Friday, January 5, 2007

Tin Tin - Debut - `70 - Atco

hey all :

ok , that 2nd tin tin LP was just a teaser , here is the real deal~
if the beatles & bee gee`s ever had a kid , it would be made of tin.
this LP is epic in my book. some might be familiar with thier hit "toast & marmalade for tea" , other highlights include ;
swans on the canal , manhattan woman , she said ride , tuesdays dreamer , hell its all grand. another of my all time fave psych pop lp`s. enjoy ~

"Tin Tin were an Aussie four-piece who formed in 1968 and had a strong Bee Gees connection, via the Gibb brothers' early success in their adopted country; Steve Kipner's father, Nat, produced their early work, and members of Steve's band played on their records. Maurice Gibb's patronage did Tin Tin no harm at all, of course, and he's credited as a band member on at least one issue of this album. Tin Tin is slightly harder-edged than you'd expect, all things considered, although they were never exactly going to rival Black Sabbath in the heaviosity stakes. 'Baroque pop' is possibly the best description I can think of, with tracks like Swans On The Canal and the instrumental Spanish Shepherd conjuring up images of lace cuffs and the like. Or maybe that's just me.

I've seen one source that lists not only Maurice, but also band members Steves Groves and Kipner as playing Mellotron, although there's no way of telling. There's a passable amount of MkII to be heard, with occasional string chords on Flag/Put Your Money On My Dog, brass on Nobody Moves Me Like You, more strings on the harpsichord-driven Only Ladies Play Croquet, a brass/strings mix (?) on Family Tree and finally, flutes on Come On Over Again. There's genuine orchestral accompaniment on a few tracks, too, notably Swans On The Canal, and I'm not sure if it's 'Tron or 'real' woodwind on Spanish Shepherd, so it's possible I've missed the odd bit of 'Tron.

So; something of a period piece, but not at all bad, and more listenable than most of the Bee Gees' work from the time. Again, reasonable Mellotron work, though not a classic. Worth hearing for fans of the era. There was a second Tin Tin album the following year, Astral Taxi, but I believe it's 'Tron-free. Incidentally, Toast And Marmalade For Tea was apparently a major hit for the band worldwide, and Steve Kipner went on to be a successful songwriter, still working today." -- []

& did you know that :!?
Steve Kipner went on to greater "fame" as a songwriter (unfortunately not in the same vein) with hits such as Physical - Olivia Newton John, Hard Habit To Break - Chicago, Too Much Too Little Too Late - Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams, and Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera !???? -- i know , "its crazy"

  • ALL TRAX FROM WAX - transferred by da` shaman - 2007
  • TIN TIN - DEBUT - `70 - ATCO - 320 kbps - 67 mb
  • includes high rez scans of front / back covers + liner notes for astral taxi
  • She Said Ride
  • Swans on the Canal
  • Flag / Put Your Money on My Dog
  • Nobody Moves Me Like You
  • Tuesday's Dreamer
  • Only Ladies Play Croquet
  • Family Tree
  • Spanish Shepherd
  • He Wants to Be a Star
  • Toast and Marmalade for Tea
  • Come on Over Again
  • Manhattan Woman
  • Lady in Blue

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

I remember passing these albums up because I hated their stupid name (and still do), but what a total freaking delight!! A real discovery. Great songs, great playing, great singing, great production ... it MUST have been the name holding them back!

THANK YOU, dude!

wonderboy said...


This music seem to be great,
but for some reason, none of
the mediafire links work for me.
I get a blank page every time.

sorry for that...

Anonymous said...

After downloading Astral Taxi (thanks!) I realised I really wanted the first album so started looking this morning. Low & behold you had posted it! Thank you so much!!!


tilted2oneside said...

I like the Dear Prudence meets the Hollies trippy stuff - I'm digging it. Thanks for turning me on to this!

akashaman said...

whoo-hoo : they just dont make em like this anymore kids : thats why i am here !

spin` on


akashaman said...

wonderboy , i dunno why mediafire isnt workin for ya , anyone else having probs with this service ?


Oz Music said...

Thanks again Shaman - superb! (And no problems with the Mediafire link.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a flashback lover and to download your 2 upload, but just can't link to mediafire n' get a blank page... for help !

cturpin said...

thanks for all ! But none of the mediafire links work for me. i get a blank page every time...
I would like to downloading tin tin... It seem sound very good !!!

christophe turpin (paris)

jokerman said...

Thanks for sharing.
Great music.

Dudu said...

I like very much this blog.
Thanks for all ! But none of the mediafire links work for me. i get a blank page every time...
I would like to downloading tin tin and Marmalade... But mediafire doesn't wor.
Thank you.

agneta nilson said...

Thank you very much for these two LPs

ELecTRic RAinBoW said...


What a find we've got here! It's a really GREAT album! Never heard of this band and, even so, their name, reminiscent of Hergé's famous character (hello Belgium!), would certainly have me making fun of them. THANKS AGAIN, congratulations for your blog, and keep it up!

ELecTRic RAinBoW aka WuRLiTZeR JuKeBoX

audiodrome said...

