & fill in the cracks as best i can , but i am sure there be someone / somewhere who beats me to the punch , so to speak. i just dont wanna waste time with something that is already avaliable , so i will try & keep my posts as original as feasable. all lp`s could range a bit in style , but most will be pop in nature.
all files are the result of my own effort & time , from my own personal collection. no files here are borrowed or otherwise mirrored & or cloned.
i expect the same reciprication.
enjoy your time in the kosmos & if ya take time to download the music , take time to let me know what ya think please!


Anonymous said...

HI!! I was taking a look to your lp collection and,sincerely,i think is amazing!!There are a bunch of psych jewels!!Will it be possible to be posted the "Wichita Fall" lp soon? This album is a little masterpiece.It´s something like "Crosby,Stills and Nash meets The Idle Race",don´t you think? About your blog,I wish you all kind of luck.
P.S.: I´m sorry for my English!!

Anonymous said...


compliments for your blog.
I've a request to do:
Cashman , Pistilli & West Bound To Happen 1967 ABC
Please could you post it?

All the best

2tired2sleep said...

Great new blog!
I'll back regularly to see what kinda gems you'll be digging out next!
Thanks so much for your time and effort!!!!!!!!!!

I'll let you know what I think of the stuff I DL!!!


akashaman said...

hey guys , thanks so much for the kudos !
means alot , i will put up the witchita fall & the cashman , pistilli & west Lp`s up next for you guys!
i just finshed the ultimate spinach debut , going up today!

thanks again


Anonymous said...

All the best wishes for the future!
Ultimate Spinach is a promising start - a good choice! In fact one of my all time favourites.

Anonymous said...

hi nice blog ,great music any chance of posting the becon st union lp please ,keep it up..many thanks

Anonymous said...


Have you any album of Love Generation?

Could you post?

Thanks for Cashman, Pistilli & West album.

Take care

akashaman said...

hey , i have no love generation , but i saw one here :
hurry now ...:)


Anonymous said...


i'm in search of some albums:
Mason Williams Ear Show
Michael Perlitch Keyboard Tales
Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun
Sopwith Camel - The Miraculous Hump Returns

Could you post these albums?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...


akashaman said...

i`ll try & get those request up soon enuff;
for now i found the sopwith camel LP: sopwith camel


Anonymous said...


Quite an assortment you have hear...

I'm a little more garage than psych myself, with a cheesy pop streak throwm in.

would love to hear
Brewer & Shipley - Tarkio
Neil Diamond - Double Gold, which was lost the first time that my records got stolen, and which is my favourite of the early period comps.


OOtar said...

You have a great site here Akashaman.
I enjoy your vinyl here, there, and everywhere.

TM (Brittany) said...

I'm surprised by the quality of your work. Can I send you some requests ? They are : The Good Rats, same, 1968 ; Fusion, Border Town, 1969 ; Music Asylum, Commit Thyself, 1970 ; Touchstone, Tarot, 1972 ; Wild Butter, same, 1970.
I thank you and hope a long life to you & your blog.

Anonymous said...

You have a very nice collection and your vinyl rips are extremely clean. Glad to see you're so conscientious, and thanks for your generosity. Would love it if you could manage the 2 Verve Paupers albums--used to have them but no more--and I think that NOVAC album is pretty mindblowing even today. Let people hear it if you can!

akashaman said...

thanks for the kudos all !
i try & keep the transfers very clean. i have only been collecting lp`s for about 3-4 yrs now only buy them if they are in really nice shape.
if an lp is under par , it just wont get transferred.
i will try & get those paupers up for ya , great stuff for sure !


Sir Billy Himalaya said...

Cool site akashaman. No requests, just keep on keepin' on.

Venti said...

Hey, thanks for linking me, I have done the same.

I have a growing digital collection but only a meager collection of actual CDs and LPs (none of it rare) but I figured I might as well post some of it for anyone who wants it. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...


Requests on the soft side:
(more) Bread and David Gates (please!), Seals&Crofts, Carpenters, 5th Dimension, Three Dog Night, Gilbert O'Sullivan.

If only one, so be it "Kerry Livgren - Seeds Of Change".

btw. what is the cartridge/stylus of your Yamaha turntable?

akashaman said...

hey ; cool requests , i`ll get to them soon , i`ll do the kerry livgren one 1st for ya !
np :
i am using a new stylus on my turntable , i believe its an audio technica ! [ yellow one w/ triangle on it ]
thanks for feedback :


akashaman said...

