Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spooky - shock of pleasure [ classic IV cover ]

kelley - lead singer / shock of pleasure

hey all

here is a cover of "spooky" , by the classic IV , redone by my friends band [ shock of pleasure ] i help produce.
was wanting to get some feedback on it ..
let me know what you guys think , either way , thanks alot !


DOWNLOAD -- here --


Charles said...

Sweet, sophisticated, swank, and not enough O's in the word smooth to describe this track. I loved it.

oz said...

Cool. I like it a lot. Nice voice, tight rhythm and flows along just right. Good luck to the band.

Farfig said...

Nice atmospherics, fitting of the title...nice vocals too... about 2/3 the way through they do a nice double tracked vocal with very wide stereo separation, would have liked to hear this done a bit more, very effective....Good Luck !!

matt said...

Sounds pretty good. Lots of nice swooshy noises drifting in and out, which I like. Could make a pretty decent trance tune, with a little more tweeking, if you cared to go that direction... Maybe a remix?
Anyhow, good show!
One small suggestion, and it has NOTHING to do with the music, mind you: id3 tags on the .mp3 file are always appreciated!

akashaman said...

thansk for comments all !
good call , added ID tags , plesee re download !


David Bruce said...

Very cool!!!

db said...

great music!
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calisoulbrother records
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Anonymous said...

very cool,

shades of dreadzone, lovely voice
would love to hear more,it is much better than the boy/girl band pap handed out to teenagers today