Sunday, December 31, 2006

Marmalade - Kaleidoscope - the psych pop sessions

hey all :

well , i got my links all set back up & now i can start posting new stuff.
here is yet another killer psych pop lp , tho this one i ripped from the cd.
band is "marmalade" & these are thier earlier tracks , right up there w/ the beatles , zombies , hollies & all other great bands from that era. all these tracks came out before thier one hit wonder "reflections of my life" , an LP which i will be posting soon !
enjoy this one !
[ next up , the lemon pipers & orpheus best of , both from cd`s as well ]

Marmalade - Kaleidoscope - the psych pop sessions - 2003/Castle - 224 kbps - 110 MB

1. I See The Rain (Single Version)
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Mess Around
4. Man In A Shop
5. Butterfly
6. Laughing Man
7. Its All Leading Up To Saturday Night
8. Otherwise Its Been A Perfect Day
9. Station On Third Avenue
10. Hey Joe
11. Mr Lion
12. There Aint No Use In Hanging On
13. Chains
14. Fight Say The Mighty
15. Mr Tambourine Man
16. Time Is On My Side
17. Dear John
18. And Yours Is A Piece Of Mine
19. Can You Help Me
20. I See The Rain (Album Version)

*NEW LINK ADDED [1-1-07]

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O`Clock - 1985

hey all :

what can ya say on this one ? as most psych fans know , this is actually XTC incognito.
perfect neo-psych.
will do their second one as well soon.
all trax from wax ! -- enjoy , this one is great.

the dukes say its time
.. its time to visit the planet smile
.. its time the love bomb was dropped
...its time to eat music
...its time to kiss the sun
...its time to drown yourself in a soundgasm
...its time to dance throught he mirror
the dukes declare its 25 o`clock !

produced with love by john leckie , swami anand nagara and the dukes`
captured gently at chapel lane studios , hereford.

sleeve art - sir john johns
ink - the technicolor prophet of mars
trouble & type - the serif of knotting`em


"After the total commercial failure of their last two album Mummer and The Big Express, XTC decided to try their hand at something a little different. Assuming the name The Dukes of Stratosphear and various different pseudonyms for themselves (Andy Partridge became Sir John Johns, Colin Moulding morphed into The Red Curtain, Dave Gregory became Lord Cornelius Plum and temporary member Ian Gregory adopted the name E-I-E-I Owen), the band set out to create an EP of songs based on the music of the 60s which they had grown up listening to.

It sounds like a fairly simple concept but the music the Dukes produced was not merely comedic parody in the vein of the Rutles. Although the bands sense of humour is prominent throughout, the songs that resulted from the project are superb and created with a great deal of love, care and respect for the artists they are inspired by. It's a lot more expert than a simple "Let's pretend to be the Beatles" sort of thing. Right down to muffled samples, backward sounds, hidden whispers and specific chords, each song is crammed full of references to bands of that glorious decade.
[ more here ]
-- source/ -- [ madmanmunt ]

  • The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O`Clock [EP] - 1985 - Virgin Records - 320 kbps - 53 MB
  • includes high rez front/back cover scans !

  • 1 - 25 O'Clock
  • 2 - Bike Ride to the Moon
  • 3 - My Love Explodes
  • 4 - What In the World?
  • 5 - Your Gold Dress
  • 6 - The Mole From the Ministry

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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Stories - About Us - `73 [mike brown]

hey all :
here is yet another installment in my "killer one hit wonder" LP`s !
this one comes from mike brown & co. - "the stories" - mike brown some might know was the genius behind the left banke & created such masterpieces as "pretty ballerina" & "walk away renee". ya , there is some pedigree behind this one !the hit here is "brother louie" which barely even made it on this platter! 1`st pressings contain a 45 with the track & later it was added as the last track , side two but wasnt listed on inside cover w/ other trax ! i have never seen a copy with the 45 , but have seen some without the track altogether.

*noteworthy is the killer KICK DRUM sound at intro of brother louie , WOW , crank this one - also the interplay between the lead guitar & strings in louie as well ~ this is a spendid LP that power pop fans will love ~

this is thier second album -- mike brown (who quit the band before this album was done) and ian lloyd write some great material, and steve love really shines on guitar. the LP has more of a hard-rock feel, and the best cuts on here are "Darling", "Hey France", "Please Please", "Believe Me", and "Top Of The City". their hit "brother louie" is also on here, but that was cut after mike quit, and it has nothing to do with the band's style or sound. brian madey does good drumming on here too.
[ i also have the other two stories lp`s as well as the left banke`s pretty ballerina/walk away renee & ian lloyds solo LP`s ! all of which will be transferred soon - ].

**Please visit Ian Lloyd @ Ian Lloyd for NEW music & a rare , limited 3 track EP that is availiable now...Ian has re recorded brother louie even & it will be released soon as well. -- thanks ~

"all trax from wax" [tr] - transferred by da` shaman - 2006

  • THE STORIES - ABOUT US - KAMA SUTRA - `73 - 256 KBPS - 63 MB
  • includes front/inside cover high rez scans

  • 1. Darling
  • 2. Don't Ever Let Me Down
  • 3. Love Is in Motion
  • 4. Hey France
  • 5. Please, Please
  • 6. Changes Have Begun
  • 7. Circles
  • 8. Believe Me
  • 9. Words
  • 10. Top of the City
  • 11. Down Time Blooze
  • 12. What Comes After
  • 13. Brother Louie

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spanky & our Gang - sunday mornin ` long version +

hey all :

ok , in lue of time constraints here are the two tracks not otherwise availiable
off the greatest hits lp , "everybody`s talkin" & the long version of "sunday mornin`" !
from sunday mornin : "your in for a rude awakening man , when the long hairs take over the world". . . . . :)

[ almost a thousand downloads on this one so far -- wow !! - will do the spanky LIVE LP soon , hang tough kidz ]


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Climax - featuring sonny geraci - `72

hey all :
here is a lost classic from the 70`s. one of my first installments into my great "one hit wonder" lp`s. some of you older kids might remember the hit "precious & few" , well here is the full LP , very scarce & never released on cd. hard to pin down , but has elements of pop , soul & rock.
the horns & strings fight for their respective places in the sonic landscape while sonny wails over it all , sounding at times like a male facsimile of CHER.
Prog fans will enjoy the bombastic , rambunctious "merlin' , albeit edited version ..:(
this LP has something for everyone , i personally love the ballads. this is one my faves - a real grower - get it while its hot
great lyrics & thoughts throughout , very inspiring in this day & age.

lovingly transferred from the original vinyl by da` shaman.
"all trax from wax"


[ more killer "one hit wonder" Lp`s coming soon - jigsaw , pilot , etc. ]

Formed in 1970 in Los Angeles, California, Climax was a band most noted for their 1972 classic hit song "Precious and Few". Climax consisted of Marc Gordon, Larry Cox, John Stevenson, Walter Nims, and Sonny Geraci. The band is considered a one-hit wonder because no other releases gained much widespread success. However, Climax was not a typical "one-hit wonder". Lead singer Sonny Geraci, who was formerly the front-man for the 1960s garage rock band The Outsiders (of "Time Won't Let Me" fame), later sang on a number of hit studio recordings with other artists. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that keyboardist John Stevenson wrote the song "Rock and Roll Heaven." Climax decided to sell the recording rights to The Righteous Brothers who turned the song into one of the pop classics. Though "Precious and Few" was the band's only major hit recording, Climax has played a somewhat influential role in the wider arena of rock music.
One pressing of the LP has surfaced with 2 additional tracks, Hard Rock Group was inserted between Life & Breath & I've Got Everything and a 5:20 version of Park Preserve (Single was 3:47) was inserted between If It Feels Good-Do It and Merlin. Sonny Geraci has said that it was a first pressing. The record label didn't want the heavier songs on the album. Without them the only heavier song you get is Merlin which in turn was edited. (longer version unavailable) Apparently the original version of Merlin was between 5:30 and 6:00. Edited out was a longer, more drawn out intro and more than half of the original guitar solo. This version was shortened even before the first pressing. After Precious & Few's chart success, they wanted the album more AM sounding. The band was disappointed because they were more into the rock sound." -- WIKIPEDIA

  • *includes high rez front/back/lyrix/images/ scans for you printer freaks , you know who you are !

