Monday, March 19, 2007

Its a small world after all

hey all :

i dunno how many of you read the comments here. recently i got a great comment from a band member of an obscure band i posted , the band is fringe benefit.
1st i got a comment from the drummers son , then the singer/guitarist son , then the bass player himself ! this is one great comment , one that inspires me to keep the blog alive & keep on keepin` on.
its hard to believe that a small blog such as this could garner the attention of the bands within it , but i guess truth is stranger than fiction after all , eh !?
thanks so much chris haines for your comment & may your music live forever man !
here is the comment..... feel free to comment on the comment , lol......:)


Hello Good Akashaman

I am the older, balder and significantly more ruggedly handsome version of The Bass Player who magnetically etched the original counter-melodies into the lower register of these imperfect recordings as a mere baby.

In short, Chris Haines, Bass & bvs. at your service . . .

I am delighted that this gem of my formative years is at last achieving the recognition it deserves.

Notwithstanding the passings of time and the consequent ebbings-away of familiar familiarities, I would nonetheless vouchsafe an indication that Sir John Jones, Earl 'Dave' Gray & Dame Steven Laurie might be equally chuffed.

If not indeed more so.

We done the demo of AIV in my mum's front room in the house my dad built for us in Corfe Castle.

We went to Willesden to record the album for Lee Gopthal (ex Trojan Records)& Clive Crawley's 'Blue Eyes Productions' company at Morgan Studios.

The album was eventually released in N.America alone through Capricorn.

All the singles were leased to various record companies for release in many territories worldwide.
(One or another went Top Ten in Switzerland, South Africa & Wisconsin USA!)

'All In Vain' was released by Polydor in UK. A-listed on BBC Radio One, and 'PowerPlay' on Radio Luxemburg, it made the national chart at no. 41 in the hot July of 1976. We were warned of impending Top Of The Pops TV treatment. And myself still barely out of the Babygro...

... then came massive personal crashings beyond any seventies-band-of-geniuses' control...

... The British Market Research Bureau pulled all Polydor singles from their chart on summary charge of suspected 'payola' in their kangaroo court - not open to the public - nor to appeal.

Had this not happened, the substantial and burgeoning sales would have jetted Sir John Jones' Fringe Benefit to Number One, and history would be magnificent . . .

All In Vain?

Watch this space.

Thanks to all who like what we did.

Love, light, respect.

Chris Haines.


72custom said...

Oh yes ... your comments are read and much appreciated. After all your comments are carefully studied before grabing a disc or two. Living in Denmark where much of your material has been - until now - pretty unknown to me I find it valuable to read about the music. Thanks a lot for the great music.

Anonymous said...

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LuGerWolf said...

Hey Akashaman,thank you very much for sharing your music that now I consider mine too.For those "UNKNOWN BANDS AND MUSICIANS OF THOSE BANDS":You live and you will live forever as long as this kind of people like to share your recordings.Older,balder or how your physical appearence might be I respect you people.I would've liked to play the way you did.Thanks again.Long live Akashaman!