Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blue - `73 debut - RSO Records - 320 kbps

hey all :

here is another lost classic lp , imo.
not much on these guys , but maybe they will comment here , haha.
found a bit of info on AMG. really nice pop rock with touches of beatles , bee gees , perhaps eric carmen over seeing it all ; great stuff - fave song by far "i wish i could fly" , listen to this one 1st ...:)!

Blue was a British pop/rock group formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973 by Timmy Donald (b. 1946, Bristol, Avon, England) (drums), Ian MacMillan (b. 1947, Paisley, Strathclyde, Scotland) (bass, guitar, vocal), and Hugh Nicholson (b. 1949, Rutherglen, Strathclyde, Scotland) (guitar, vocal, keyboard). Signed to Elton John's Rocket Records label (John also produced them), they released their self-titled debut album, then added Robert "Smiggy" Smith (b. 1946, Kiel, Germany) (guitar) for their second, Life in the Navy. They were then reorganized, with MacMillan and Nicholson remaining and adding Charlie Smith (drums) and David Nicholson (guitar). This lineup scored a U.S. singles chart entry and U.K. Top 40 hit with "Gonna Capture Your Heart" and recorded the third album Another Night Time Flight (1977) and the fourth album Fool's Party (1979), after which Blue broke up.

  • Blue - `73 debut - RSO - 320 Kbps - 85 MB
  • includes high rez front / back cover art

  • 1 - Red Light Song
  • 2 - Look Around
  • 3 - Someone
  • 4 - Sunset Regret
  • 5 - Timi's Black Arrow
  • 6 - Sitting on a Fence
  • 7 - Little Jody
  • 8 - Let Me Know
  • 9 - I Wish I Could Fly
  • 10 - Skye Banana Boat Song
  • 11 - The Way Things Are
  • 12 - Sunshine or Falling Rain


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aka, This band is great! Have you got any more of their albums?


akashaman said...

hey doc :

ya , i actually have "another night time flight" which is really good too ! i`ll get to it asap !


Gert said...

For more info on Blue see the fabulous Rocking Scots site:


marin said...

I'm Marin from Croatia,and I'm an old Jesus Freak.And i have one lil'request...i cannot find anywhere this album: "The Mind Garage Again" (w/Electric Liturgy) - RCA Victor Stereo Album LSP-4319-1970....if anyone of you Psychedelic nice People maybe have this album,i'll be most grateful...i'm searching that album for years...but here in Croatia it's impossible to find it.God Bless Ya,Nice People...and thanx for your great music stuff on your blogs.Peace!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! This used to be one of my all-time vinyl faves. I bought the LP originally and then somehow lost it. After hunting high and low I then paid an extortionate amount for a replacement SH copy several years later (which was probably the very copy that I had "lost"). Anyway, what a wonderful surprise to come across it on the 'net - keep on rocking and keep up the good work!

Rockin' Rich said...

Blue also had a great single,"Cookie In A Jar" that wasn't on that album, though it may have been on a subsequent one.

redtelephone66 said...


lo-fi jr. said...

Only two songs in and I'm in Pop-Heaven. Thanx Aka!

Anonymous said...

a great album- i too bought it when it came out john peel used to play the single little jody.
i think they were involved with latter day marmalade.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I've played this on vinyl til you could see through it, and have always kept an eye out for a CD version. Great to find it on your site. Sure there's a couple of filler tracks but mostly, as someone has already commented, it is pure pop heaven. The unhurried pace, the melancholy air, the beautiful harmonies ... what's not to love? Their later albums have their moments but this is the one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, i've never heard it but it sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aka I'm a French boy i read about this band on the audities power pop list in the past but I've never think that I can listen it one day. Because you've made my day I thank you very much.


akashaman said...

wow ; thats kewl, some of you guys had this back in the day ! glad to re aquaint you with this one then !
i will get thier second one i have up soon , another night time flight , has some killer trax as well ~


grovermanor said...

wow, this is a great find. i've been listening to "i wish i could fly" a lot since i downloaded this album a few days ago. thanks so much, Aka, for your generosity in sharing your collection and the time and energy it takes to do so.

Carlos Pedro P said...