  • * 1 Life & Breath
  • * 2 I've Got Everything
  • * 3 Prelude
  • * 4 Picnic In The Rain
  • * 5 Face The Music
  • * 6 Precious & Few
  • * 1 It's Coming Today
  • * 2 Rainbow Rides Are Free
  • * 3 If It Feels Good-Do It
  • * 4 Merlin
  • * 5 Postlude
  • * 6 Child Of December

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Peppermint Rainbow - Will You be Staying After Sunday - `69

hey all :

here is another great sunshine pop lp from the 60`s. Lemon Piper producer Paul Leka produced this one as well as even wrote a few trax. includes a great cover of green tamborine ..
lovely vocals & melodies on this one , a must for any sunshine pop / psych pop fan.

ALL TRAX FROM WAX - transferred by da` shaman -


"What happens when you take elements from two of Spanky & Our Gang's hits -- "Sunday Morning" and "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" -- create a sequel, and let veteran producer Paul Leka oversee the concept? You get a brilliant Top 35 hit from April of 1969, "Will You Be Staying After Sunday," by this little-known group out of Baltimore, the Peppermint Rainbow. Sisters Pat Lamdin and Bonnie Lamdin, singing in unison, sound like Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane, and the song has the same soaring melodic style that made "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" so precious two years prior to this. Leka would hit again in November of 1969 with Steam's "Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye," and has an impressive résumé ranging from Gloria Gaynor to songwriter Tim Moore's Behind the Eyes, and he hits a 90 percent with this album, which has a number of potential hits, from "Walking in Different Circles" to "I Found out I Was a Woman." The Lamdin sisters have a wonderful style, dipping into a Mamas & the Papas mode for "And I'll Be There" (Spanky McFarlane, after all, replaced Mama Cass in a latter-day Mamas & the Papas). There are more references to "Sunday" here, as well as on "If We Can Make It to Monday," a sequel to "Will You Be Staying After Sunday," written by the same songwriters. Paul Leka composed "Green Tambourine" for the Lemon Pipers, and it appears here as well, though in not as refined a form as the 1967 hit, this version a bit more folky. "Run Like the Devil" is the one turkey on here, one of the guys in the band not being able to hold his own on vocals, but with material by Barry Manilow/American Breed songwriter Scott English and superb production by Leka, the Peppermint Rainbow deliver a truly smart and entertaining pop album." -- AMG

  • *includes high rez front/back cover scans

  • 1 - Will You Be Staying After Sunday
  • 2 - If We Can Make It to Monday
  • 3 - Pink Lemonade
  • 4 - And I'll Be There
  • 5 - Run Like the Devil
  • 6 - Jamais
  • 7 - Don't Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael
  • 8 - Walking in Different Circles
  • 9 - Sierra (Chasin' My Dream)
  • 10 - Green Tambourine
  • 11 - Rosemary
  • 12 - I Found out I Was a Woman

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Electric Light Orchestra - TIME - `80 - remastered

hey all !

this is one of my fave ELO recordings. very different than anything they did before or after.
its a conceptual piece about space-time & the future.
many of the songs flow into one another , some great ballads here !
let me know what ya think if you have never heard this !


"TIME (1981) is a very ambitious and important album in the tradition of ELO's 1974 masterpiece, ELDORADO. Sonically, it is much different, with the chill of synths replacing ELDORADO's warm washes of orchestral grandeur. Nonetheless, the two albums both touch very profoundly and effectively on the potency of dreams. "Twilight" is an incredibly powerful statement musically and's one of the greatest techno-rockers ever recorded. Certainly, it was a pioneering track in terms of much of the synth-rock that followed throughout the 80's and 90's, though few of those other other bands were ever able to match ELO's excellence. (Keyboardist Richard Tandy proves once again on TIME that he belongs in the pantheon of great rock instrumentalists.) "Yours Truly, 2095" is funny, sad, prophetic, and disturbing all at once. "Ticket to the Moon" begins with a great melancholy line: "Remember the good old 1980s/When things were so uncomplicated." It's the perfect sc-fi weeper love song. "The Way Life's Meant to Be," "Here is the News," and "21st Century Man" were all hits in England, and should have been smashes in the U.S. All of them are insightful lyrical observations on the human condition, with all the pop brilliance of a Phil Spector or Brian Wilson masterpiece. "Rain is Falling" is one of a series of cathartic Jeff Lynne "rain" songs, which surface on a number of ELO's albums. The pinnacle of the album is "Hold On Tight," which is one of the most effective inspirational rockers ever recorded. It's got a good beat, and you can think to it. As one listens to the entire TIME album, what appears at times to be a bleak meditation on the future finally breaks free into the sunlight of hope for a better tomorrow. At least, that's the way life's meant to be." -- amazon

Just on the border of your waking mind
There lies... another time
Where darkness & light are one
And as you tread the halls of sanity
You feel so glad to be
Unable to go beyond
I have a message
From another time...

  • ELO - TIME - EPIC - 1980 - MP3 @ 256 kbps - 98 MB
  • includes front / back cover scans :

tracklisting :
  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Twilight
  • 3. Yours Truly, 2095
  • 4. Ticket To The Moon
  • 5. The Way Life's Meant To Be
  • 6. Another Heart Breaks
  • 7. Rain Is Falling
  • 8. From The End Of The World
  • 9. The Lights Go Down
  • 10. Here Is The News
  • 11. 21st Century Man
  • 12. Hold On Tight
  • 13. Epilogue
  • *14 - The Bouncer
  • *15 - When Time Stood Still
  • *16 - Julie Doesnt Live Here
  • * = bonus trax

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Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun - `74 - BELL

here is another request ::
-- so everyone knows the song , but has everyone heard the full LP ?
here it is in its entirety.
try & hang in there for the second side, my fave !
Sail Away even has his sweet wife singing on it !
  • all trax from wax , transferred by da` shaman !
  • TERRY JACKS - SEASONS IN THE SUN - `74 - BELL - MP3 @ 320 kbps - 55MB
  • includes high rez front/back cover scans !
  • 1 - concrete sea
  • 2 - im gonna love you too
  • 3 - pumpkin eater
  • 4 - again & again
  • 5 - since you broke my heart
  • 6 - fire on the skyline
  • 7 - the love game
  • 8 - im so lonely here today
  • 9 - its been there from the start
  • 10 - sail away
  • 11 - seasons in the sun

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Friday, December 8, 2006

Fun & Games - Elephant Candy - UNI - 1969

hey all :

here is a great pop sike band from legendary producer Gary Zekely. he also produced yellow balloon , the clique & others.
i love this LP , there is a great beach boys cover of "dont worry baby" which is one of my fave BB trax & they do it justice !
title track is hilarious , one can only imagine what they are refering to , lol.
this is a must have LP to any pop psych fan.
and as an extra bonus "for me" -- along with "the clique" , this stuff originates from texas , where i reside.

* for fans of : the turtles , the clique , spanky & our gang , yellow balloon , left banke

here is more info than u need :

"Genius harmony pop from Fun & Games -- a group who only cut one album in their brief career, but it was a doozy! The set's got a simple, honest sort of approach to Sunshine Pop -- a bit less polished than most of the California crowd, but still with a similar use of larger arrangements in pursuit of a greater vision. Gary Zekley is the real genius here -- as he handled all production and most of the songwriting -- in a way that's instantly personal, yet which also has the best blend of dreamy modes that we love from other groups of the generation. Fun & Games almost have the charm of Spanky & Our Gang, but without any of their "old timey" sort of gimmicks -- and the group nicely trade between simple catchy pop tunes, and others that have a more introspective, deeper feel."