PS - here is david gates debut solo LP:
david gates debut
pass =

thanks Jiltz @ groovyfab !


tucker said...

Hi! Looking through your amazing
record collection, it looks as if you might have the second album by the group THE ILLUSION. Is this the same group that did, "Did You See Her Eyes"? If so, man, I would really appreciate if you could post it sometime. I *love* that first LP of theirs and have never been able to find their second. Also, have you ever run across a rip of MASTERS OF THE AIRWAVES "st"? Been looking for that one forever, too.

akashaman said...

hey tucker :

ya , have all three of those illusion lp`s , & will get that one ripped for ya very soon , ok ?


kewl , thanks for the feedback my man & glad you guys are really jammin` on the tunage >.:)

happy holy daze :


tucker said...

MANY thanks in advance for when you
put up the second and/or third ILLUSION album, Aka! You da man!
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

akashaman said...

i am gonna pull out the illusion lp`s today & make sure they sound good enuff to transfer !
maybe i can get one done today !?
i`ll do the best two , as i recall they were not "that" great ?
hmm , i`ll have to re visit >


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hey, many thanks for the "David Gates debut" link !
(...I didn't notice it untill today)

Yes, the stylus is probably Audio Technica...(even the cheapest ones) used to be of high quality in the old days.


akashaman said...

man cannot live on bread alone !
ha , yes i will get more bread up : their next best lp , imo is thier debut : thats what i will throw up next for you hungry kidz.
i just finished the illusion debut & will get up tonight !
thanks alot for the feedback all , that`s what keeps this machine running smooth !



Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us discover Randy Vanwarmer. I had never listened to him before, and these cuts are amazing, especially the ones from Terraform. Could you be tempted to post the full albums?

BTW, is your LP collection a full list?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Me again,

I started readng through your collection backwards and didn't see the chapter with sunshine and psych until now. These would be the ones I would love to hear:

The Happenings
Neon Philharmonic
Noel Harrison
Tommy James solo
Tommy Roe

Voilà, this concludes the vote of the French jury. Thanks again.

akashaman said...

hey , ya that randy vanwarmer stuff IS amazing huh ? love the terraform track , wow.
i have over 1,000 LP`s still yet to catalogue , i need to get those added soon.
i am not really open to alot of requests , but try & to some.
if i spent all my time gettin request done , i wouldnt have any time to transfer what i really want to share.
BUT , i will do some here & there.
the happenings , tommy roe & tommy james SOLO & the shondells stuff will be added very soon !
good calls !

thanks again all.


Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks!

Venti said...

Hey, it's a shame your links are being deleted. :(

You may want to try MediaFire, that's what I've been using and it seems to work great. :)

Thanks for all the awesome music!

AaronB said...

This is an outstanding collection of music. Thank you so much for sharing this with my obsession for all music that is good. If you get a chance I would appreciate it if you could check out my blog. I have music from all genres, but I think you have the kind of taste I do. Take care

Anonymous said...

Amazing collection!!!
Specially some very hard to find 70th albums, such as Gilbert o`Sullivan, Donny Osmond´s debut,
Albert Hammond, Bay City Rollers(...i´ve only seen compilation of this band, no official albums).......etc...


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for these soft-rock gems. I'd been looking to record Terry Jack's "Concrete Sea" for... decades! And I'd forgotten about that lovely "Just when I needed you most." Do you happen to have / was thinking of getting around to ripping "Sunny Days" by Lighthouse? (I've got their 'One Fine Morning' & '69 LPs, but not that, their funnest / most known song.)

keefhartley said...

hi there :)
its me keefhartley from its psych forum :)

i wanted you to ask if you could post
Jefferson Airplane - 2400 Fulton Street (1985 Rhino)
i saw it in your lp collection :)


akashaman said...

hey all :

dont have any lighthouse sorry & prob wont get to that jefferson airplane anytime soon , as its a double LP & i am not goin there yet !
hard enuff doin the single lp`s :
so sorry


Dudu said...

Thanks for restored links about Tin Tin and Marmalade.Great albluns.
And congratulations for you LP collection - Fantastic!
And, when it's possible, don't forget to post lp's from Lobo.
thanks again

akashaman said...

your welcome man : will get to some LOBO very soon my man !


