Sunday, March 11, 2007

Aka covers the Beatles - I am the Walrus

i thought i would start putting up some new tracks i do here for feedback.
since most of you are avid music buffs , & probably musicians , this shouldnt be too hard..:)
let me know what ya think either way , studio tips / recoding hints would be great.
i mix & play on monitors , so might have EQ probs , please let me know thanks.
this is my insane take on the beatles classic , "i am the walrus". it`s not as embellished as the original - but then again , i am no george martin !



download -- here --


tilted2oneside said...

Nice production - there were certain parts of the song where I was waiting to see how you did - the English garden part, the hoo hoo hoo hee hee hee hah hah hah part - very nice!

md said...

Howdy Mr A -
I already PM'ed you my thoughts via GF, so I won't repeat 'em again, but just as a complete side issue I was thinking of that Paul Anka album which featured 'Swing' versions of rock tracks - at some point someone just has to do the same thing for [to?] the Fabs' Psychy songs: I'm just imagining the kind of 'Swing' style vocal 'mannerisms' applied to an upbeat Walrus - "Heyyy - they're the Eggmen - yeahhh! - we're the Eggman - Woh! - and I'm a Walrus! Ba-dah-doo-bah-bah-dah!" over a 'Big Band' arrangement of perfect SwingPsych blandness.
And of course, 'Your Mother Should Know' is crying out for a friendly 'Swing' reading...ho ho.... ho.
Strange thing is, I suspect it'd actually shift units to the now mellowed out Fabs generation.
Next George Martin project!
Heresy, they cry? lol.
I'm English - 'I'm allowed.' Kinda. lol.

Baroque on, and continued good thoughts to you, Mr A.

Richard said...

Just wanted to let you know I put your walrus version on cd and haven`t taken it off my cd player.Very Cool

db said...

great music!
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the family cat said...

Sendspace says it doesn't exist

Tamfang said...

Now it appears to be a book in Spanish about psychotherapy for orphans.

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