"The Fun and Games' Elephant Candy is an exemplary harmony pop and bubblegum album dating back to the late '60s. Its popularity today (especially among soft pop collectors, who have helped pushed copies of the LP into the upper strata of the marketplace) can be traced directly to the group's involvement with über-talented Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer Gary Zekley. Zekley (who passed away in 1996) had previously struck gold as a songwriter/producer for a group called the Yellow Balloon, co-writing eight of that group's 11 LP tracks, including the hit song "Yellow Balloon." Zekley had already written or co-written (often with his songwriting partner, Mitchell Bottler) numerous soft pop hits, including "Like a Summer Rain" for Jan & Dean and the original version of "Superman" by the Clique (later covered by R.E.M.). By 1968, Zekley's success had led him to be introduced to a California-by-way-of-Texas group called the Fun and Games by UNI Records president Russ Regan. Unlike several of Zekley's groups -- which were mostly a vehicle for Zekley and Bottler's songs, and mostly utilized session musicians -- the Fun and Games were a real group. Nevertheless, Zekley took control of their destiny, and ended up producing the group's sole album, 1969's Elephant Candy, co-writing seven of the 12 songs featured on the album. Elephant Candy wasn't as successful as Zekley's previous efforts, however, and spawned just one Top 100 hit, "Grooviest Girl in the World." Today, many soft pop and bubblegum fans like to point out the song's unintentionally hilarious lyrics, during which the singer sums up his excessive compliments to the groovy girl by stating, "And I'm a guy with impeccable taste" (as if she should be flattered that such an amazing guy would be tossing compliments her way -- such an ego!). It is rather unfortunate that this album hasn't been reissued in the U.S. on compact disc, although "Grooviest Girl" (and other tracks) have appeared on numerous compilation albums, including 25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits." -- All Music Guide

ALL TRAX FROM WAX -- transferred by da` shaman

  • FUN & GAMES - ELEPHANT CANDY - UNI - 1969 - mp3 @ 320 kbps - 57 MB
  • [ includes front/back cover high rez scans ! ]

  • 1 - SADIE

download -- here --

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Randy Vanwarmer - The Best of the Bearsville Years - `79 - `83

Hey all :

I love music for its discovery , & i like to share some of these great discoveries with others that may not have my curious nature. these might be more selfish sharings , if you will...:)
i got into randy a few years ago after buying his debut LP.
Some of you may remember Randy Vanwarmer , best known for his top 10 hit "just when i needed you most". well , thats not his only great song !
his voice is just haunting , any fan of soft rock will love this. alot of his songs lean toward the melancholy , isolated & misunderstood [ i guess thats everyone eh ? ]
Randy did four lp`s for Bearsville records. i have compliled here my fave tracks off these four lp`s !
all four were made within the span of four years. randy has a very distinctive voice , although i have heard he sounds like christopher cross - ok , sometimes for sure.
there are some really great songs on this comp , my *faves being the first track & last track !
the first track will stop you in your feet. starts out with nothing but randys voice "

"where will you go ,
when all your anchores rust away ,
so will you hold on ?
the mountains where you stand ,
will crumble into sand ,
and you`ll be washed away
if your not falling free"

this track is almost 10 minutes long & definately the most experimental track here.

In early 2003 Randy was diagnosed with Leukemia and he underwent a bone marrow transplant at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington. There were many complications following the transplant and Randy died in his sleep Monday round midnight.
His music is his gift and he gave it to us all.
please enjoy it !
Ron Vanwarmer --- January 12, 2004 [ go build your rocket ]


  • TERRAFORM : `80
  • 1 - terraform*
  • 2 - farther along
  • 3 - all we have is tonight
  • 4 - doesnt matter anymore
  • WARMER : `79
  • 5 - just when i needed you most
  • 6 - your light
  • 7 - call me
  • THE BEAT OF LOVE : `81
  • 8 - suzi found a weapon
  • 9 - always night
  • 10 - babel / dont hide
  • 11 - i guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes
  • 12 - dont wake me up
  • 13 - the things that you dream
  • 14 - gonna build me a rocket*

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Paupers - Ellis Island - Verve - `68

hey all :

here is a cool psych record from Canada , a request fullfilled. These guys did two Lp`s ,
here is thier second. i will get to thier debut , magic people soon as well.
really good stuff here , let me know what ya think !
transferred from the original wax by da` shaman --


Ellis Island, the second album by the Paupers, contains a front cover color photo of the four bandmembers inserted on a Sgt. Pepper-style collage by Ollie Alpert. Inside the LP is a very psychedelic black-and-white picture of the group, which also features 16 single photos of Cambell, Mitchell, Prokop, and Beale -- photos which you can cut out to make a flick book. Like a trendy flicker ring with more sustain, you can see the Musicians move in the optical illusion if you follow the instructions. Problem with this concept was that there was no Andy Warhol to splash his name on the cover and get the idea some attention à la the famous banana cover. If Verve had difficulty understanding the Mothers of Invention and the Velvet Underground, where the Paupers fit in was anybody's guess. Adam Mitchell takes seven of the nine lead vocals as the band touches on a variety of psychedelic styles, beginning with "South Down Road." This opening track plays like Procol Harum battling the Electric Prunes -- it's eight and a half minutes of acid blues on an interesting album by an interesting crew. Mitchell's originals, four co-written with Skip Prokop, are an odd bunch. It seems Procol Harum won the war on the first song because "Cairo Hotel" sounds like they've now taken on Kaleidoscope U.K. in a battle of the bands. The intellectual display quickly disappears when the country comedy of "Another Man's Hair on My Razor" brings side one to a close. OK, it's amusing, but despite all the Sgt. Pepper trappings, there's no "Lucy in the Sky" in these grooves. Al Kooper guest stars on keyboards, and maybe they should have taken his "This Diamond Ring" and jumped the gun on Frijid Pink by reinventing that pop classic with a wall of distortion. Side two's opener, "Numbers," could be "Eight Miles High" meets Simon & Garfunkel's "Fakin' It." "Numbers," with its Strawberry Alarm Clock guitars and Janis Joplin bassist-to-be Brad Campbell singing lead, is jarring, but that's the rule on this album. Campbell would go on to track I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! and Pearl with Joplin, as well as Joplin in Concert. That live album was collected and assembled by Elliot Mazer with some of the tracks recorded by Fred Catero, both men involved with the Paupers' Ellis Island project. Interesting to note the credible resumés involved in this esoteric project. Skip Prokop's one solo composition is also his one vocal. The man who would perform on Live Adventures of Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield and create the band Lighthouse does an off-key Keith Moon-style vocal over a dreamy track, the Small Faces phase shifting guessed it...Procol Harum. This track is minus the fuzz guitars, instead employing the strings, piano, and effects, giving the listener some breathing room. Adam Mitchell takes the vocals back from here on out -- it's a dramatic "Yes I Know" written by Campbell, Prokop, and Mitchell, six minutes and 23 seconds of more psychedelic blues. This music would've been a blessing for the latter-day Blues Magoos and Electric Prunes, groups who moved away from these types of sounds, much to the chagrin of their fans. Without the hit singles those groups enjoyed, the Paupers' Ellis Island never got the attention it kind of deserved. It is both vintage and obscure, which could make it quite collectable at some point in time. ~ Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

  • THE PAUPERS - ELLIS ISLAND - VERVE - 1968 - 256 KBPS - 75MB - includes high rez front cover scan & live shot

  • 1 - south down road
  • 2 - cairo hotel
  • 3 - cant go on
  • 4 - another man`s hair on my razor
  • 5 - numbers
  • 6 - oh that she might
  • 7 - yes i know
  • 8 - ask her again
  • 9 - julliana

download -- here --

Monday, December 4, 2006

Bread - On The Waters - 1970

hey all :

here is a request. great LP , definately one of thier best. there are some great ballads on here & great guitar.
beautiful harmonies as always from gates & co.

transferred from the original wax by da` shaman - mp3 @ 320 KBPS - 73 MB
includes high rez scans of front , back covers + liner notes.