Anonymous said...

Great collection. Wonderful blog. Would love to get a digital copy of Bread - Lost Without Your Love. It's the only one I can't find on cd and my vinyl is worn out.


akashaman said...

ok , so its LOBO & some more bread :
they say man dos not live by bread alone , it must be true : there has to be some lobo ; look for them both soon kids.
prob do the "best of lobo" [jap press] 1st then start back w/ the debut.



akashaman said...

ps - i wanted to get to the debut bread 1st , but it`ll have to wait :
"lost without your love" it is. wait , isnt that an air supply song ? oh , thats "lost in love" - i have that as well & i happen to love air supply & dont care what ne-one says : ha



akashaman said...

grab some bread - retro / 2cd @ my boys blog :


A Dashing Blade said...

"i just dont wanna waste time with something that is already avaliable "

(please, no Metal tho'!)

akashaman said...

there is no time wasted here my friend.
-- i`ll give you some metal if i want & you`ll like it , punk !



Bugzilla said...

Gee, I wish you lived next door so I could mass transfer your wax. This is absolutely a kick ass blog. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good wishes for this new year, thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Kept up my search for 'Sunny Days': 'The 'Time Has Told Me' blog has posted the Best of Lighthouse comp. of that name, at

Anonymous said...

Hi there from New Jersey. Great blog, glad I stumbled across it! Thanks for the Jigsaw album upload. I actually have this LP but lack the turntable to enjoy it anymore. Thanks again!!!


Carlos Harrison said...

Hello my new friend!!!!

I was wandering from blog to blog today and suddenly I found your terrific blog!!

I just download Bread - On the Waters album -and all I can say is a BIG THANK YOU!!!

But PLEASE make my daily dream came true and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE upload the very first BREAD album (1969)

Carlos Harrison.

PS: I do Believe in your warning
'bout your ancient MAYAN curse!!!

Be and peace!!!!

darnall42 said...

Just descovered your site,what a flab blog,keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Would still love to see last Bread lp "Lost Without Your Love" if possible. I know you are busy and I will be patient. Thanks for all your efforts and the wonderful shares.


md said...

Particular thanks for the Pilot album - always wondered what that was like - unexpected Dan Steele and Todd-isms in there. And the 2nd Stories lp. Hail Baroque Powerpop in general and Mike Brown in particular. So looking forward to your first Stories lp! Over the years I've found 2 copies and both were off center, sob.
The great work you're doing is very, very appreciated. Baroque on.

akashaman said...

super kewl , thanks so much : i`ll do that debut stories LP today then ~!

incidently ian lloyd is super kewl , he threw me a comment on myspace page , chek it out @ myspace/akashaman

rok on


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I just stumbled upon this blog and it is fucking amazing. Thanks for all the hard work. I can't wait to explore.


sturgut said...

It will be nice to see you here :


Anonymous said...

hello ASH! I love your taste and thank you for the music!

the KIDD said...

Thanks!!! Enjoy!!! All the best for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool place to come visit.
Could you please post any or all Potliquor. Great band.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog. Thanks especially for the Tommy James solo stuff, which I agree is very underrated and underappreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great set of LP's. Any chance of re-posting old entries, i.e. The Stories?

Anonymous said...

Hey Akashaman!! Where are you?? Haven't seen any movement here since April. I hope everything is O.K.


P.S. The ITG Band album sounds great. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Come on back, we miss ya!!

Anonymous said...

Your record-collection links didn't work...I was wondering if you have the Montage album which kinda came between the Left Banke and Stories? I would be thrilled to get my hands on that.

akashaman said...

hey :

ya , server is down right now , sorry. i dont have the montage LP , but have it in 320 mp3.
i`ll see about getting it up for ya ~


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaman.
Great blog.
I just found these mp3 blogs.. i'm stunned.

Willard said...

Hi aka,

Many thanks for offering the two Beatlefest tracks to For The Love Of Harry. We really appreciate when fans get involved.

As it happens, we've got the two that you mentioned, however. They're in our "Odds & Sods" post. If you're sitting on any other rarities, though, please let us know. We have a wants list on the blog (but, it's very short at this time).

