Saturday, August 30, 2008

Binocular - 2001 - maverick

hey all :

ok , here is some pure pop for ya. the production could not be any slicker on this , pure genius.
this one fell through the cracks to no surprise. industry sucks , this came out in the midst of boy bands & the like. too bad. pretty damn discouraging for indie musicians & the like - if something this great can be left behind , how many other great artist are not getting the recognition they deserve ? i think its just a shame , that why i am here ...:)

this came out on madonnas maverick label with a fair amount of hype.

still , have you heard of it ?
i digress , dont get me started ! just download the damn thing , turn it up & wonder why talent like this isnt universally known !


- dave ben - amazon

I first heard of Binocular from the show Smallville. The song "You" was played during the first season. The song has a great 80s feel with a nice guitar solo at the end. I wanted to find out everything I could about this guy, but there really isn't too much information about him. The story is out there about how he was a guitar prodigy and how he made the album, but not much else. Actually finding the CD was very difficult. I had to download some of the songs from a P2P network before I found a copy in a local CD shop.
The album is an amazing journey from the first track to the last. There are no throwaway tracks here. I won't go into each specific song, but my personal faves are "You", "Everything Turns Around" and "Wait Until" although you can't really go wrong with any of them.
Musically, the album goes down easy like sugar. He makes good use of echoes, synthesizers, guitars, and even his own background vocals. He did everything on the album. The lyrics have a simple almost adolescent quality about them. But that's not to say he's lyrically challenged like Avril or some other teenage lyricists out there. His lyrics are simple sounding, nothing particularly poetic, but soothing all the same. And they even tell the story of how the album was made - all the struggle and sacrifice.
I give Binocular my highest recommendation. I've played the CD to many of my friends and they have all loved it. They tried to get the CD as well, but are currently unsuccessful. So they've copied mine. If you can get your hands one on, consider yourself lucky. I don't think the album did too well, although I'm not sure why. The album was never promoted in the least way on radio or anything. The song "You" would have been a hit, I'm sure. All of the songs are so friendly to the ears. I feel almost guilty listening to them, as if I'm secretly listening to pop music. Anyway, I pray that he makes another album because if he does, I'll buy ten copies and give the rest to my friends. He's an artist who definitely deserves his due.



Binocular - 2001 - maverick - MP3 @ 320 kbps

1. You
2. Never
3. Everything Turns
4. Deep
5. You Were The One
6. Gone Away
7. Don't Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight
8. Fire Burns Bright
9. Let Me Fly So Long
10. Wait Until
11. As The End Of The World
12. Paradise Dub



POPPHIL said...

This record is a stunning melodic achievement.
A million thanks for sharing such gems.
Please post more often.

akashaman said...

very welcome , i will try & post more , haha.
just real sad about not having my record player near enuff to PC to transfer the vinyl.
will dig out more rare cds tho , have over 1 k.


glad someone finally noticed the binocular -- 1 one of my all time faves.


Anonymous said...

BINOCULAR is one of my all-time favorite albums, and it's all because of you -- you told me about it back in the day when it was released in '01, and I have been forever thankful that you did... I've told a ton of people about it too, and everyone loves it. It truly is an incredible album, and I love every song on it. Glad to see you're still spreadin the Binocular love.

Love your site!


P.S. Binocular is no more -- he's now recording under his real name, Kevin Rudolf. His first single "Let It Rock" (featuring Lil Wayne) has just been released.

Anonymous said...

thx alot aka

i've been searching for paradise club for ages. although it really disappoints me listening to his new stuff (ft. lil wayne), binocular was genius. said...

First i would like to express my so much appreciation and love of this true and distinct music

i love this music so much it means my life to me.

i found my true love because of this music

i bought a copy of this album here in the Philippines but unfortunately someone borrowed and lost it

i tried to find if there is an album left available in any record bar but to my dismay i found none

its been so long that i search and surf the internet of any direct downloads of this great album but i failed for 3 months i am so depressed

not until now!! THANKS,!!!! i found this glorious blog of yours my brother AKASHAMAN

from the bottom of my heart i express my deepest gratitude to you

thanks and More power

akashaman said...

wow , i am glad you found this! it is quite scarce. this recording has saved my life a few times as well , its truly a masterwork !

hope things are going your way -- turn it up.
& remember :

everything turns around !


aka da` shaman

Anonymous said...

Hi, Akashaman!!
Really glad found someone that appreciate this genius guitar guy in such a wonderful way..I will tell u about my story..

Around 6 years ago, when i was listening to my radio midnight, one song distracted me because of the voice and guitar solo. But i din know either the singer or the song title. All i remembered, just the lyrics..."so this is what you mean and this is how u this is how u see and this is how u breathe..Sometimes i know..sometimes i go down deep"
This song has been being walking around on my mine until now.
I've been trying to search everywhere, asked my friend, browsed internet, searched youtube. I found nothing but zero.

1 day when I browsed youtube again randomly and found this song titled DEEP by Binoculars..I was so happy and tried to find information regarding this guy..but u were right, so hard to get it..I tried to find his CD also and the last thing I tried was to download the song but still seem every information or song about him were vanished.

Not until now, when I found ur blog and read ur post about and especially the download link..Thank u so much!! U know, listening to his song ("deep") make me feel like in heaven..And I can't wait to listen to every of his song as u said it's such an amazing journey from the 1st to last track.
Thank u once againn..appreaciate this so much!! =)

Anonymous said...

Big disappointment. Yes, it's melodic - but the melodies are all typical and plain. Just a young boy, trying to be radio-friendly, trying to hard to be nice. Trying too hard to sound like Fool's Garden, Savage Garden, Per Gessle.
And you know, in every genre there's music and there's fake. These artists belong to music - and this record is fake even by pop standards.

Nacuhcta said...

thanks man!

I've been looking for this for awhile.

akashaman said...

wow , thanks for all the posts ! : this one is stellar !

& ha , Per Gessle would luv this ; in fact ; i`ll ask him , he`s on my facebook :


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What a fabulous songs! I remeber all of them, but the more special is "You were the one", cuz my actual wife dedicated it to me when we were dating.

Anonymous said...

Binocular still kickin it...

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