Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Stories - `72 debut - Kama Sutra

hey all :
ok , as promised here is the debut stories LP. this is a great LP , if you have never heard it , you are in for a real treat. more left banke than "about us" , thier 2nd LP.

amg review :
by Richie Unterberger

The Stories' first album is gentler, and closer in mood to the Left Banke, than the subsequent Above Us, which is good news for Left Banke fans. Although the quality of the Brown-Lloyd compositions is uneven, it's generally good, though the songs are a bit modest and self-effacing. It's at its best when Brown whips out those classical/baroque keyboard and melodic flourishes that were among his trademarks since the Left Banke days. Sometimes it's on the edge of the tuneful hard rock style the Beatles and Badfinger essayed on mid-tempo numbers in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At other times there's almost a harder rock-vaudevillian meld, somewhat in the style of the late '60s Kinks. It was pretty out of step with most of what else was going on in rock and pop in the early -70s, and not even too well known to power pop revivalists, although to be honest this is on the fringe of power pop since it emphasizes keyboards and dainty ballads more than electric guitars and cheerful up-tempo tunes. Still, it's well worth rediscovery by fans of pop/rock with unusual and inventive melodies and vocal harmonies.

**Please visit Ian Lloyd @ Ian Lloyd for NEW music & a rare , limited 3 track EP that is availiable now...Ian has re recorded brother louie even & it will be released soon as well. -- thanks ~

Stories - `72 debut - Kama Sutra - 70MB - 320 kbps

1. hello people
2. i`m coming home
3. winter scenes
4. step back
5. you told me
6. st. james
7. kathleen
8. take cover
9. nice to have you here
10. high & low

download @ -- here --


Rainbow Demon said...

Thanks, Bro...
I'll be purchasing that EP...
...and thanks for the Sky info.
Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've loved this album ever since I found it on 8 track in a bargain bin back in 1980.

Anonymous said...

I love the Left Banke, so I'll probably be into this as well. Good to see you back in the saddle!

md said...

Ah, fabulous, Mr A [not sure if that should be 'Mr S' though, so apologies if I'm in error] - super intense gratitude for this great gift. I almost envy folks hearing tracks like Kathleen and Winter Scenes for the first time - that spinetingling discovery of how truly great some of these songs are.
Such great and worthy work, Akashaman. As ever, Baroque On.

PS - I read your praise of Jellyfish's Spilt Milk 'elsewhere' - indeed - what a masterpiece, eh?

akashaman said...

kewl , glad you guys are diggin on this , its a classic for sure.
MD .. ya that jellyfish "spilt milk" is one of my faves ever :
perfect pop no doubt `

keep em spinnin ...


Anonymous said...

really digging this one, thanks ash... a little rawer than 'about us'.


master3d said...

This is a great album...but honestly i like their album with the psychedelic montage cover that i think was called "underground"???

Residentevil2 said...

Great stuff thanks.
Would you have Bob Welch's band PARIS especially their second "Big Towne 2061"?

Anonymous said...

"Travelling Underground" is the third album. Michael Brown is out of the band completely by that point.

"I can't understand it" is a catchy rocker and "Soft Rain" is a nice power ballad with a moog solo.

akashaman said...

fixed . . . . . . :)


grovermanor said...

this is one of my new favorites. even though it's raw, which i love, their arrangements are really sophisticated-- like on "i'm coming home" and "winter scenes" especially. personally, i'm not into their later album, About Us, but this debut is amazing. thanks for turnin me on to Stories.

Fuzzbox said...

Yeah ... great album & band!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Aka, your blos is great... what else can I say... I enjoy everything.. By the way.. I tried ti donwload this file, but the page says it doesn't exists...

zombieslover said...

Thanks a lot, great album!!!

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