We should exchange links though. Always good to promote each other and you've got a REALLY cool blog. I'll go ahead and add you to our Friends of Harry list. Let me know if there is any problem with that.

Many thanks again

Willard said...

Hey aka,

Many thanks for the linkage. Very appreciated. Though we haven't posted them yet, we're sitting on the first two LPs. Pretty much what we're after these days is the real oddball stuff and the occasional vinyl that slipped through the cracks of making it to CD. Many thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for great tracks, seen your list look forward to seals & crofts.

J.T said...

Just like to say Thankyou for the 3 New England LP's - I played my old Vinyl copy of the Debut album to death many a year ago & hadn't heard that or the other 2 albums in 20 years or so. They should have been huge & I think the 1st LP would certainly find a place in my all time top 50. I certainly would appreciate any other material you have.
Thanks again for the huge dose of nostalgia I've been enjoying these past few days.

Bèr said...

Hi Shaman,
Thx for the great and shamefully almost forgotten music you serve up here. But what happened to your .com site? As a happy owner of Ars Nova's first album I was glad to see Sunshine & Shadows over here, but the download link isn't working anymore. Any chance you upload the files to some other place? It would be great.
Thx anyway for your good work.

akashaman said...

hey !

thanks for the kudos , i am glad it is being enjoyed !
i am re uploading the ars nova lp for you now. other site is just down right now ; i`ll post new link soon !


Frisian said...

hello Shaman
thanks for the second album of Zager & Evans, very good vinyl rip.
I didn't get it from this blog but from soulseek :-), included text file mentiond this blog, witch you wrote i guess...

i did post on Lost-In-Tyme a cd of them with both their albums and some bonus tracks a few days ago but must say that i prefer the vinyl rips.
in the comments of that post i added the url of this blog and mentiond that you have a post with that vinyl rip

Frisian [same nick on slsk]

akashaman said...

frisian !

thanks for the comments !
i am glad you are enjoying the lp , its is certainly great ~
i left a post at your blog.
ya , i am tryin to maintain the natuaral warmth inherent on lp`s..
glad ya noticed : keep in touch


Frisian said...

nice comment Shaman..
did add the nick Shaman on slsk to userslist, if your the same you can see all my files..
read also the commet of the post before the post of Zager & Evans on Lost-In-Tyme..


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for putting me onto New England. Don't know how I missed them. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive collection ,I hope you ever post Love "Out Here" I have the vinyl ,but no turntable and didn hear it for over 20 Years .

tel said...

Hi, great stuff. Looking through your album collection I noticed you have Gypsy, In the Garden. It would be great if you could post that soon. Also, have you ever heard of a group called Zazu?

Psicodelia pura said...

I recently discover this great blog...a great material...congratulation...
I have a me if you like it or not

Modern Relic said...

Hi Akashaman, I've grabbed some really good tunes here in the last week or so and just wanted to say thank you!

Mister Niles said...

Hi, I know it's a long shot, but I've been looking for some Face Dancer. You wouldn't happen to have any would you? Thanks either way. Love your blog. From sunshine pop to oddities from the days of AOR. You have very interesting taste in music.

akashaman said...

hey niles :

thanks for all the great feedback ~

man , i never even heard of "face dancer" , so sorry. i`ll keep my eyes peeled tho.
if there is anything else you find on my list that you would love to hear , just let me know !
thanks man


Manda said...

Novac's "Fifth Word" would be a great upload. Btw, nice work with your burns.

freqazoidiac said...

hello..thanks for posting the Paupers Lp Ellis island. I have Magic People. on i have to find Ellis Island..even hard to find up here in ontario canada. The drummer went on to play with Lighthouse and now runs a dynasty of radio stations here in London Ontario. (skip prokopp) I have a similar themed blog where I offer up rarities ripped mostly from original Vinyl LP's. Great job..keep it up. Peace for 2008

Anonymous said...


Are you aware of that?:

" expired on 01/15/2008 and is pending renewal or deletion"

Got it when I tried to watch your LP Collection ...

Warm regards

Mike said...

This is a great site! Thanks for all you're doing - it's appreciated - and I'll reciprocate as soon as I've learnt how. And now the request... Any chance of a re-up of School of Fish debut? Thanks if you can - and thanks anyway.

Mike said...

Thanks for the re-up of 'School of fish' but...there seems to be a prob with the download. Any ideas...?