Hi people! My name is Carlos Pedro and I live in São Paulo, Brasil. Searching on internet I found this page. I want to say to all that I have the orginal LP in perfect condition and I always I heard them this beatiful musics. My oldest son was created listening this group because this LP was the unique LP that I had. rs... When this group is? Which the official page? Hugs for everybody.

Carlos Pedro P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carlos Pedro P said...

Aka, could you say me where I get the lyrics from this album? I would really appreciate. Thank you very much!

akashaman said...

hey carlos ~!

thats too kewl that you know this LP from way back ! if you look carefully at the comments on this thread , you will notice a link to more info on this band !
click here for more blue info




Chad said...

Cool Deadsy, I'll check this one out, I saw it at the local record store for about 8 bucks so if it's good I'll have this puppy on vinyl.

Carlos Pedro P said...

Aka, thanks for the information.
I didn´t know that were so many records form the BLUE and I will try to buy all. I have the one and the named Navy. Aka, my english is too bad and I don´t know to to say many things in english, but I say will gratefull if you help me to get the lyrics from this album BLUE "Debut 73" it´s very important to me.... Thank you!

Netº said...

Mr. Shaman,

Please, please, please ...
I am begging on my knees,
more "Blue" for us.
Thanks, thanks, thanks ...


thebabe49 said...

Can't thank you enough. Bought this album in Nottingham way back in Sep 1973. It had just been released. After a couple of times of moving house I lost it in the early eighties, either that or someone took it. Been looking for it ever since. It must have gone out of print really fast. And you know what!? When I first played the songs after more than twenty years all the tunes (and most of the lyrics) were still there in my mind as if I'd listened to them just a few minutes ago. Isn't it funny how some things stay fresh in one's memory and never grow old? Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

akashaman said...

hey !

very kewl that you had this LP way back ion the day. of course i never knew it even exsisted until a couple yrs a go when i found it : have seen one or two more actually , but not in real good shape.
if you really dig this LP , check out the "fringe benefit" LP on my blog as well , i think i need to re up it , will do today!

thanks for feedback & keep on spinnin` em :



Bill said...

I had this album when I was at school and I've been trying to get a replacement for years. You've made me so happy....another night time flight please!!

Bill said...

I had this album when I was at school and it got stolen. I've been trying forever to replace it. You've made me very happy.
Another night time flight please!!!

akashaman said...

hey bill :
thats killer , i am glad u found this. i myself did even know of them till a couple yrs ago , i saw it & it looked nice. sure blew me away.
i will get to night time flight as soon as i get set backup , just got new pc & have to reinstall / reset everything.


Bill said...

On the subject of great forgotten Scottish bands any chance of Glencoe - Spirit of Glencoe- as far as I know no longer available and cant find it on the web.

akashaman said...

is this it ?

--- try here ---


Bill said...

Re Glencoe: Excellent, this is the 1st album. Spirit of Glencoe was the 2nd. I always thought they were a Scottish band and didn't realise that Norman Watt Roy and John Turnbull who went on to form the Blockheads were members of the band - neither of whom were Scottish. I saw them supporting Argent at the Glasgow apollo around 1973 and bought the Spirit of Glencoe following that. The second album has more orchestration on it. Any way its great to hear this again.Thanks -you're amazing!

Bill said...

This link seems to suggest that at least some of the band were Scotshttp://www.inthewilderness.com/apollo/index.asp?s_id=1&m_id=6&board_id=1&subject=1436&wtff=wp

tweakie69 said...

fab im trying desperately to get life in the navy or any info on smiggy where or what hes doin now????pleeeeease it would be greatly appreciated

Even Johan said...

I came in a little late and the Sendspace-link has been deleted, probably a lone time ago. Could you please re-up the album. I would really love to hear it. Actually I saw a vinyl-copy of it somewhere, and it was dirt cheap. Didn't knew what it was so I left it alone. Should probably have given it a chance.

akashaman said...

link is workin fine , please try it again.


db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

binkerbo said...

I've never heard this LP but it's often mentioned as a favorite by a lot of power poppers.

Little Jody said...