"Bread broke big with their second album, thanks to David Gates' sentimental soft pop classic, "Make It With You" -- the song that set the standard for sensitive mellow pop ballads for the '70s and for years to come. Its pull is strong, but it's a bit misleading, since the group hardly just turns out a series of these lovely, luxurious pop tunes throughout the record. In fact, with the considerable assistance of Robb Royer and James Griffin, the group actually rocks it harder than Crosby Stills & Nash (if not CSNY, true enough), and they continue to show that the diversity and range of material they demonstrated on their debut was no fluke. If anything, "Make It With You" doesn't set the pace for the rest of the record, since even the softer moments, such as "Look What You've Done," isn't as lushly mellow as that -- there is more coloring through the guitars, and the songwriting has more edge and melody than that. Of course, this is hardly a hard rock record, but it's a first-class Californian pop record, one that is as blissful as a sunset when it lays back, and as incandescent as a day at the beach when the tempo is sprightly." -- AMG


  • 1. Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
  • 2. Make It With You
  • 3. Blue Satin Pillow
  • 4. Look What You've Done
  • 5. I Am That I Am
  • 6. Been Too Long on the Road
  • 7. I Want You With Me
  • 8. Coming Apart
  • 9. Easy Love
  • 10. In the Afterglow
  • 11. Call on Me
  • 12. Other Side of Life

download -- here --

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Spanky & our Gang - `67 Debut

hey all :

we are going backwards in time , here is the debut spanky LP , 1967.
now that i have listened to all three lately , i dunno which one i like best , they are all really good !
spanky can really sing her heart out , she really is on in brother can you spare a dime !
only one i could really do without is the leaving on a jet plane one, oh well.
this is a real solid debut !

  • transferred from the original wax @ 320 KBPS by da` shaman
  • includes high rez scans of front / back - 70MB


The group's debut LP demonstrates what can go wrong, even with a group enjoying a trio of hit singles. Though those hits are here, the album is the least representative of what the group was about and a mixed bag for fans, presenting a trio of widely available hits, six or seven fine tracks currently unavailable elsewhere, and two musical lapses that between them account for nearly one-third of the running time. Spanky & Our Gang started out in Chicago with a sound somewhere midway between the original Jefferson Airplane and the original Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, a folk-rock ensemble with a few jazzy twists and some funny between-song sketches. For their first year at Mercury Records, however, and especially on this LP, producer Jerry Ross used the group as an instrument of his own, turning them into a virtual clone of the Mamas & the Papas on a big portion of this album. Vocally most of the album is outstanding, the harmony singing absolutely radiant on the familiar hits "Sunday Will Never Seem the Same" (which featured an opening vocal vamp devised by Malcolm Hale), "Lazy Day," and "Making' Every Minute Count," and the popular B-sides "Commercial" and "It Ain't Necessarily Bird Avenue"; "5 Definitions of Love" captured some of the group's penchant for off-beat humor and some glorious harmony singing that has a strangely archaic feel, like a piece of medieval music (somehow anticipating elements of the sound that Gentle Giant, of all groups, would later create). The latter track, written by Bob Dorough, also pointed the way toward their future: Dorough and his songwriting/producer partner Stuart Scharf would be their producers the next time out. "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" is the most controversial song here, an unfinished track that was stuck onto the album by Jerry Ross in the process of rush-releasing the record and getting it above 30 minutes running time, with nothing but an awkward guide vocal, never intended to be heard by the public, from Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane; along with the four-minute rendition of "Ya Got Trouble" from Meredith Willson's The Music Man, which might've worked well on stage (and was a more immediate satire in 1967, closer to the movie's release and the run of the original show), it's the nadir of the record. The successful album tracks include a pair of gems with soaring harmonies, "If You Could Only Be Me," where they're singing and playing with a lot of heart despite the presence of a string section; "Leaving on a Jet Plane," the latter beautifully embellished with a punchy folk-rock sound, closer to the Byrds or the Beau Brummels than to Peter, Paul & Mary's hit; and the closer, a rocking, bluesy rendition of Jo Mapes's "Come and Open Your Eyes." Mapes, a big-voiced folk singer who started out in the early '50s, is all but forgotten today, but she made network television appearances during the '50s and cut records for Kapp, and was a major influence on Mary Travers, among others ---- AMG


  • 1. Lazy Day
  • 2. It Ain't Necessarily Bird Avenue
  • 3. Ya Got Trouble (In River City)
  • 4. Sunday Will Never Be The Same
  • 5. Commercial
  • 6. If You Could Only Be Me
  • 7. Making Every Minute Count
  • 8. 5 Definitions Of Love
  • 9. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
  • 10. Distance
  • 11. Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • 12. Come And Open Your Eyes (Take A Look)

download -- here --

Spanky & our Gang - Like to get to Know You - `68

hey all :

ok , as promised here is the 2nd full length LP from Spanky & our gang , "like to get to know you".
this is prob my 2nd fave by them.
california sunshine pop at its finest !
transferred from the original wax by da` shaman.

MP3 @ 320 KBPS - 65 MB - includes high rez front & back cover scans

enjoy !

Review :

Spanky & Our Gang had been unhappy with various aspects of their self-titled debut album, and as a result they recruited two new producers, Stuart Scharf and Bob Dorough, who were more in sympathy with how the group actually sounded. Recorded somewhat on the fly, Like to Get to Know You was the first album to reflect what the group considered their own sound, and was harder-rocking, bluesier, and more inventive in its folk stylings than anything on their debut album. The mix of sounds was actually quite startling in its own time and is engaging even 30 some years later, with various top New York and Los Angeles-based session musicians and a cadre of Chicago bluesmen adding their talents to the band's core instrumentalists. Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane gives convincing and honest performances, and Lefty Baker acquits himself well as a singer. The group opens new vocal territory on the six-part harmony "Sunday Morning," and they do arguably the best cover ever of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne," which dazzles with its tempo changes and the sheer variety of timbres employed. Side two of the original album was actually a prelude to their next LP, containing elements of conceptual rock and made up of songs that segue thematically from one to another. As an album, Like to Get to Know You was of its time, a conceptual record that was finely executed and fascinating to hear; it was perhaps taken a little less seriously, given the image of Spanky & Our Gang for light pop/rock. It's worth rediscovering, either on the original vinyl or on the 1999 Japanese-imported CD. -- AMG

  • 1. The Swingin' Gate
  • 2. Prescription For The Blues
  • 3. Three Ways From Tomorrow
  • 4. My Bill
  • 5. Sunday Mornin'
  • 6. Echoes (Everybody's Talkin')
  • 7. Suzanne
  • 8. Stuperflabbergasted
  • 9. Like To Get To Know You / Chick-A-Ding-Ding
  • 10. Stardust / Coda (Like To Get To Know You)

download -- here --

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Spanky & our Gang - Without Rhyme or Reason - `69

hey all !

here is my fave LP by Spanky & our Gang ; psych pop at its best ; total high production on this. a real headphone trip ... vocals arrangements & harmonies are out of this world , even a bit of fuzz guitar here & there. have alot more from these guys too , will probably up "like to get to know you " soon too ~
transferred this from the original wax , sounds great !
HIGH REZ LP art included.
transferred @ 320 KBPS , only the best for my kidz - 73 MB

let me know what ya think blokes !

