Friday, January 5, 2007

The Alan Lorber Orchestra - The Lotus Palace - `67 - Verve

hey all :

not much i can find on this one , did not get very good reviews as far as i can tell, but this is a pretty kewl recording. tons of sitars & indian instruments throughout , all intrumental , no vox. has the infamous "vincent bell" on sitar & quite a few popular tunes of the day. pretty rare find , grab it while ya can :

  • ALL TRAX FROM WAX - transferred by da` shaman - 2007
  • The Alan Lorber Orchestra - The Lotus Palace - 320 kbps - 52 mb
  • includes high rez front/back/inner scans

  • 1 - up , up & away
  • 2 - the flute thing
  • 3 - lucy in the sky with diamonds
  • 4 - hang on to a dream
  • 5- roopaka dha teri dhin dhin
  • 6 - within you , without you
  • 7 - mas que nada
  • 8 - the look of love
  • 9 - where ?
  • 10 - djellaba (the hooded one)

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one too, I love sitar stuff


Anonymous said...

Thanx ! i try to download it but i can not link to the mediafire ,I don't know why.....

wonderboy said...

Yeah, that's a pity, cause the music seem to be so great.
I can't even get the mediafire site itself, to check what's the problem. I just get blank pages.

Anonymous said...

Just a word in favour of mediafire - it's always worked for me. It's slower than Rapidshite, but not nearly as annoying.

You're doping some amazing stuff here - thanks!

akashaman said...

hey :

ya , i dunno why mediafire isnt workin for some , but i dont have time to upload to multi servers.
if anyone wants to help out & re up this & the tin tin stuff somewhere else & drop me a link , i`ll be glad to post it as well ; try & understand , i just dont have time to upload these everywhere.
i am working on getting my private seerver allocated & then all links should work for everyone !


Anonymous said...

You've got one of the nicest blogs around, here, and your "tone" is great, too. Very personal, friendly, and relaxed. I love seeing what you've pulled out of your racks - for me, it's like finding the kind of thrift store they just don't make anymore. reminds me of when I bought the bulk of my own collection, when you could pick up (and pass by) great vinyl for like, nothing. I prefer the sunnier/psychier/poppier end of the spectrum myself, and you're carving yourself quite a niche here!

Anonymous said...

great blog man, great blog. it's the first time that i am here and im am feeling well on your blog. still searching what gems here are...

thanks in advance,

Victor said...

Thanks alot from North Texas.

I didn't know much about Alan Lorber until I landed a copy of a Thievery Corporation compilation called "Outernational Sound"....the song Within You, With out You appears on it, a fantastic pickup for anyone interested in loungin'.

Thievery is a downtempo elctronic outfit from D.C.

It was great blessing to find this site, through a query I did for Kula Shaker (which I left comment for). Now, if I could ever land Crispian's Jeevas stuff he did in between KulaShaker's breakup and reformation. :}

Thank you for sharing your collection of splendid music.

akashaman said...

wow , yes i am familiar with thievery corp. [ if u only kenew , lol]
my friend has a band here in town called "shock of pleasure" --
[ ]
they do tons of thievery covers !
i did not know they did alan lorber tho !
ok , as far as kula goes i do have summer sun ep which i`ll up this weekend for ya ... have tons of thier singles too ; no Jeevas tho :(
oh have thier new ep too "revenge of the king" , i will do !

rock on , thanks for kudos


Gerin said...

Hi Akasha-man (or Aka-Shaman? or both?),
what a pity, this mediashit doesn't work for me!Is any other way to download that fantastic The Lotus Palace? Finally I found it thank to your amazing blog and now nothing to do?! I'm gonna hurt myself because of that media-not-fire-but-ash.

notimetolose said...

Thank you - I hope it's gonna work...

Soundsational said...

Great blog , any chance of posting all the tracks from this album ... should be 15 ? Pleez :)

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

the family cat said...

Thats another one not stored on the filesharer.Never happens on Red Telephone which is where I got your blog

the family cat said...

I noted Alan Lorber had done an album of Beatles songs and I knew of him because he was once married to LESLIE MILLER

akashaman said...

will re up for ya !

check back


taro nombei said...

this is excellent
thanks so much.

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