Monday, April 5, 2010

Brian Hyland - 70 - UNI Records

Brian Hyland and Del Shannon celebrate the success of the
Shannon-produced Hyland album on Uni Records in 1971

ok , back to the pop. this one is really nice , i remember gypsy woman from when i was young - cool song. the reast of the lp is decent as well , great harmonies & arrangements. dell shannons production doesnt hurt either ! enjoy

Del Shannon's sublime production of Brian Hyland on this 1970 album titled after the singer resulted in the Hyland's eighth hit (and one of his three biggest). The cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Gypsy Woman" is totally commercial and totally wonderful, as is this album. Of the eleven tunes there are five Del Shannon/Brian Hyland co-writes, all pretty incredidble, from "Lorrayne" to "Drivin' Me Crazy," a hit waiting to happen. The version of Larry William's "Slowdown" sounds nothing like The Beatles, if anything it anticipates the "New Wave" about to come. "You & Me" is another strong original from the producer / performer team, but the surprise of the album is the breadth of Hyland's artistry. He and Del Shannon play guitars alongside the drums of Russ Kunkel, bass of Leland Sklar, and sweeping string arrangements of George Tipton, but it is the work on the rhythm and blues numbers that is outstanding. A stirring reading of the Benson/Pettite title that became B.B. King's signature tune, The Thrill Is Gone (with more of Tipton's magical string work), is as memorable as the Bernstein/Sondheim medley of "Maria" and "Somewhere" which opens the album. If only engineer Dave Hassinger put some of this sparkle into the grooves of his latter day Electric Prunes released on ABC. This crew takes Berry Gordy's "Lonely Teardrops" and make it a performance, not just a cover of a Jackie Wilson hit. Hyland's only composition without Del Shannon as a collaborator, "Mail Order Gun," is an interesting look at suicide a few years before Elton John's "I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself," but it can't touch "On The East Side," a Del Shannon/Brian Hyland original that cries out for The Hollies. The album is a real work of art full of hooks, musicianship, and the pop star's familiar voice in territory that should have made him a huge star. "Gypsy Woman" is the chestnut here, and quite the herald for an album that should have been a monster. Irresistable and tremendous. [ amg ]

Brian Hyland - 70 - UNI Records
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez scans

Maria -Somewhere
Lonely Teardrops
On The East Side
Mail Order Gun
The Thrill Is Gone
Gypsy Woman
I'm Without You
Slow Down
Drivin' Me Crazy
You And Me



justme said...

Thanks! I have not heard this album before.

ge said...

huge Del fan here, so this is ideal thank you

Anonymous said...

wow! Just three days ago I was thinking that I would love to know how this record sounded. One of the songs ("On the East Side") is on one of the Fading Yellow comps and it is great. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Thanks!

Alexis said...

Beautiful record. Thankx.

ge said...

that pic: poor Del had no neck! but such may have blessed him w/ short vocal chords that could manage those high C's & D's!

do seek out his Oldham- produced/Billy Nicholls-writ stuff

Anonymous said...

Right on! Thank you. I've been looking for this one for a while. Just like the other guy said, On the East Side from Fading Yellow had me itching to hear more.

Miguel Angel said...

Thank you very much for all.

jw said...

hi, I don't know if you take requests, but I'll give it a go - I'm looking for the Voudouris & Kahne albums from 75 & 76.

Thanks for all these albums that you post, it's much appreciated

Max said...

Cool post but I can't seem to get the download links--I keep getting redirected to some ad page. I'll try a few more times. Anyway, thanks.

VaTAga said...

You have the BEST blog in the World! I found here the music for my taste! Great music!!!!

George said...

cool blog.. I loved Gypsy Woman have never heard this.. looking forward to it. thanx

superflash said...

An excellent album and a must for any Del fan. It's a shame that GYPSY WOMAN apparently does not exist in stereo. I still have my original 45.

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