Mike said...

All sorted now. Many thanks.

rickdog said...

I'm approaching 6,000 mp3 download sites in this custom google search:

Rickdog's MP3blog search

Please leave your site in the comments if it is not in my custom search list. You can find out if you are included by using the search term:

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Anonymous said...

Terrific material, but SendSpace is a drag! How about using and giving your readers a choice?

Ben said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog while searching for some pre-1997 demo tracks by Deadsy. I noticed you mentioned you had some, and I was wondering if there was any chance you'd be willing to upload them for me somewhere. I'd be willing to return the favor in some way, if you like, but I've no idea what you'd want in return. My e-mail address is snarerushjunkieATgmailDOTcom if you do get them up.

Also, this blog looks pretty solid. Whenever I get around to re-vamping my own music blog, I'll definitely link to it.

Dualtrack said...

Hey Akashaman!

I also run a vinyl transfer blog but a different genre than yours. I share your desire to maintain the warm sound of vinyl and patience in declicking. I also include artwork scans, which so many people don't.

Like you, I don't respond well to requests ... just ignore them. If you try to fill requests then doing this will just become an unpaid job that you'll end up resenting.

You're doing a really great job here. I'm listening to your transfer of the Spanky & Our Gang LPs and they sure do sound sweet! The sound is completely natural.

I really appreciate the way you listed the equipment you use, I do the same thing.

Complete respect to you!
And thanks for your work.

binkerbo said...

You have posted some wonderful old music here. Do you by any chance have either of Wally's LPs? I had to get rid of some of my vinyl 15 years ago and I'm now regreting some of the choices I made.

akashaman said...

who`s wally >?



rickdog said...

You have a great music blog here! I've added you to my mp3blog list and custom search, check it out.

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Herls said...

Hello, my name is Herls, I searching for the album of the Free Design "Kites are Fun", and I believe that already it expired, please someone it might upload again? It is grateful in advance!

Mark said...

Great site, thanks for the effort! I've added you to my blog list.

Zer0_II said...

Hello again Akashaman. I wanted to invite you and your readers to my new social network that I have created. It's similar in appearance to myspace (minus all the hormone-crazed teenagers), but it is intended to serve as a hangout for artists, musicians, and music lovers. I have also included a forum category for music bloggers such as yourself to promote their blogs and share updates. If you are interested, here is the url:

I hope to see you there. Take care.


Linkthebutler said...

hi akashaman, I have add you on my Blog, could you be so kindly and my blog to your one ???

akashaman said...

done !
thanks for the add mon :


wormpiano said...

still hoping for your return someday... you always had some of the best stuff on here.

ribeirorock said...

hola amigos , por razones ajenas el camaleon cambia la url.

anotar la nueva url por favor .

un abrazo a todos

hello friends, for reasons beyond the chameleon change the url.

note the new url please.

a hug to all

Dwartz Farquhartz said...


Thanks so much for a great blog. I didn't think there were too many of us left loving this stuff!

More Lovin' Spoonful if you have it, please!

I'm also looking for the Association's Waterbeds in Trinidad.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your forum about The Ship last year. I didn't know if you or your readers were aware that they have released 3 new CD's of material from the master tapes they recorded 35 years ago. Its good stuff and is available at also info at

turgut ♫ said...

SilverainTR is back on blogger!
May you add the link ?
Just add it, no edit :)

Stitch said...


I've caught onto a guy naming himself The Time And Space Machine who does re-edits of some obscure psych tracks (eg Astral Taxi by Tin Tin) which I found and downloaded on your blog - great stuff, many thanks
Theres another track thats been re-edited - The River by Octopus from The Restless Night album - any chance you can post this?

If you want to check out TT&SM try

akashaman said...

thanks stitch :
killer mixes !
sorry , dont have that octopus LP ...:(


Myles said...

Hi there, I just found this site while having a look for Astral Taxi. It looks like I have unwittingly stumbled into a veritable cornucopia of wonderful music.
If you or any of your readers could point me in the direction of music on this blog in the same vein as Tin Tin's Astral Taxi I would very much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Do you think we can hear the live recording of Spanky and Our Gang? Please.

jb said...

