Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bridge - In Blue - `72 - Buddah Records

ok , here is the last LP by the brooklyn bridge , but they dropped the brooklyn by now , ha. - tons of harmonies & horns here my friends. these hippies are wailing like theres no tomorrow , ha.
these guys definately had an influence on chicago ! in fact , the last track "man in a band" is an all out jam-fest , rivaling anything blood sweat & tears , chicago ever did. !
Cream’s “I Feel Free” also gets the Bridge’s harmony and horns treatment on this album as well.
i`m not a big fan of the horns myself , but these guys are good , there is no doubt.
a bit of fuzz here & there , bottomline ; hippies on a farm , high as hell jammin , lol. --
sorry , this lp not as clean as ideal ~ but still fine when they kik it in....

more : BB here

The Bridge - In Blue - `72 - Buddah Records
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez scans , front cover / band

"Bruno's Place"
"I Feel Free"
"School Days"
"Baby What You Want Me To Do"
"Glad To See You Got Religion"
"Hospital Lady"
"Man In A Band"


Crack the Sky - Safety in Numbers - `78 - Lifesong Records

i never heard of this band until 1991. i was living in st. croix & met this kid who gave me the cassette. he told me if i was a rush fan , i had to check this band out , i would be blown away. and i was. if you don`t live up north , you like me , have probably never heard of this band. this is IMO , their peak of powers. it is simply greatness. any fan of art rock , prog rock & the like will enjoy this one - my fave tracks are safety , long nights & nuclear
~ here is a sample lyric.
"somethings wrong from the moon my friend , somethings wrong from the moon. as i gaze down upon you my friend , somethings wrong from the moon - poor little man , you`ve been run down" -- enjoy ~

It's generally a bad sign when the lead singer quits a band in the middle of an album, especially when that singer wrote every song on the band's previous two albums. It is therefore somewhat surprising that Safety in Numbers was not merely a good album, but one which rivals Crack the Sky's award-wining first release. Though departing leader John Palumbo contributed a few vocals before quitting the band, new singer Gary Lee Chappell and other bandmembers filled in nicely on a mix of Palumbo's songs and new tunes written by guitarist Rick Witkowski and various partners. The two songs written by Palumbo aren't even the best -- that distinction would have to go to "A Night on the Town (With Snow White)," a delightful piece that mixes styles from the 1920s and progressive rock in a way that is probably unique. There are other lyrical gems here too, including the grim title cut and the sarcastic concert favorite "Lighten Up McGraw." Palumbo's "Nuclear Apathy" is five minutes of good song stretched to eight minutes, though the splendid guitar work and inspired arrangement does much to redeem the error. Taken as a whole, Safety in Numbers showed that there was more to Crack the Sky than John Palumbo, and that the band was ready to carry on in high style. -- AMG

Crack the Sky - Safety in Numbers - LP Lifesong #35041 (1978)
MP3 @ 320 KBPS - includes scanned lyrics

- John Palumbo / lead vocals (tracks 1 & 2)
- Gary Lee Chappel / lead vocals (tracks 3 - 8)
- Jim Griffiths / guitars, harmonies
- Rick Witkowski / guitar, harmonies
- Joe Macre / bass, harmonies
- Joey D'Amico / drums, harmonies

1. Nuclear Apathy (8:32)
2. Long Nights (3:59)
3. Flashlight (4:45)
4. Prelude to Safety in Numbers (1:15)
5. Lighten Up McGraw (5:08)
6. Give Myself to You (3:23)
7. A Night on the Town(With Snow White) (3:25)
8. Safety in Numbers (6:41)


Monday, September 28, 2009

Mouth & MacNeal _ How Do You Do ? - `72 - Phillips Records

ok , so i am back; figured out how to log back in , lol.
well , here is an oldie. i know some of you remember the hit "how do you do?". great song from this dutch band. dont have much else on them , but here it is !
isolation written by john lennon / rosianna by cashman , pistilli & west ~

Mouth & MacNeal - How do you do ? - `72 - Phillips Records
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scans

1- A.B.C.
2- I Almost Lost My Mind
3- I Heard It Through the Grapevine
4- Hey, You Love
5- Remember (Walking in the Sand)
6- Rosianna
7- Why Did You, Why?
8- How Do You Do?
9- Land of Milk and Honey
10- Tell Me World
11- It Happened Long Ago
12- Isolation