"The best (though not the best selling) of the group's three original albums, Without Rhyme or Reason (which is also sometimes known as Anything You Choose/Without Rhyme of Reason) was their most ambitious creation and the album of theirs that holds up best on CD, a 40-minute soundscape in which songs drifted from one into the other. The wryly cynical "Leopard Skin Phones (cleverly describing the needs of the modern recording process) slides into a Little Brother Montgomery narrative, which dissolves to Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane giving her best blues performance ever on "Mecca Flat Blues," a co-creation of her and Montgomery; the smooth, relaxed title track with it '50s pop-jazz style harmonies, which leads into "1-3-5-8 (Pedagogical Round #2), a more musical successor to "My Bill" from the previous album and segues effortlessly into the wordplay of "Jane" (sung by Malcolm Hale, his only lead vocal on this album), which manages to recall the Serendipity Singers at their most playful, this is the prelude to "Since You've Gone," which starts out as an ethereal ballad but ends as an impassioned, screaming (yet elegantly produced) rocker reminiscent of the Grass Roots from the same period; "Anything You Choose" may be the hardest rock song the sextet ever recorded, and it precedes the romantic, folk-pop/rock styled "And She's Mine," written and sung by bassist Kenny Hodges; "Yesterday's Rain" was a valiant attempt at an upbeat, serious philosophical song, the other side of early hits like "Sunday Will Never Seem the Same" and "Lazy Day"; Hoagy Carmichael's "Hong Kong Blues" gets a lean, fresh treatment, a lively, busy vocal arrangement without too much instrumental embellishment; and "Nowhere to Go" isn't much more than a song fragment, but it makes a compelling intro to "Give a Damn," enhancing the familiar single. In contrast to their prior two albums, Without Rhyme or Reason contains no major hits, and none of the songs off of it ever charted seriously, although "Give a Damn," which closes it, nearly made the Top 40 despite a radio ban over the use of the word "damn" in its title and chorus; thus, it was their poorest selling album. The group hardly played at all on most of the record but provided their most elaborate vocals arrangements, and it proved to be their most lasting creation apart from the hit singles. The death of Malcolm Hale on October 30, 1968, during the recording of the album, coupled with the group's satisfaction over what they'd achieved musically, resulted in the decision to disband in the early 1969, soon after the release of Without Rhyme or Reason." -- AMG


  • 1 - Leopard Skin Phones (Baker - Hodges) 2:55
  • 2 - But Back Then (Little Brother Montgomery) 1:08
  • Mecca Flat Blues (Montgomery - McFarlene) 3:21
  • 3 - Without Rhyme Or Reason (Landsman - Dorough) 2:29
  • 4 - 1-3-5-8 (Pedagogical Round #2) (Dorough) 1:09
  • Jane (Scharf) 3:08
  • 5 - Since You've Gone (Scharf) 4:35
  • 6 - Anything You Choose (Scharf) 2:46
  • And She's Mine (Hodges) 2:34
  • 7 - Yesterday's Rain (Baker) 3:20
  • 8 - Hong Kong Blues (Carmichael) 3:45
  • 9 - Nowhere To Go (Scharf) 0:50
  • Give A Damn (Scharf) 3:33

download -- here --

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jimmy Hotz - Beyond the Crystal Sea - 1980

hey all :

anyone into xtian space prog ? :)

here is one from the vaults. Jimmy Hotz legendary "Beyond the Crystal Sea".
released only on LP & in limited quantities , this LP is highly sought after &
rarely shows up on ebay even ~
i transferred this from the original wax !
i also have the "Arkangel" that Jimmy produced if anyone knows this genre ,
they know these two lp`s.
i can up the Arkangel as well , if there is interest.

in addition to this fine LP , i have 4 NEWER trax from
his "Beyond the Gates of Time" EP which is just as epic
-- on three trax you can hear jimmy play his hotbox ,
which is some kind of crazy midi device. !?is it a guitar ?
is it a synthesizer ? some instrument from the future ?
alas , i emailed him , i am no closer to knowing how he
is doing it , but you have to hear to believe !
songs which feature this device are :

*long , long ago
*realm of the spirit
*the gates of time

the last four tracks are the newer stuff while the 1st seven are the entire
crystal sea project.

anyway , this is great stuff , PLEASE let me know what you think !
i included nice front/back cover`s & inside lyrics scans !

here is small review :

"A hard-to-find classic Christian prog
album from the early 80's, released only
on vinyl. Think ethereal Pink Floyd type
stuff mixed with Rush 2112 riffing,
with vocals inspired by Jon Anderson
and songs about heavenly dwellings
and the holy lamb. There's some
great prog keyboard playing on the
disc, as well as Hotz's heavy handed
guitar playing. Well worth tracking
down. There used to be some sound
clips available on the web when existed. I have no idea whats
out there now. Hotz has a new EP
also available as well, and it is
rumored to be re-releasing a CD soon
from Rad Rockers. Hotz also produced
the classic original Christina prog
album Warrior by Arkangel. { dt }"

Jimmy Hotz - Beyond the Crystal Sea - 1980 - vision records @ 320 kbps ; new trax @ 128 kbps - 75MB


-- beyond the crystal sea --
1 - observations of a larger reality
a - march of the dead souls
b - hand of the most high
2 - night passage
3 - vision ships
4 - teton
5 - beyond the blues
6 - alpine magic
7 - from love life did become

-- beyond the gates of time -- EP

8 - song of the desert
*9 - long , long ago
*10 - the gates of time
*11 - the realm of the spirit

* trax with futuristic midi device

download -- here --

Monday, November 27, 2006

Deadsy `97 Promo

ok ; now for something completely different , lol.
i found this promo cd back in `97 in a used cd store. come to find out , its leader was none other than , elijah blue allman , son of cher & greg allman.
elijah sings & plays all guitars.
i fell in love with this cd upon first liten. i listened to it for months. i even ended up in `99 , buildin & runnin for 5 yrs. , getting emails for the band letting me know how much they liked the site & even got to fly out to LA & see them LIVE at the viper room & roxy ..
elijah is teamed up here with alec puro on drums & renn hawkey on keys , the latter of which he met up north at a prep school where elijah was sent off too.
alot of the mind-set of this recording comes from that sort of debachery that went on during the mid to late 90`s when elijah was growing up here at this school.
this cd never hit the shelves , the promos are all that exist. they have since released two official cds , the first one containing some of these tracks , but not all. this particular promo cd is very rare.
the following two cd releases have shyed away from this vision & are a completely different monster [ minus the tracks garnered from this promo cd ] this release has a magic vibe that was captured , & cannot be replicated.
[ i do have the other releases & rare trax if interest is high enuff - have covers of : tom sawyer , just like heaven , teenage wildlife , texas never whispers & avalon ]

as for the music itself , elijah describes it as "morbid angel meets brian eno in TRON land"
lots of keyboards , guitars tuned down all the way to A , vocals very LOW ala type o neg. , & a very solid bass & drum section.
very futuristic & space - age.
super slow , monotoneous tracks that flow like molasses & drip from your ears.
for fans of : type o negative , gary numan , bryan ferry , roxy music , rush , sabbath , david bowie & the cure.
my fave tracks : flowing glower , future years , lake waramaug & cruella.