Nice work you're doing over here. This is the first time I've visited, but I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I discovered this blog accidentally, searching the Jimmy Hotz album, congratulations, you have an impressive collection. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your collection & the high quality of your rips. Looking forward to your new posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Akashaman! Welcome back. I used to visit your site regularly, but took you from my faves when there was no action, but it's good to have you back in the faves! Any guy who posts TWO City Boy albums is a friend of mine!! Thanks for returning and keep on rockin' in the free world!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I keep looking in but you must be busy doing other things. Hope all is well with you?
I've been able to get many things from my 'book marked' blogs, some of which appear to be going down the private road.
Still no luck in tracing:

Bruce McKay - Midnight Minstrel
Jim McCarthy - Alien
The Seventh Sons - 4.00 a.m.@ Franks
Barry Goldberg - Street Man
Charlie Brown - Teton Tea Party

Do you have any of these?
Hope to see you posting soon,
Regards Cy from Portknockie.

binkerbo said...

It'll be good to see you back in action!

signals3_t5 said...

This is very good collection thanks a lot very much...

my blog

Paul said...

Very alive and well, thank you. And love the blog, will definately be checking back often. Thank you for all of your time and hard work.

Don said...

Hey guy! Appears you like the same old genre that I do too.

Wouldn't have Sons of Freedom st first lp?

My thanks again for letting me stumble through your blog.

Regards from Canada

OldrockerBR said...

Tanks a lot AKA for link my blog in your page.

7-Floor said...


Nice blog so far.
I ques we are going to see or hear much about the collection you have.
I see that you use no Rapishare for sharing (thats a great plus)

I shall also put a link in my Blog so they can find you here.

Greetings 7-Floor

Anonymous said...

Ello! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm feelin the Fringe Benefit super hard..and pretty much this entire blog. Keep on ruling it!
I was wondering if youre into or, have any 13th Floor Elavators?

akashaman said...

ya , thats fringe is the best man ! u should hear johns new solo cd ! [ the singer ] -- glad your diggin on that , one of my all time faves !
of course i have the elevators , u want the debut or the second easter lp ?
have em both ! -- tho , they are not too hard to find eh ?
i try & do more obscure stuff , but if u needy : i gotti !



Anonymous said...

Your blog rox!!! I'm doing shrooms tonight, and your blog is like a big box of candy for my head. Thanks!

akashaman said...

haha , thanks man ! well , if your doin` shrooms , u need to listen to : um ; er ---- hell , any of them will do ! lol
hope u had a nice trip ; see u next fall !


Anonymous said...

You won't be wasting your time offering something already somewhere else if your offering is superior quality. Serious music snobs don't want that 160kps stuff already infesting the planet. This stuff is junk. If mp3, always Lame (recommended version Lame 397), Variable Bit Rate (CBR leaves artifacts), Joint Stereo, Quality Setting of 0 and you have CD quality offerings. You could garner a good reputation and I for one would always look here first before searching elsewhere. For real serious snobs who consider mp3 crap (their hearing needs fixin) there is always lossless. The combination of these two will make this site a winner and the word will spread.

akashaman said...

every post on this site is @ 320 kbps. are you saying this isnt a high enuff standard to set ?
in all honesty ; i just don`t have the space or time for anything higher.
the higher bits starts increasing exponentially - i hear what your saying tho - & @ 320 i think everything sounds pretty decent & i AM a music snob : !

thanks for feedback


Anonymous said...


Great collection posted so far.

Do you happen to have any of the following:

"Sinister Morning"/Denny Gerrard - 1970
"Daughters of Albion"/Daughters of Albion - 1968

I've found them both elsewhere, but the quality of the LP's transfered wasn't the best

R.P.S. said...

hello guy. how do you record yours LPs to mp3?? what software and aparelhage do you use?


R.P.S. said...

i had listen your randy's collection. it is ok!!

webmaster said...

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Frank S. Hurrat said...

Thank you very much for all your efforts. Simply amazing collection! I hope you find the time to add more to your blog because people really do appreciate what you are doing.

THANKS again

Zalgo said...

Hello and thank You for all the wonderful music!

Around 1971-72 I heard a group called Wichita falls or Witchita falls or something like that, or maybe that was the album title. As I remember it there was a song with the same name that i liked very much.
It would be really cool if You could find that and post it here


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damian said...

Hey!! Cool Enuff Znuff pics! Are you a big fan as well? I love that band... Do you have any EZN live recordings? Hard to find any
pre '92....

