Sunday, February 14, 2010

Planet P Project - Pink World - 1984

hey all :

here is another obscurity , the classic conceptual underground double LP ..
some may remember , some may not know.
engineered by the same guy that did "the wall" -- Nigel Jopson.
i found this treasure back in the 80`s , so i kinda grew up on this one.
i rank it up there with elo`s "out of the blue" both in scope & magnitude.
its rather lengthy & a tough chew , but if you are into the sci-fi , space rock conceptual all out sort of vibe , this will be your new treasure.

tony carey had a couple hits b4 this ; a fine , fine day & why me ?
he also played keyboards with ritchie blackmore & ronnie dio in rainbow.
pink world was conceived shortly after his departure from rainbow & carey wrote, plays & produced the whole project.
one of my all time faves , i actually have this on double PINK vinyl !

transfered from CD MP3 @ VBR , 111 MB


let me know what ya think !

"and the minute men stood as we knew they would & the world went temporarily sane - the radio said "my god , cover your head & get out of the pourin` rain"


"Still a one-man show, Tony Carey, under the banner of Planet P Project, again teamed with producer Peter Hauke for this 1984 follow-up to the self-titled debut of the prior year. It's a sprawling, ambitious double album with a sketchy plot line revolving around Artimus, a boy who doesn't speak, and a Cold War-inspired Armageddon. Like it's predecessor, the music features a heavy emphasis on synthesizers, although there's also a good dose of guitar, giving it appeal to rock fans. Carey infuses Pink World with solid melodies, and there's plenty to enjoy on tracks like the surging title cut, the brooding "What I See," and the folk-tinged "A Boy Who Can't Talk." And, to his credit, despite the somewhat cumbersome premise, Carey manages to keep it all from getting too pretentious. Pink World is a curiously interesting work that has managed to achieve a certain cult status." -- AMG

"this record is one of the greatest of the concept albums made in the class of Pink Floyd's The Wall or The Who's Tommy, comparable only in the type of the album, not the story. Pink World is fascinating in how it interprets the subconscious terrors of the cold war into a coherent artistic work. The imagery is fascinating and speaks to Tony Carey's talent. To make sense of what the story is about, you have to realize that Tony Carey is at least nominally a Native American and his culture placed premium value on visions and storytelling, the other part of it is that at the time he recorded the album he lived in West Germany, that in an event of al all out Nukewar was going to bear the brunt of the US/Soviet Armor/Artillery/Nuclear/Chemical Biological exchange in which the main casualties were going to be civilians. In general terms, the gist of the story is about a messianic visionary leading the survivors of the nuclear holocost across the devastated landscape, much as shamans in the pre-historic times attempted to lead their fellow tribesmen out of starvation. It is unfortunate that this album did not receive greater acclaim or that Tony Carey did not have his own band or worked with other artists since greater artistic collaboration would have created a stronger piece. The fact that the album played on all of the fears of Tony Carey's generation, and yet did not receive greater acceptance is a good argument against the concept of Collective Unconsciousness as postulated by Dr. Jung. Finally, his last laugh is that Artemis was the goddess of hunting in Greek panthenon, and historically, the oldest worshipped deity in ancient Greece, mayhaps even The Goddess. Mona Lisa has her smile, Buddha has his, and so does Tony Carey." --- amazon


tracklisting :

1. In the Woods
2. To Live Forever
3. Pink World
4. What I See
5. To Live Forever, Pt. 2
6. Power
7. In the Forest
8. Boy Who Can't Talk
9. Stranger
10. What I See, Pt. 2
11. Shepherd
12. Behind the Barrier
13. Pink World Coming Down
14. Breath
15. This Perfect Place
16. What Artie Knows
17. In the Zone
18. Behind the Barrier, Pt. 2
19. March of the Artemites
20. This Perfect Place, Pt. 2
21. Letter From the Shelter
22. What Artie Knows, Pt. 2
23. One Star Falling
24. Baby's at the Door
25. Requiem
26. Boy Who Can't Talk, Pt. 2

download -- here --


dace said...

truned me on to this one to bro. and you gave me a copy. you came to the show and found this on (pink-vinyl). man that was fun times. love this LP bro..DACE>

OOtar said...