DEADSY - `97 PROMO - 320 KBPS - 95 MB - includes art

01 - Lake Waramaug 4.30
02 - The Elements 5.21
03 - Flowing Glower 4.57
04 - Future Years 5.26
05 - From Beyond 3.28
06 - Anti-pop 3.34
07 - Cruella 5.53
08 - This Goodnight 4.57
09 - Sleepy Hollow w/ jonathan davis 4.48

thanks Vinnie !

download -- here --

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Harpers Bizarre - The Secret Life of - WB - 1968

hey all :

this lp gets alot of flack , & the citics really dont like it , but i have them all & this is my fave !
this is one of my fave soft psych lp in this vein.
if you have never heard this & are a fan of these guys , do yourself a favor & grab this one !
it will take you back.

transferred from the original wax by da` shaman.


from liner notes :

Long before trips meant more than 4 1/2 hours from coast to coast and an inflight movie , a gentle writer by the name of James Thurber invented Walter Mitty , a bushy eyed , bright tailed chameleon who found the secret life of his dream world a hell of alot more exciting than the route 4 bus , a 9 - 5 job , and a chicken pot pie at every Horn & Hardart.
Like Walkter Mitty , all of us have our secret lives. cities to conquer. mountains to climb. lovers to love. our private cloud-lined , star dusted stairways to some kind of paradise.
at least harpers bizarre think so. because thats what this album is all about. the secret lives of dick yount , john peterson , ted templeman , & dick scoppettone.
in the sturm & drang of everyday existence , almost anything can trigger our escape. an old song , a faded photograph , that chick diown th street that looks like someone from back home. for harpers bizarre , even a phrase of , "feelin` groovy".
so on your mark , get set , open your escape hatch , and "follow the fellow who follows the dream . . . . . "

tracklisting is a bit longer , but i added couple of the outros & interludes to adjacent tracks. :

1. Battle Of New Orleans
3. When I Was A Cowboy
3. Sentimental Journey
4. Medley: Bye, Bye, Bye/Vine Street
5. Me, Japanese Boy
6. I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
7. Green Apple Tree
8. Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat
9. I Love You, Mama
10. Funny How Love Can Be
11. Mad
12. The Drifter

download -- here --

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Collage - smash records - 1968

hey all :

here is another great lost psych pop records of the late 60`s. obviously my fave genre`.
again , not much i can find on these guys , tho the band consist of 2 females & two males.
great harmonies here , ala mama`s & papa`s , sunshine co.
i guess this would be classified as sunshine pop as well , really groovy songs !
also includes a cover of "would you like to go" by sagattarius written by curt boettcher.
this LP always sells on ebay , i finally found me a copy here in dallas - very clean - sounds great boyz.
if you enjoy this one , please take a sec & let me know what you think , cool ...:)!
enjoy another lost treasure brought to you by da` shaman.


[ transferred from original wax & encoded @ 320 kbps ! file size = 52mb ]

The Collage - debut - 1968 , tracklisting :

1 - lookin at a baby
2 - driftin`
3 - rainy blue memory day
4 - any day`s a sunday afternoon
5 - my mind`s at ease
6 - virginia day`s ragtime memories
7 - can i go
8 - she`s just laughin` at me
9 - ragged clown
10 - would you like to go

download -- here --

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wichita fall - Life is but a Dream - 1969

i got nothing on these guys
but this is a great LP.
really grows on you

lots of orchestration - real dreamy pop psych ala chad & jeremy , harpers bizarre.

transferred from the original vinyl by da` shaman.



"row , row , row your boat - gently down the stream - merrily , merrily , merrily - life is but a dream"

256kbps - 56mb

1- Morning Song
2- Once In The Morning
3 - Sunny Road

4 - Going To Ohio
5 - Playground
6 - Ornamental Sideshow

7 - Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show
8 - Crystal rain
9 - Hectivity
10 - Schubert's Theme

11- Night Time Suite
12 - Are You Sleeping?
13 - Life Is But A Dream

download -- here --

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cashman , Pistilli & West - Bound To Happen - ABC - 1967

OK ;
as promised here is the debut by cashman , pistilli & west. came out in `67 on ABC records.
*disclaimer :: this was a request , the LP was a little under par of what i would usually attempt to transfer [ bit noisy ]
but it WAS a request & i managed to clean it up quite a bit. i think it sounds ok now . . . tho i DO need a better copy of this.
[ hey , i only paid a buck for it ! ..:)]

this is a really great LP , i dont think there are any throw away tracks on here , although the only not self penned track , up n down , i could do without.
fave tracks are of course the original version of "sunday will be the same" , "port authority terminal" - he mentions dallas ! & "bound to happen".
these guys really harmonized well , & wrote really memorable songs !
i hope you enjoy this one , its a grower `
please let me know what you think !



"Though best known for producing the classic hits of singer/songwriter Jim Croce, the team of Terry Cashman and Tommy West also enjoyed successful performing and composing careers in their own right. Cashman was born Dennis Minogue in New York City on July 5, 1941; while playing minor league baseball in the Detroit Tigers' farm system during the late 1950s, he simultaneously fronted the Chevrons, scoring a handful of minor pop hits and even appearing on American Bandstand. However, as both his baseball and performing careers waned, in 1964 Cashman joined the promotions staff of ABC Records; there he eventually teamed with songwriter Gene Pistilli to author the lovely "Sunday Will Never Be the Same," a Top Ten pop hit for Spanky and Our Gang during the summer of 1967. In time the duo joined forces with fellow tunesmith Tommy West, born Thomas Picardo, Jr. on August 17, 1942. Like Cashman, West began his career as a performer, co-founding the New Jersey-based vocal group the Criterions in 1958; after a handful of unsuccessful singles, they adopted the name the Troubadours. West concurrently attended Villanova University, joining the collegiate vocal club and befriending fellow member Croce.

As Cashman, Pistilli, and West, the threesome recorded a series of singles and a pair of LPs, 1967's Bound to Happen and the following year's For Love of Ivy, to little notice; under the name the Buchanan Brothers, however, they notched a hit in mid-1969 with "Medicine Man." Meanwhile, at West's urging, Capitol signed his old friend Croce and wife Ingrid to a record deal; Cashman, Pistilli, and West also produced the resulting LP, 1969's Approaching Day, but when the record failed to generate much interest, the Croces were dropped from their contract. Soon after, Pistilli dissolved the partnership to join the Manhattan Transfer; Cashman and West continued as a duo, recording as Morning Mist before issuing 1972's A Song or Two under their given names and scoring a Top 30 hit with "American City Suite." When Croce signed to ABC in 1972, Cashman and West resumed production duties, and as the album You Don't Mess Around With Jim launched a pair of hit singles, "Operator" and the title cut, they divided their time between their own career (issuing Moondog Serenade in 1973) and Croce's (helming Life and Times and I Got a Name). " --- AMG

CASHMAN , PISTILLI & WEST - BOUND TO HAPPEN - ABC - 1967 : transferred @ 256 kbps - 51.5 mb

1 - bound to happen
2 - spring has a tear in her eye
3 - red is red
4 - i`d stumble & all
5 - a song that never comes
6 - sunday will never be the same
7 - port authority terminal
8 - but for love
9 - up n` down [ baby what you want me to do ]
10 - you can write a song
11 - the awakening
12 - bound to happen - reprise

download -- here --

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ultimate Spinach - Debut - MGM - 1967

hey all :
here is some old bosstown psych for ya :
i really love this record.
transferred from original wax ..


enjoy !



