Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tommy Roe - Phantasy - `67 - ABC Records

hey all :

ok , here is a psych pop gem from `67. member`s of gary ushers millennium project play on this... great production & melodies , tho i am sure tommy was jumpin on he psychedelic bandwagon here , alot of the songs really capture the innocence & excitement of the day. this is one of my faves , tho the sucrose content is charged & is best in smaller doses.


  • Tommy Roe - Phantasy - `67 - ABC Records - 192 kbps
  • 1 - paisley dreams
  • 2 - plastic world
  • 3 - melancholy mood
  • 4 - visions
  • 5 - mystic magic
  • 6 - little miss sunshine
  • 7 - these are the children
  • 8 - goodbye yesterday
  • 9 - the executive
  • 10 - the you i need
  • 11 - its gonna hurt me
download -- HERE --


akashaman said...

ok , i changed servers , i hope that makes everyone happy. it takes me a long time to do these transfers , i certainly dont have time to upload them to everyones favorite server.
if there are trojan horses at these places , thats news to me , get a better virus app.
dont ask me to use rapidshare , as i will not. they suck & eveyone else is using them. i try & do what everyone else is NOT doing.
thanks... so , please ; try & enjoy some tommy roe , eh ?


Anonymous said...

Thx My Man. Yeah you are right about Rapidshare. This one new to me but worth a go............


Brian King said...

thanks very much for the Tommy Roe!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the stories "about us." haven't heard that since the early seventies. I forgot how good it was. every track is great and most of them better than "brother louie," though there's nothing wrong with that song.

Anonymous said...

Deleted already?

Pity :-(

akashaman said...

file works fine for me , simply click where it says "download" , do not try & save with right click !
this will not work in this case.
hope this helps. . . . .


Anonymous said...

>file works fine for me , >simply click where it >says "download"

Sure - working fine.

Simply didn't notice this was the link - was looking for a button or an undelined text link.


mocho said...

thanks for this man .


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, man ??? What the devil this f....g zupload means ??? Actually I lost my nerves trying download through that "quickly" sharing system - more than 6 or 7 hours with no result.

akashaman said...

relax , relax ; i`ll up it to another server ...
server speeds fluctuate , like everything else.
look for new link soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, aka'

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for all the great vinyl transfers of lost gems. The sound quality is top notch. Hey, you in Big D? Me too.

Randy R

akashaman said...

thanks all for the comps : ya , RR i am in dallas ; round royal & 75 area.... you a collector as well , or just big fan of music ?
would luv to meet any big music fans & or collectors , holla at me sometime & maybe you could stop over & jam sometime :


Anonymous said...

veddy, veddy nice...dank you

Anonymous said...

I got this album right after you posted it and as I was reading the comments just now I noticed I forgot to say thanks. As I get older I forget more and more. :(

I had some of his hits but not an album.



Anonymous said...


Paulo said...


Popfanatic said...

Thanks Much for this Groovy album!

Diego said...

i´ll have to disagree with you on this one. "psych pop gem" is a little too much for this album. Millennium is 100x better, and so Sagittarius´ Present Tense. anyway, thank you a lot for this blog. great stuff! i´ll put a link to it at my site, ok? a big hug from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, this is being reissued, sometime this month I think. On Fallout (Island division now), the same label that reissued It's Now Winter Day.

- michael

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Fallout aka Radiation.. masters of the illegal needle drop releases. I wouldn't be suprised if they have booted it from akashamans rip ;)
Cheers!! - SCM

Duke of garbage said...

Thanks for this

db said...

great music!
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