Friday, October 9, 2009

City Boy - Book Early - `78 - Mercury Records

OK kids , another installment in the City Boy archives ! here is 1978`s "book early" LP!
highlights ! : [ summer in the schoolyard , goodbye laurelie , raise your glass , beth , & moving in circles ]

"Book early" was the album which finally brought commercial success for City Boy, in the form of a hit single. "5705" will be familiar to anyone who was listening to pop music in the late 1970's, its early use of a digital dial tone sound instantly distinguishing it in that crowded market. The song was in fact originally called "Turn on to Jesus", but while the record label loved the melody, they felt that the theme would cause problem when it came to radio play. The band rewrote the lyrics and the rest is history. While the general perception of the band is (rightly) that of one hit wonders, the follow up single "What a night", also appears on some versions of this album.

With new drummer Roy Ward now installed, the line up is restored to a six piece. The songwriters once again are primarily Steve Broughton and Lol Mason but the rest of the band contribute here and there.

Book Early starts with "," a Queen/ELO hybrid, and the rest of the album follows suit pretty closely -- but this time City Boy adds more pop elements to their sound and drops the soft rock feel that was prevalent on much of Young Men Gone West. The result is quite enjoyable, especially on tracks like "Raise Your Glass (To Foolish Me)," "Cigarettes" and "Dangerous Ground." Book Early is City Boy's most energetic, if not their best.

City Boy - Book Early - Mercury Records
Studio Album, released in 1978
MP3 @ 320 kbps - high reZ scans included / lyrix

Songs / Tracks Listing :

1. (3:10)
*8. Summer In The Schoolyard (3:52)
*3. Goodbye Laurelie (3:10)
*4. Raise Your Glass (To Foolish Me) (2:57)
5. Cigarettes (5:30)
6. What A Night (2:57)
7. Do What You Do, Do Well (3:29)
8. World Loves A Dancer (3:24)
*9. Beth (2:45)
*10. Moving In Circles (4:05)
*11. Dangerous Ground (4:53)

Total Time: 40:12

Line-up / Musicians
- Steve Broughton / guitar, backing vocals
- Chris Dunn / bass, acoustic guitar
- Lol Mason / lead vocals
- Mike Slamer / acoustic & electric guitars
- Max Thomas / keyboards
- Roy Ward / drums, backing vocals

Guest musicians:
- Merle Anger / guitar
- Roy Babbington / bass
- Robert John Mutt Lange / bass
- Greg Mathieson / keyboards

Produced By: Robert "Mutt" John Lange [ HELL YA ! ]
Recorded At: Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales
Engineered By: Robert John Lange, Ted Sharp, Neil Ross, Gary Edwards
Mixed At: The Record Plant, Los Angeles, California
Cover Art: Richard Haughton

Releases information
LP Vertigo 9102 028
LP Mercury SRM 1-3737



goob said...

what a great band...too bad they didn't get any airplay here in Canada..."Cigarettes" is a guitar masterpiece and Mike Slamer is an amazing and totally original guitarist

akashaman said...

they got no love here in texas neither , just discovered when i started collecting records a few yrs back ! -- i love their mellower stuff , but ya ciggs is a killer song : these really grow on ya , takes a few listens !

enjoy !


csm said...

I just downloaded this and there was no music - just 3 image files and a word doc?

akashaman said...

weird , i`ll re up it & post new link : thanks ~


argenis '65 said...

Hi, I downloaded this too and the files don't appear on the carpet, apparently they are extracted only on a temporary carpet... any chance of re-upload?? thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the City Boy stuff , haven't heard them in years . saw them twice here in Canada , once at Massey Hall where they blew Be Bop Deluxe clear off the stage !!

goob said...

sounds like a great double bill.Be Bop Deluxe and City
2 bands that never had enough success here in Canada; a real shame....

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Aka - Thanks for the City Boy, definitely an underrated treasure.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff ! Thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Now that Hogmanay is almost on us, have "yersel a richt Guid New Year!!" "n aw ra best for 2010!"
Cy from Pck.

akashaman said...

thanks all , just found young men gone west sealed ! ha , will post soon !


El Isabelino said...

Valgame Dios!Nice band.Just like you said, Electric Queen Orch.Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Please re-post City Boy - Book Early
just 3 pictures & text found

Dom ( France)

Derat said...

Music files are hidden just change file properties to unhide.

Anonymous said...

I remember cranking Book Early out into dorm hall at an Ohio college while at a marching band practice camp in 1981. Used an 8-track player (ha-ha). I went on a self initiated mission to get city boy material on newer media about 6 years ago. Got Anthology in 2009 on cd and Book Early in 2011. I still have Dinner at the Ritz and Young Men Gone West on Vinyl that I bought way back in 82. Damn this band was really underrated in America. Almost timeless awesomeness.

akashaman said...

couldnt agree more mike , these guys still blow me away ! only discovered them a few yrs back , but one of my greatest obscure LP discoveries for sure ! its criminal more people do not know them .. thats my job i guess , hehe - glad u found this man ... thanks for comments