The first of two classics by Ultimate Spinach was a
different kind of psychedelia ; mixing Baroque music
with sitars, spatial guitars with Theremin, harmonica &
wood flutes within hard rock lines. Some lyrics had a
strong influence of the poetry of Kenneth Patchen and
the philosophies of Jean-Paul Satre. Here truly was a
serious new recording artist, in the middle of a
generation in change, during the year 1968. The Alan
Lorber produced album, "Ultimate Spinach" sold 110,000
albums in the first week, and remained on the Billboard
Top LP charts for 36 consecutive weeks, followed by it's
2nd and last album by Bruce-Douglas, "Behold & See."
The spectacular "Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess" has
been covered many times and is featured in several new
films, including the 2006 Canadian indie "Monkey

Ultimate Spinach was produced by veteran arranger
Alan Lorber, a main architect of the "Bosstown Sound."
In September 1967, he announced a marketing plan in
the top music-trade papers to make Boston, in his own
words (from his liner notes to Big Beat's reissue of
Ultimate Spinach's first album), "a target city for the
development of new artists from one geographical
location." This automatically insured that Lorber and his
groups would be the subject of some derision from the
hip underground, since vital regional music scenes such
as San Francisco psychedelia (which the Bosstown
sound often seemed to be mimicking) have to happen on
their own, rather than be manufactured. MGM was the
label that released most of the Bosstown Sound groups,
and it was through MGM that Lorber arranged to
distribute two of the bands he produced, Orpheus and
Ultimate Spinach.


1. Ego Trip
2. Sacrifice Of The Moon
3. Plastic Raincoats/Hung Up Minds
4. (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess
5. Your Head Is Reeling
6. Dove In Hawk's Clothing
7. Baroque #1
8. Funny Freak Parade
9. Pamela

download -- here --

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra - Paul Kantner - 1983

great LP , really out there.
transferred from the original wax @ 256 kbs.
file is 135 MB & included high rez scans of LP & liner notes.

enjoy `



The Alternative Quantum Universe

'Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra,
Everybody Here Can Be In The Band,
Planet Earth Rock And Roll Dream '

Paul Kantner (From Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra)

Black Lights, Day Glow, Zig Zags and Ripple. Nixon was in office, kids lay dead in a foreign land and on our campuses. The whole world seemed to be rushing towards an uncertain future. Even the Silent Majority was starting to talk.

On the west coast of the United States, some of the best musicians of a generation came together to share ideas, explore the new technology and to kick out what would be the greatest, most influential albums of the age.

Woodstock and Altamont were behind - Watergate was ahead and Blows Against the Empire was on every Head's turntable.

"Hey Dick, Whatever you think is totally irrelevant. Both to us and to you. You are the past, we are the future." (From Blows Against the Empire)

Those words were shouted out at so many gatherings. You could smell revolution. The music was real, the times desperate and hope for the future burned white hot. Blows Against the Empire was the soundtrack to the early seventies. Featuring members of Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, CSN&Y, the Fabulous Rhinestones and many others Blows Against the Empire was not just an all star collaboration, but was also a science fiction masterpiece that was the brainchild of Paul Kantner.

While Paul was the guiding force behind the album the influence of what was to become the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra was immeasurable. Grace Slick, David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Graham Nash all have a distinctive voice on the album. You can't steer the wind but Paul was able to keep a firm hand on the till of the ship. The Planet Earth Rock and Roll collaboration continued and several albums were released as solo efforts by this Band of Caballeros! Most of which are available here.

A decade later found Paul Kantner back in the studio with Grace Slick, other members of Jefferson Starship, the Turtles, the Durocs, the Edgar Winter Group and a host of others (including Paul's children). Paul had an epic science fiction novel/movie/soundtrack in mind when he started to record Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Paul Kantner explains the premise for the Album Novel in an interview. "The album is sort of a soundtrack to the novel. It's about a rock-and-roll band who gets a hold of a lot of telepathic amplification equipment, essentially, that the government starts coming after. That begins an adventure of them going cross-country. They wind up in a settlement in Australia, and eventually get off the planet in a unique sort of way. There's a sort-of picture of it on the album."

While the Album and the Book have been out of circulation to most of the world for over a decade a newly remastered edition of Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra will be available soon, right here at Planet Earth Rock and Roll ( So fasten your seatbelts, prepare for launch as we discover the universe of Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Let' GO!!!

Rick McNamara
Site keeper and amateur astronaut


1. The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra
2. (She Is A) Telepath
3. Circle Of Fire
4. Mount Shasta
5. Lilith's Song
6. Transubstantiation
Part I : Esperanto
Part II: Science Friction
7. The Mountain Song
8. Declaration Of Independence
9. Underground (The Laboratories)
10. The Sky Is No Limit
11. Let's go

download -- here --

Giant Crab - A Giant Crab Comes Forth - 1968 - UNI

i got nothing on these guys , but this recording is amazing.
tons of fuzz & organ & some brass !
the drum sound on this is amazing , i love it...
the vocals are really good , great harmonies .
this has sunshine & shadows.
has a real trippy narrated intro about the "giant crab that is coming forth" , its hilarious.
during the intro it mentions all the trax in a short story , as such.
no throw away trax on this , grab it while its hot !

i dunno if this is on cd yet , i ripped this from my vinyl copy @ 192 kbs.

please let me know if you enjoy this !

thanks !

1)a giant crab comes forth
2)it started with a little kiss
4)watch your step
5)intensify your soul
6)enjoy it
7)hot line conversation
8)i enjoy being the boy
9)lydia purple
10)groovy towne
11)thru the fields
12)the chance you take
13)believe it or not
14)the answer is no
15)hi ho silver lining
16)why am i so proud ?

*ernie orosco : leader of group , lead singer , lead guitar , rhythm & 12 string guitars , vocal harmonies
*raymond orosco : 12 string , dry box & bass guitars , clavinet , special FX & vocal harmonies
*ruben orosco : bass guitar , drums , sax , special FX & vocal harmonies
*dennis fricia : drums , horns , special FX & vocal harmonies
*kenny fricia : organ , piano , clavinet , horns , vibes , special FX & vocal harmonies

[ thanks for the re-up ! ]
download :-- here --

Ars Nova - Sunshine & Shadows - 1969

hey all :

i love this lp , it has alot of warmth & character to it.
a bit on the jazzier side for me taste , but the songs have so much variation , that i end up gettin` lost in it all:
title track , walk on the sand & she promises everything are my faves!
i hope you enjoy this lost classic !

"Ars Nova was a rock/classical hybrid group formed in New York in 1967...
The merger of rock and classical music was inevitable. Ars Nova was a group of classical musicians playing rock as if the connection had existed all through time. Baroque, medieval settings were suggested from their compositions. Though extremely unique and technically professional, their short career proved that even tasteful novelty isn`t always commercial.
Ars Nova released its debut album in April 1968 and was profiled in the June 28, 1968, issue of Life magazine, hype that didn't help. The album didn't chart, the band re-organized, and there was a second album, Sunshine and Shadows, in June 1969."

ARS NOVA - SUNSHINE & SHADOWS - ATLANTIC , 1969 - MP3 @ 192 kbps

1) Sunshine and Shadows -- Collins, Day
2) I Was Once -- Day
3) Temporary Serenade -- Copeland , Day
4) She Promises Everything -- Collins , Day
5) Well, Well, Well -- Day
6) You Had Better Listen -- Owens
7) Round Once Again -- Day
8) Walk on the Sand -- Day
9) Rubbish -- Day
10) Please Don't Go Now -- Day

Wyatt Day - guitar & vocals
Warren Bernhardt - keyboards
Sam Brown - lead guitar
Joe Hunt - drums , percussion
Art Koenig - bass
Jimmy Owens - trumpet
Jon Pierson - bass trombone & vocals

[ thanks for the re up crazy ! ]
download : -- HERE --

New England - debut - 1979 - mca

hey all :

most of the stuff i will be posting will be pre `70 obscure psych - ish stuff , but every now & again i wanna post some other obscure greats that have gotten lost in the cracks of time.
this one came from a cd.
here is info on the band , New England from 1979.