Hello People, I was just searchin' in the hope that it was out on CD but alas they have still to get their act together (The Record Label & H Nicholson who own the rights) They should give this baby to BGO or Cherry Red or Lemon,shit Rhino would be perfect with xtra trax and BBC sessions.I have "Life In The Navy" the 2nd album and will post the link here ASAP.
Keep on checking in people.
I also would like to thank ZaXXoN who started it all off,Right akashaman?

akashaman said...

hey !

ya , should def be out on cd !
one of my fave lp`s here.....

lost classic , look forward to the navy LP ; please holla back


Little Jody Again said...

As promised here is the 2nd Blue Album "Life In The Navy"
Not as good as the classic 1st but worth having.Produced by David Briggs (Neil Young) Check out Lonesome for that Scotch Crazy Horse Vibe.
Love what you are doing here (Don't change a thing)
A mention in Chris Goes Rock chatbox would open up new bloggers to yer Enthusiasm.Will do that right now. Keep It Up (Ya Dig)
Oh yea you will need this.......


Little Jody said...

Doh! That would be Sad Sunday for the Crazy Horse vibe Correct!!!
Hey akashaman if you want to post this baby on your blog just do it

I'll be back again with another Scottish band NORTHWIND when it's sent to the rapids see ya

akashaman said...

thanks so much for the help little J ~ sure is appreciated

i am uploading a new cd now : guy called binocular , from NY , did a cd about 6-7 yrs ago : pure pop , will blow u away :
look for it soon !

thanks again , u rok


Little Jody said...

This is a bit more mellow chilled & folky but I love it.I do have a vinyl copy @320 but found this in THE ZONE a while back and sounds nice and clear. Hope you enjoy it as usual....I will indulge myself in your excellent Blog.


Ps Looking forward to your Binocular post man!!!

Hear a lot about The Goldbergs powerpop as well are they anygood?

I know if i'm desperate i tunes will rip me off for the pleasure (can't find them on blogsearch)

Little Jody said...

Hey aka back again, Downloading Binocular as i speak Ta very much.
Here is the link for the missing Northwind track that I noticed was not in the file i sent ya.
Hope somebody liked this rare old scotch!!!


Will said...

Oh my lord, you might as well be giving free crack away on your site, because I am hopelessly, insanely addicted to this LP.


Thanks for posting the second one, kind soul Little Jody -- perfect timing for my BLUE jones.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Saw Blue at the Golden Diamond in Sutton-in-Ashfield in the 70's.. just after they were on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Had the original album (and Life in the Navy).. but sadly long gone. You've made my day... been looking for these for years.

akashaman said...

so glad you found your way here steve ...:)


kelvin1234 said...

Late in the day I know! But thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I've got this LP in a rather poor condition - great to find it here - sounds much better. Keep up the good work.

Greetings from Denmark

Little (Older) Jody said...

Hello Aka I just got a copy of this great album from remastered cd & thought you should have it too.It has the studio interludes from the orig album and there are bonus hidden tracks from Hugh Nicholson's demos with Marmalade in 1972.This is the way i got it (2 Files side 1 & side 2) Keep up the good work you do and as always Enjoy.

adam said...

Little ol' Judy-
you single handedly and seemingly effortlessly put and end to my 8month search for Northwind's sister brother lover. and for that i thank you.
i dont want to sound like and ungrateful gabby but the link for the missing track (number 6) is no longer working on rapidshare. as well as the link for the cd version of Blue's debut with the bonus material.
could you, pretty please with intangible interweb sprinkles, re-up 'em?

Rootsman Vince said...

Just wanted to thank for all the great music you have posted. You've introduced me to a host of bands i've never heard of. The Blue debut has the hallmarks of a classic. I'll be downloading alot of your stuff. Thanks again. I have a small but expanding site dedicated to rare albums:


the family cat said...

You may not realise it but this group BLUE were known as the Pathfinders in Scotland and as TRASH they cut 2 singles for Apple in the late 60s-a version of Road to Nowhere and its follow up a version of Golden Slumbers

bobbysu said...

thank you very much

Anonymous said...


cswp a ´ ra 55

Anonymous said...

I had this many yaers ago and loved it from the start and have longed to have it since. You are a legend for posting it! Many, many thanks! (Found this via your Youtube comment on 'Red Light Song').

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jack432 said...

Is anyone able to re-upload this? Haven't managed to be able to find it elsewhere, such a great album!