Thanks so much for this! I have a vinyl rip of this LP but it sounds terrible and I never thought I'd come across it again. Yah!


akashaman said...

your welcome !
this is a vinyl rip as well , but it dont sound terrible !



Anonymous said...




i see - i'm not alone with this trouble - at all!!

Michael R

akashaman said...

i am very sorry i cannot accommidate every single person living on this rock. do u know of a host service that you CAN download from your country ?
i spend enuff time ripping this stuff , i just dont have time to make sure every single country has the potentiality to download these files !
90% of you blokes download without even thanking me - so why should i bother , tell me that ?

Anonymous said...

Well I admit I often download music without thanks. Not always. About a *hundred* of my 'thanx very much''es are scattered around the blog city. And of course, I'm *very* grateful to any blogger when he/she's doin' something by request - in words and in real feeling. In this case (though I very rarely allow myself to [try to] ask), I ALWAYS leave comment and say I REALLY appreciate it, and yes I do!!!

Then, sometimes I upload some albums & offer them to bloggers when I suspect that I've got something the blogger doesn't have. Example? As I could understand from TIME HAS TOLD ME blog, people are really interested in STRING DRIVEN THING, but it seems there's not enough material in stock. I'm gonna ask the blogger & if it's OK I'll upload 4 albums that I dearly love & post the links. You can go check, tomorrow or (al least) the day after tomorrow - it's too late now in this country, I'm almost sleeping.

Well then, one thing more. In a month or two I'll have my own blog - 'cause I got pretty much of old rare music. When I do that - if I see that many people come in, get music for free and enjoy it - I'll be happy. As for thanx, well, what the heck! is that really SO important?? Yes, I will be happy, though the responses will always be welcome. You can check that, too - I may leave you a note in a comment when the blog is ready.

And finally, about the host services. MOST of the bloggers, including Chocoreve, Floodlit Footprint, Roggelstroe, same Time Has Told Me & others 'befriended' on your pages, use a limited number of share-hostings that NEVER or at lest very rarely present any problems - RapidShare,, sendspace, megaupload & several more. (Except RShare don't hold the files too long and too often delete them after a week or two on the ground that they are 'forbidden to be shared') The ONLY hosting that presents constant unresolvable problems to thousands of people - notwithstanding the particular country!!! - is mediafire. That's just the fact! - but I can't explain it. That's something with PC configurations/softs, not the country.

OK, I'm sorry I took so much of your space and, possibly, time. Whatever - thank you very much for your work and your cool and sometimes even coolest posts.
Do as you choose to do, actually I didn't want to teach you anything anyway - it's just TIN TIN who's to blame.....

Best wishes from Moscow, sincerely, - Michael R

Greg D said...

The Tin Tin records are plain wonderful to listen to. Only knew of Steve Kipner from his solo LP from 1980 "Knock the Walls Down" and from his work with Peter Beckett in their group "Think Out Loud" from the early 90s. And what a songwriting talent!

Thanks so very much for the share.

Greg (USA)

Anonymous said...

Thanx again Captain!!!

...I REALLY appreciate it'n'yes I do!!...

A lot of people thank you, actually -
that means you get a lot of good vibes -
an' that means your karmic line's gettin' a pretty good energy FIX -
n' that means ya know what man!

Thank you.

Michael R, Moscow

to_nyd said...

Hey aka, great blog you got here man!! As an Aussie I appreciate this old one from the dim dark past. Awesome stuff. Thanks ;-)

Claudio - Brazil said...

what more? THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have been looking for this album, so thank you. However, I believe that track 11, Come On Over Again, is not the correct track. I do not know who is singing the song in your file, but it is not Come On Over Again by Tin Tin.


akashaman said...

you dont know who is singing it , but you know its not tin tin ?
well , i double checked & thats the name of the song on both the record label & the record sleeve.
dont know what to tell you man...


Anonymous said...

Let me make myself clear. Come On Over Again IS the name of the song , but the song you have listed as Come On Over Again, is not Come On Over Again. I don't know what it is, but it is not Come On Over Again by Tin Tin.


akashaman said...

ok , ya that helps me out alot man : why dont you just enjoy the FREE music , eh ?


Anonymous said...

Jeez, sorry. Just trying to help. Anyway, I have uploaded the correct song at the link below. If you want to use it to correct what you have posted, please be my guest. Anyone who has already downloaded the first Tin Tin album from Akashaman and would like the correct song,track 11 - Come On Over Again, get it while it lasts at


akashaman said...

hmm , ya thats strange . i checked the lp again & although it list "come on over again" on both the lp & cover , the song isnt actually on the album is it. maybe we got a rare b-side ?

you have the lp as well ? where did u get the right song ?

haha , i am a bit confused -- LOL
i appreciate you clearing this up , i really would have never known.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom. I have both albums , but had no way of uploading them onto my PC. A friend helped me with Come On Over Again yesterday.

I don't know what the song that is your file is. You may be right that it is a rarity or something, but I don't know what it is. From memory, I always thought their singles and B sides were on the albums, but I could be and probably am wrong.

I would just like to know what that song actually is.

Glad to help get it right.


Duke of Garbage said...