Thanks Akashaman!
Got this one from another site that you posted at. If I didn't thank you there, I'll say "Thank You." here for your fine taste in vinyl.

Just Fred said...

I know Im alone on this , But I like this more then Pink Floyds the Wall , alot more !

Mickey said...

I still have it on vinyl but cannot listen to it due to the early demise of my deck. So, a zillion thanks for uploading it!!! "ARTEMIS?" ;-))

akashaman said...

artemis ? .......... come home :
ha , thats killer u have this on wax to0. this is one of my all time fave cds , i am glad others are enjoying this : its an amazing piece that fell through the cracks :
& quite timely in this day & age eh ?



Zeke said...

Thanks for this recording. I have the Planet P lp purchased from the cutout bin at Target many years ago.

mascojoey said...

thanks, i have not heard of this but im a pink floyd fan. I cant wait to listen to them...thanks for sharing

majik624 said...

I have been looking for this for a long time now. great Blog. Kep it up.

Supertech5150 said...

One of my all time favorites. My first copy was a cassette I purchased at Tower Records. I played it in my RX-7 over and over until I wore it out. I was lucky enough to stumble onto the pink vinyl LP in a used record store, it was still in the package. Its now one of my prized possessions.

akashaman said...

hey supertech ,
thats awesome , me & this LP go back to its initial release. i have a couple copies of the pink wax & buy everyone i see - even the black copies. there are not many out there , so i snag em up. no one ever buys them anyway , tony & this cd went way underground.... no pun intended , this is one of my fave recordings of all times !

glad u are enjoying this ...


Anonymous said...

I have the first one, but not this one. I'll have to down it & give it a spin.


ippni said...

your blog is very,very,very good!
i downloaded some files.
thanks Akashaman!



akashaman said...

IPPNI : i uploaded the PPP again for ya !

enjoy ---


Anonymous said...

hey aka , love your posts. thanks for all the old psyc. i had one of the ppp,s other wax and i,m going to give this a listen . i used to have alot of the obscure wax you have on your site [ which is primo , and very informing. i like to know as much about the groups as possible. thanks, waxhead

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! A good friend was just today bemoaning the fact that he couldn't find this for sale anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff. I have the first one and I loved, but i have never hear this one before. For me is even better than the first one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog...Pink World was the right lp at the right time. I was a midwest kid in the Air Force in Italy 12-81 thru 12-85 (partied to much in H.S.)a munitions specialist to boot. Partied all the time met wonderful people then heard the albumn and BAM.....started thinking about my future and decided on a career change. 20 some years later, my copy of the lp lost, cassette worn out happened accross a video on YouTube and then your sight. I am now downloading the it and I Cant wait. I have a 18 year old daughter in college and a 13 year old son who love music as much as I and the story in this albumn is becoming more and more relevant lately. Sorry for the long discussion but this has to be one of my top favorites. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This has been re-released and remastered by Tony.

Buy it today!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn bro i have been looking for this for years!no one knows what I'm talking about when i mention the name of the album Pink World and that's tragic.i was listening to this album when i was 10 years old and I'm 35 now and it is still one of my favorite albums thanks a million for making it accessible to us all over again you rock \m/ \m/

Pere Ubu said...

"Buy klonopin without a scrip"?

Jeez, I guess some people just deserve their stupidity...

ANYWAY... thanks muchly for this - had a copy long ago and lost it, now have it again! :)

Anonymous said...

WOAH - I can't believe that I did not know this existed. Tony Carey is a freaking genius... Thank you for pointing that out!

Anonymous said...

I grew up on this album. First time I heard it I was 8 or so and was totally mesmerized. My father turned me on to it. I actually bought the CD a few years ago for pure nostalgic purposes. It sure was a trip listening to it again after not hearing it for many years.

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