Monday, February 1, 2010

"VINYL" -- Documenatry_ Alan Zweig_2000

ok folks :

gonna get back into the swing of things soon. just ordered a new cartridge for my turntable , then we can start getting more lp`s up !
in the meantime , here is a hard to find doc about record collecting & collectors.
i hope i never get this bad , ha. these DOODS are truly serious -- anyway this film is quite amusing -- enjoy

"Excellent, excellent film about record collectors from the perspective of a film maker AND record collector. What's so unique about Alan Zweig's documentation, is that he includes his own person in it, sometimes filming a location and himself in a mirror, or speaking directly to the audience about his private and personal thoughts. The other record collectors portrayed in this 110 minutes movie are beyond belief; can you imagine someone seriously claiming to collect EVERY song ever made? Or being able to tell the tracklists of ALL of his ten-thousands of albums by heart? "Vinyl"will blow your mind beyond the subject of sheer record collecting. It's a study on human obsessions in general."

download ---- HERE --


akashaman said...

8 downloads & no comments , love it !


akashaman said...

its ok , the rotary connection --alladin LP has almost 4,000 downloads & i would say maybe 30 comments !
crazy huh ?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting Arkangel by Kemper Crabb. I would love to hear that one! I've never heard it. I know the album THE VIGIL..that one's really nice..regards,John.

akashaman said...

yes , will try & get that arkangel up for ya , asap !


Anonymous said...

Downloading this now. Many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Akashaman...many warm thanks for your wonderful site!! Your work is truly appreciated!