"This quartet formed around Boston under the auspice of powerhouse manager Bill Aucoin, who ruled the '70s with Kiss. Guitarist and vocalist John Fannon proved to be the guiding light of the band, with Jimmy Waldo providing impressive keyboards and Gary Shea on bass while Hirsh Gardener worked the drums. Paul Stanley came over from the Kiss camp to produce New England's sterling debut (featuring the incomparable "P.U.N.K." and the incredible "Nothing to Fear"), an orchestrated, absorbing affair with the boys giving all. The lush "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" nicked the Top 40 and proved to be New England's moment in the sun. Despite an opening stint supporting the falling but still high-profile Kiss, New England unfortunately slid between the cracks with Starz and Piper, two other talented Aucoin projects. The similar sophomore effort, Explorer Suite, garnered almost no notice, and Todd Rundgren's production on the innovative Walking Wild also didn't produce sales. New England dissolved, with Shea and Waldo ending up in Alcatrazz." --- AMG

"Produced by Paul Stanley of Kiss who was also represented by manager Bill Aucoin, this Boston band's debut still stands as their finest. "Hello, Hello, Hello," much like Alice Cooper's use of Rolf Kemp's "Hello Hooray," is a nice opener, but the lyrics are more like Stevie Nicks witchcraft and magic. Song two is the most classic statement made by writer John Fannon and his group New England. "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" is perhaps the shortest poem/song on record by Fannon, but it is his most famous. There are swirling keyboards by Jimmy Waldo and the precision the band is known for in performance. Like another Boston-based group, Private Lightning on A&M with their local hit "Physical Speed," these groups were ahead of their time and exploring sounds that were not identified with the city that brought the world the Modern Lovers, Aerosmith, and the Jonzun Crew. But with three albums on a major label, and superb production, New England had a good shot at the brass ring and a tune with all the elements of "hit" in this track. "P.U.N.K." is also a song that generated attention. About a punk, and certainly not punk rock, although the band frequented (and played) the clubs like the Paradise and the Rat, which, no doubt, helped inspire this. "Shall I Run Away" has a great vocal from Fannon and is the best tune next to "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" -- mellow with cosmic guitars, a unique sound removed from the Asia style producer Mike Stone and the band New England became known for, almost Roxy Music. And that is where the band could've really made its mark, by being more experimental and less like the arena rock bands of the day. "Alone Tonight" is a great song held back by the "overproduction," to quote the late Stones producer Jimmy Miller and his idea of the New England sound. The thick production on this music is incessant. "Nothing to Fear" has hooks a plenty and the voice more prominent; "Shoot" is like a progressive Black Sabbath riff sped up and gone pop. Fannons' great ideas and lyrics seem to get lost in some of the instrumentation of "Turn Out the Light." That stage life which Paul Stanley knows so well from the Kiss hit "Beth" is the theme of "The Last Show." "Encore" concludes the album with Fannon almost sounding like Roger Waters in delivery and idea. New England deserves recognition for years of hard work and the creation of a very important tune from the late '70s. The cover photo has Terminator-style lightning (so did Private Lightning's cover, of course) and the band being delivered from out the blue." -- AMG


one of my fave records of all time. i was 14 when the hit "dont ever wanna lose ya" hit the airwaves.
i thought i would share this one with some that might remember it , & yet have forgotten how good these guys were.
this came from an import cd , pretty hard to get -- i am gonna up the other two they did soon as well , i even have some demos & unreleased tracks if interest is high enuff !
ya , waldo & shea [ bass - keys ] ended up with yngwie & bonnet on the alcatrazz` recordings , even on the one they did w/ steve vai - "disturbing the peace".
for fans of journey , boston , elo , sweet , etc.

New England - s/t debut - 1979 - Infinity - MCA records -- MP3 @ 320 - VBR - 69 MB

1- Hello, Hello, Hello
2 - Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya
3 - P.U.N.K. (Puny Undernourished Kid)
4 - Shall I Run Away
5 - Alone Tonight
6 - Nothing to Fear
7 - Shoot
8 - Turn Out the Light
9 - The Last Show
10 - Encore

download -- here --

PLUS - The Seven Deadly Sins - Probe - 1969

hey all ;
here is another lost gem of the 60`s. this was recorded in `69 for ABC`s sub PROBE records.
engineered by andy johns...
i transferred this from the ORIGINAL vinyl & encoded @ VBR-320kbs.
tons of organs , FUZZ guitars , violins , choirs from hades --- its a long ride ..:)
this one is out there ``

please let me know what ya think !?



"One look at the cover and it should be clear that producers Simon Napier Bell and Ray Singer (who also penned about six of the tracks here) were trying to capitalize on the look and feel of Jesus Christ Superstar with this concept album that is laid out like a Catholic mass. The only musicians credited are Tony Newman (g), Max Simms (bass), and Mike Newman (d); there’s also vocalists (an entire choir on a couple tracks), piano, organ, violins, cellos and much more – which naturally leads one to believe this is more an album by the two producers, than that of the “band”, although the Newman brothers are credited with writing the remaining five songs. So what’s it all about? Imagine an eclectic mix of sixties styled rock and pop songs (early Who or pre-psychedelic Beatles might be a fair comparison) separated by short dissonant string quartet interludes, short spoken introductions, with some classical rips (the “Toccata” with the choir singing the names of the sins over and over is quite ridiculous, as is the silly doo-wop meets Elvis “Dismissal”, but the bombastic “Devil’s Hymn” for choir and band is quite cool, with its jazzy center section). The meat of the album is in the songs though, all of which sound a little dated (even by 1969 standards) but are still quite good. From the poppy “Envy: I’m Talking as a Friend” and “Pride”, to the out-and-out rockers “Sloth: Open Up Your Eyes” and “Gluttony: Something is Threatening Your Family”, the song-craftsmanship and arrangements throughout are at a very high level. Probably not for everyone, but those into sixties styled eclecticism might do well to check it out. - Peter Thelen"

"As Plus, brothers Mike (drums) and Tony (guitar) Newman and bassist Max Simms found an impressive mentor in the form of ex-Yardbirds bassist/producer Simon Napier-Bell. Napier-Bell was apparently instrumental in getting the trio a recording deal with ABC's short-lived Probe subsidiary.

In addition to co-producing 1969's "The Seven Deadly Sings", Napier-Bell and Ray Singer were credited with co-writing roughly half the album. A goofy concept piece (any guesses on the plotline), the set seemed to be a clumsy effort to cash in on the public's renewed interest in religion (aka "Jesus Christ Superstar", or "Mass In F Minor" Electric Prunes). Thematically and lyrically the album was clearly linked via brief spoken intros and instrumental interludes, which makes it even funnier to discover that musically the set's all over the spectrum. Material such as the instrumental "Gloria In Excelsis: Toccata" and "The Secrets: Devil's Hymn" mixed classical moves with chuch choirs and progressive moves. Elsewhere "Pride: Pride" and "Envy: I'm Talking As a Friend" offered up a startling pair of Badfinger-styled pop jewels, while "Avarice: Daddy's Thing" was surprisingly funky and "Wrath: Gemegemera" was standard hard rock. Needless to say, sales were far and few. (The album was originally released with an embossed, gatefold cover.) "


"The Seven Deadly Sins" track listing:

1.) Introit: Twenty Thousand People (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)
2.) Gloria In Excelsis: Toccata (instrumental) (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)
3.) Avarice: Daddy's Thing (Mike Newman - Tony Newman)
4.) Pride: Pride (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)
5.) Sloth: Open Up Your Eyes (Mike Newman - Tony Newman)
6.) Wrath: Gemegemera (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)
7.) The Secrets: Devil's Hymn (instrumental) (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)
8.) Lust: Maybe You're The Same (Mike Newman - Tony Newman)
9.) Envy: I'm Talking As a Friend" (Mike Newman - Tony Newman)
10.) Gluttony: Something To Threaten Your Family (Mike Newman - Tony Newman)
11.) The Dismissal: Twenty Thousand People (Simon Napier Bell - Ray Singer)

1999 saw the set reissued in CD format by the small Free label (catalog number FRC 9903).

DOWNLOAD -- here --