Anonymous said...

Your blog rocks harder than Krakatoa! I have been here many times. Sometimes I download, somtimes I just read and look at the pix. Luv it.

I am 56 years old, and I remember many of these albums. Through your blog, I have been able to get back some of the pieces of my past, things that I listened to when I was 16 or 17, and thought I'd never see again. You've given me back my roots, and I truly appreciate it. You are doing a great service by keeping this old music alive and making it available to people like me.

I also think your name if frosty cool. Akasha is a Tibetan word referring to the spirit world, so you are the akasha man. But there's more going on here: the letters "aka" are sometimes used to stand for "also known as," and when you read it that way, your name becomes "also known as shaman." The fact that your name is a double entendre, and that both of the possible readings is a reference to the spirit world, is amazing and very cool.

Did you plan it that way, or is it a coincidence?

We will meet again-----

Grievous Angel said...

Hi Akashaman

I just discovered your blog a few days ago ...
It's very nice to find things that don't exist elsewhere ...
Your records sound great, specially the vinyl transfers ones !!!
You really have a first quality stuff ... it's such a pleasure to find the vinyl warmth in those MP3
Would you use 320 K bitrate and you'll beat every other sites.
By the Way, have you Ram Jam Holder, specially "Black London Blues" and "Bootleg Blues" ... for the first one, copies you can find are real poor sound, the second seems to be out of reach ... Both are great albums ...

Grievous Angel said...

Sorry about my prior message, i just realize the whole part is already at 320KBPS

Gary said...

Hey aka,

Do you have anything by a band called Mandrake Memorial? They were a psychedelic band that played in the Philadelphia area back in the 1960's. They put out a few good albums and then vanished without a trace. Their recordings are scarce as hen's teeth- I've been hunting them for years, and so far I've only got a vinyl copy of their first album. It's great stuff, complete with harpsichords and sitars. I'd love to get the other albums. If you've got them, please post them. I'd be ever so grateful.

Radio Ads said...

At this time i am listening your randy's collection. Its really very interesting. I have saved it in my online bookmarks. Thanks for sharing such a nice collection.

akashaman said...

wow , ya that randy vanwarmer stuff is greatness ! u know we lost him recently don`t ya ?
i should do a part II of his best , cause he sure has a lot more great tunes ! [ or i`ll just start ripping the whole LP`s , ha ] - got em all ~


OldrockerBR said...


Please update new address for PHROCK Blog in your bloglist:

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that you have some Orpheus. Could you please post it? Jim

akashaman said...

hi :
i have three , which one u want ?
i assume the debut ?

akashaman said...

hey : i am not gonna post stuff that`s readily available , unless i am just unaware ; ha
a quick google & u can find some orpheus !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Could you please put on some Orpheus?

akashaman said...


Anonymous said...

hi Aka,

I' just discovered your blog. Really amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

Bertie from Paris

Anonymous said...

hey there, love yr blog, lotsa interesting stuff!!! keep up the good work general electric xxx

Rich said...

Hi...I just found your blog, and it'a a miracle. You have so many LPs that I used to own but were destroyed in a flood. Thanks to you, I now have them back! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I see today your fabulous Blog and I like so much. Good music. Thanks for all this. Very thanks.

novoros said...

Hi, neighbor!
In short, I want to buy your LP!
How do we expect? How can you send me mail LPs?

Olivier said...

Terrific material, but SendSpace is a drag! How about using and giving your readers a choice?
I like your blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot.
Could somebody help to find song Acapulco by Holland singer Pete Monti (to regret I don't know his right name). This song was heard by me within 1970-1982.
Or simply help with information of name of singer and title of LP.
Kind regards, Yuri A

Alexander said...

loads of great stuff here, thanks s much!!

Anonymous said...

It's going to take a long time to wrap my head around the things you have posted here. I can tell, because the albums I already know are among my favorites that "nobody around here ever heard of". Just one thing I have to wonder: Do you have The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie?

Thanks for the major effort you have put into this work, it is WAY much appreciated.

Andrew said...

Just got here & look forward to having a look round, your intro is so good i felt I had to comment straight off

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Anonymous said...

So all the links are dead? I'd be correct in saying that? A shame.

Anonymous said...

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Pello said...

Where is you?

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