Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bridge - In Blue - `72 - Buddah Records

ok , here is the last LP by the brooklyn bridge , but they dropped the brooklyn by now , ha. - tons of harmonies & horns here my friends. these hippies are wailing like theres no tomorrow , ha.
these guys definately had an influence on chicago ! in fact , the last track "man in a band" is an all out jam-fest , rivaling anything blood sweat & tears , chicago ever did. !
Cream’s “I Feel Free” also gets the Bridge’s harmony and horns treatment on this album as well.
i`m not a big fan of the horns myself , but these guys are good , there is no doubt.
a bit of fuzz here & there , bottomline ; hippies on a farm , high as hell jammin , lol. --
sorry , this lp not as clean as ideal ~ but still fine when they kik it in....

more : BB here

The Bridge - In Blue - `72 - Buddah Records
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez scans , front cover / band

"Bruno's Place"
"I Feel Free"
"School Days"
"Baby What You Want Me To Do"
"Glad To See You Got Religion"
"Hospital Lady"
"Man In A Band"



wungawunga said...

welcome back! looking forward to this.

akashaman said...

thanks wunga ! enjoy my man ~


Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Like Mouth and McNeal, I've downloaded this and added it to my little (bulging) bag of goodies to hear later on.
Like M and McN I see they are both from 1972, aarrgghh!! for me this usually felt like a bad year for records, especially for things on RCA. However, blogs like yours are reeducating this old folkie.
One thing that struck me about my two downloads was the little bit of rhyme:
Mouth and McNeal, How do you do in '72,
The Bridge - In Blue in '72 too!!
Ha ha, have a good day, the rain is pouring down but Akashaman has brought a little ray of sunshine in.
Cy from Pck.

Anonymous said...

I used to play this album a lot
it'll be nice to hear it again
after all these years - especially
their version of "I Feel Free"

Interesting that a lot of the
"Bridge In Blue" is made up of
Loudon Wainwright songs - he
was barely known at the time.


akashaman said...

thanks guys ! ya , this is a cool LP , awesome that u had it back in the day DG ! obviously new to me , ha - always liked these guys & this scarce LP closed the monopoly !
turn it up ~

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