Thanks for this & all the other great albums. It is very much appreciated.

Modern Relic said...

I've grabbed a few albums now, and realized I neglected to say thank you. Thanks, Akashaman, for posting all of these incredibly tasty tunes!

Graham said...

Thanks for this. I've never seen these albums in a shop. I remember loving "Toast and Marmalade for Tea" when I was a kid, but I never knew who it was by.

Anonymous said...

where is "ships on the starboarda' from astral taxi?

akashaman said...

eh , is it not there ? i am listening to it now.


Anonymous said...

your blog is fantastic. thanks a lot. please can you reup tintin?

akashaman said...

re-upped both links !

enjoy `


Anonymous said...

hi aka,

wow this is full service!! thanks a lot and many greetings

wormpiano said...

hot damn, this is one of the last albums i ever thought i'd find in mp3 format.

thanks a lot.

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

As to the debate over "Come On Over Again". According to the fine website "Gibb Songs", the Tin Tin self-titled release in the UK had a song "Loves Her That Way" as track 5, but when their new single "Come On Over Again" was released, the Australian pressing included this in place of "Loves Her That Way". Sounds like it was a last-minute decision and the labeling and album artwork were not changed on at least some of the records

akashaman said...

yay ! we are not crazy .. what is crazy is that you found that info !
thanks a ton man ...
really love this LP.
doesnt "she said she said" sound like a lost beatles track ?

toast & marmalade for tea anyone ?


Anonymous said...

The vocals are definitely Beatlesque on She Said Ride. I guess it makes sense, as the Bee Gees (in the 60's)were compared favorably to the Beatles and Tin Tin was a protege of Maurice Gibb and their recording style was always compared to the Bee Gees, since Maurice was producing them. Interestingly, a single done by Maurice and the Bee Gees under the name "The Fut" was for years, suspected to be a Beatles outtake. (Again, I must credit Joseph Brennan's website "Gibb Songs" for this information. It's a very comprehensive "academic" discography of recording sessions and record releases by the Bee Gees and other groups they've worked with over the years.) I hope he won't mind if I pass along the URL for anyone interested in seeing more.

Regards JK

Anonymous said...

Correcting earlier statement. A Single by Maurice and Tin Tin... is how that should read.
Need more sleep and better proof-reading skills, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of Tin Tin decades ago in a secondhand shop and was surprised how good the music was (though the vinyl was in poor condition). Thanks so much for making your copy available. I never thought I'd find it on the net. And I didn't even know Astral Taxi existed. Great blog! (I had trouble with the download links first time I tried, but one worked the next day.)

Anonymous said...

Just a little more info on Track 5 side 2. I have a copy of the album that is Polydor 2383 054. "Manufactured and distribute in Australia under licence". It has the same front cover, but a different back cover, and lists the track as "Loves Her That Way". I've scanned the back cover if you're interested.

Cottesloe BB said...

aka Please Enjoy this Pre Tin Tin Album by Steve and Stevie 1968

Anonymous said...

I am looking for FAMILY TREE by Tin TIn,,, can't even find what album its on or much less a way to get the track itself... DOES anyone here have any leads? this is the closest I have come after 4 hours on google!! on a 56.8k modem.. I don't EVEN have internet at home.. it tooke like 3 hours to download the astral taxi joint!! please do tell somebody..

hit me up!


extra titch said...

thanks so much for sharing this, have been looking for 'family tree' for quite some time (donuts)~ticks all my boxes, breaks and bubblegum, that track has a partridge family, late period monkees (davey jones would of sung this one)~thanks again-great site.

Pete said...

Frig, am I ever late for the party.

akashaman said...

i`d say ! lol ; did u manage to download this ok ?


Pete said...

No, it said the link was dead. Its okay though. I've always loved "Toast and Marmalade for Tea" (still have the original 45) but figure the rest of the album probably isn't as good.

Anyway, really like your blog!

akashaman said...

there are two links for this LP , the first one actually works fine !
and the rest of the LP is as good as that song ! trust me , ha
also their second LP [ astral taxi ] is on here as well & it stellar as well:

have fun`


Pete said...

Oh man, so sorry. It was another site with bad links (that' what I get for having many tabs open). And because of the mishap, I'll heed your opinon and give it a listen. :)

akashaman said...

ha , np pete , i know all about multi tasking :
this is one of my all time fave POP psych LP`s , produced by maurice gibb you know :

please let me know what u think of it !

thanks for feedback


Pete said...

Pretty good album! I haven't heard "Manhattan Woman" for over 30 years (flip side of Toast) and I think its the best of the bunch. I'm also a lover of 'B' sides. I see you included a bonus track ("Come on Over Again," another 'B' side) and its another winner.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Akashman...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its my 1st download from you and certainly won't be my last


akashaman said...

ha , not if you have any taste it wont be !
have fun


Anonymous said...

Been looking for Tin Tin recordings for awhile, thanks much, They toured the states with the Bee Gees in the 70's on one tour and I got to see them live. That got me hooked on them. Although I have not seen it on any recording, their performance of Sunflower in concert that night has always stuck with me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and cheers from Haifa Israel

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