Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blue - Another Night Time Flight - `77

hey all :

here is the long promised third LP by BLUE. although not as strong as thier debut , this really has some great trax on it. my faves being "strange thing" & the title track. came out really clean , turn it up !

"Formed and fronted by ex-Marmalade guitarist Nicholson, Blue signed to Elton John’s record label, Rocket Records in 1973, and released their eponymous debut album the same year. Debut single "Little Jody", which Marmalade had recorded but did not release until it appeared on a compilation CD around thirty years later, was highly praised by Radio 1 presenter John Peel and attracted a certain amount of airplay, but did not chart. The collection was also produced by Peel. They then added another guitarist, Robert 'Smiggy' Smith (born 1946 in Kiel, Germany ) — Guitarist / vocalist , before recording and issuing their second LP - Life in the Navy.

This revised line-up did not last for long, with only MacMillan and Nicholson remaining. The duo then added Charlie Smith (drums) and David Nicholson (guitar), and it was this line-up that scored a U.S., Billboard singles chart entry, and UK Singles Chart Top 40 hit, with "Gonna Capture Your Heart". However, Blue were unable to find a credible follow-up release, and their brief commercial success came to an abrupt end. It left them with the unenviable title of 'one hit wonders'.

Nevertheless, two further albums were released, these being Another Night Time Flight in 1977, and Fool’s Party in 1979, after which Blue officially disbanded.

Over the ensuing years various incarnations of the band have toured and occasionally recorded. In 2003 the remaining personnel took the then high flying boy band Blue to court. It was a high profile High Court case over the use of the band’s name. But the 1970s band Blue lost the case, when the judge opined that "it is not difficult to distinguish between the present day pop group, and the original users of the group’s title". The two Blues subsequently came to an agreement that they could continue to share the name." - wiki

In 1977, Elton John was huge. The British singer/composer had enjoyed one major hit after another in the 1970s, and he was obviously destined to go down in history as one of the decade's top pop/rock artists. So when John co-produced Blue's Another Night Time Flight for his MCA-distributed Rocket label in 1977, the LP should have been big. But this album was far from a blockbuster in the U.S.; in fact, it's say to say that most of John's American fans have never heard of Blue. Nonetheless, Another Night Time Flight is a pleasant, if unremarkable, collection of pop/rock and soft rock. Think of the more middle-of-the-road stuff that John, the pre-disco Bee Gees, and former Beatles such as George Harrison and Paul McCartney recorded in the 1970s, and you will know where Blue is coming from on tunes like "Fantasy," "Bring Back the Love," "The Shepherd," and the single "Capture Your Heart" (a minor hit in the U.S.). None of the material is in a class with John's best 1970s recordings, but all of it is decent. So why didn't an LP that John co-produced (with engineer Clive Franks) become more of a hit in North America? One can only speculate. What you can say for certain is that even though Another Night Time Flight isn't mind-blowing, it's a likable footnote in John's history. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

another night time flight - track listing

1 Another Night Time Flight (3:59)
2 Fantasy (3:31)
3 Women (3:51)
4 Shepherd (4:44)
5 Strange Thing (4:10)
6 Bring Back the Love (4:25)
7 I'm Alone (4:06)
8 Tired of Loving You (3:41)
9 Capture Your Heart (3:20)
10 I Understand (4:25)



kurganwins said...

hey thank you so much. so you dont have 2 correct. again thank you for sharing the music

Bill said...

i agree with you not in the same class as the debut - some of its a bit MOR. As far as I can remember the 2nd album life in the navy was more like the standard of the debut.

matt said...

aka great site, thank you & i really enjoy reading your posts

ZaXXoN said...

Thank you for posting this - However, the 192 rip found on the Lost In Tyme site is a better listen. Please download the Lost In Tyme version and compare it to your 320.

I was overwhelmed to find this at 320 - No worries. You have a good site. I am not a leecher. I download a little here, and a little there.

I do not mean any offense against you and I am grateful to have 2 rips of this rare album.

To bill - They never achieved any thing any where near as good as the first album - But, in that year they did a great BBC In Concert radio broadcast.

A Great Band - This album is very good and if you do not have the Lost in Tyme post - This post is good anyway.

akashaman said...

zaxxon :

i am glad you found this LP again ....
i already compared my rip with the one you speak of @ 192 & found it inferior.
lots of lp noise & low ouput.

i normally dont download lp rips because most are pretty bad , imo ; i take alot of pride in ripping lp`s & have alot of good equipment & knowledge to do so.

i think you need to put the bong down & turn it up some,.



cericpop said...

Hello from France Aka. Thanks for the share. For the fun when seing the photo of the back front for this lp one of the paper on the table was a French "nude girl paper" Lui which reminds good memory from this prime erotic era of my life. By the way one of the owner of Lui was the French variety superstar Claude Francois writer of the standard "My Way" and one of the most selling issue of Lui was when Serge Gainsbourg made photos of his then wife Jane Birkin in bondage posture.
Well I hope that you understand my poor English.

ZaXXoN said...

Well at least I have 2 versions to listen to. Downloaded and listened to your copy of Fringe Benefit - A band I never heard of - Sort of a 10CC sound there and Very good = Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Aka, They are a good band, yes this album is not as good as others, but I always think if you like a band you follow them thru all the ups & downs & highs & lows. That is except for the Stones, you have to be a bit selective with them I think.


David said...

Hi This is David from

Thanks for the link. :)

GT Spoon said...


Only Justfound your blog- Woderful stuff. Have d/ Rotary Connection (missing from my collection - last heard YEARS ago) And Intergalactic Touring band.
Hope to get round to much more.

Many Many Thanks


Hippi said...

Great post. Thx a lot


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yoshime* said...

very good album!
now, after listening to, I'm feeling blue...

leadfree said...

I have the first two albums on vinyl--- with nothing to play them on anymore!

Thank you for this. You have made an old man very happy!

csm said...

Thanks for both of the Blue rips. I've been looking for them for some time!

akashaman said...

glad you kids are enjoying the BLUE lp`s . certainly some great stuff here.



zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing the blue albums...havent heard them in an age and it definatley has that scottish sound ala...southerland bros/quiver etc....thanks for sharing...cheers.

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