Monday, September 28, 2009

Mouth & MacNeal _ How Do You Do ? - `72 - Phillips Records

ok , so i am back; figured out how to log back in , lol.
well , here is an oldie. i know some of you remember the hit "how do you do?". great song from this dutch band. dont have much else on them , but here it is !
isolation written by john lennon / rosianna by cashman , pistilli & west ~

Mouth & MacNeal - How do you do ? - `72 - Phillips Records
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scans

1- A.B.C.
2- I Almost Lost My Mind
3- I Heard It Through the Grapevine
4- Hey, You Love
5- Remember (Walking in the Sand)
6- Rosianna
7- Why Did You, Why?
8- How Do You Do?
9- Land of Milk and Honey
10- Tell Me World
11- It Happened Long Ago
12- Isolation



Glombastu said...

Hey Akashaman -
checking my RSS feedreader - rubbed my eyes: So you're back?


(Just a little bit longer....)

akashaman said...

ha , just a bit longer stay i will ~
things have just been hectic , but i think i can a few more in now !
i appreciate you guys not giving up on me ~
thanks again , hope u enjoy `

justme said...

I have never seen this album posted before. I have seen a compilation of their tunes. It may contain all these tracks but I haven't done a comparison. I am not either. lol

I really wanted a copy of the album. Know what I mean? :)

Thanks a lot!

btw, I couldn't get logged in on my account one time. It took me several months to remember/figure out to use my email addy to log in and not my nick. Gotta love those cookies!!

akashaman said...

ha , i know this one is pretty rare -- weird that i have two copies on vinyl , lol.
thanks for the heads up on the login , i dunno what the hell happened & i am no pc noobi , lol.
its all good.

rok on

Matt_The_Cat said...

Another great one!I too have this on vinyl albeit from the budget bin back in the day.Great version of Grapevine.Thankx!

akashaman said...

very welcome , that "how do you do" songs is one of the those you forgot you knew when u hear it ! love it

thanks for feedback - keep in touch !


Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Glad to see you posting again. I've not listened to this yet but it sure looks like my cup of tea, so I've downloaded it as most things you have posted are ga ga good.
Keep em on coming!!
Cy from Pck.

akashaman said...

good to see you as well CY !
dont be a stranger :


Anonymous said...

i was excited to see the mouth and mcneil .. sadly when i tried to download i ran into all kinds of trouble.. any chance it can be put back up .. and or put on an easier site.. this one kept opening a movie player installer.. i am a paid memeber of hotfile if that helps.

iRoNy_45 said...

Akashaman, could you please re-post How do you do? by Mouth & MacNeal? The link doesn;t work anymore and i would like to get the album.

Thnx in advance.


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