Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chad & Jeremy - Of Cabbages & Kings - `67 - Columbia Records

  • hey all :
    OK, back to the psych pop. I give you chad & jeremy - of cabbages & kings.
    This was the first of two grossly neglected late 60's albums by Chad and Jeremy, the other of which was the incredibly brilliant "The Ark". Eccentric trippy psychedelia firmly entrenched in the "Sgt. Pepper" mold is the best way to describe both albums,and it's hard to say which one is best...but if you know about and loved "the Ark" then trust me,you'll love "of cabbages and kings". The songs "rest in peace" and "the progress suite" have quite the satirical bite,the kind you wouldn't expect from those loveable moptops who brought us the wonderfully romantic "A summer song". It's about time this album was reissued..
    if you love "Sgt. Pepper" & its offshoots , you'll love this album!

    "Anybody who demeans this recording just wasn't around in the '60s. Out of context, much of it IS hard to understand and may be found pretentious and childish. In the mid-late sixties, a lot of people were concerned about the cold war (which they had grown up with), the Vietnam war (which they were afraid of participating in), and the general malaise of "the establishment". This comes out in "The Progress Suite", where we see Chad and Jeremy mocking the corporate world, militarism, the sexual revolution, a jaded society, and many other institutions. In one memorable line, they talk about England as being home to the Beatles and the queen. After obviously being corrected, they say "excuse me madam... the queen and the Beatles". Many other sardonic asides like that pepper the suite until, at the end, comes the big atomic bomb blast. This was an overriding theme in many people's minds during that time."
    [James Bower]

    Chad & Jeremy - Of Cabbages & Kings - `67 - Columbia Records
    "ALL TRAX FROM WAX" - transferred by da` shaman - 2007
    MP3 @ 320 - * front/back high rez cover scans included ! - 91 MB

    1. Rest In Peace
    2. The Gentle Cold Of Dawn
    3. Busman's Holiday
    4. Can I See You
    5. Family Way
    6. I'll Get Around To It When And If I Can
    7. Progress Suite: Prologue
    8. Progress Suite: Decline
    9. Progress Suite: Editorial
    10. Progress Suite: Fall
    11. Progress Suite: Epilogue

    DOWNLOAD :-- here --


Willard said...

Hi Aka,

Thanks for this one. Haven't heard it since my turntable went belly up years ago. Cheers.

akashaman said...

cool ; let me know how it sounds.
i have the cd remastered + bonus track edition as well here , but there is alot of hiss campared to the one i ripped.
i also have thier next psych pop collab "the ark" & will post if enuff interest....


Anonymous said...

Nice one. Thanx!

They did a damn fine job on the CD.

pass = TuB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, but I'm confused. The artwork is for the mono version but the tracks are in stereo. If you have it in mono, I'd really dig on hearing that version.

akashaman said...

hi :

i do have the mono version , but its pretty noisy , so i opted for the stereo version.
sorry about that !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available - it's as good as they say.

kaleidoscope said...

this looks interesting - thanks

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Garcia said...

Greetings, you know where the "Distant Shores" of Chad & Jeremy would be able to find, and congratulations from Mexico for the blog.

amosron said...

Thanks so much... I've missed this one for a long time. You have "Ark", too? It has such a cool cover. Bravo.

zappahead said...

Sounds like a blast from the past and its the first time of listening to....thank you for sharing this...much apprectiated

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this one. I was aware of this album. I just thought of Chad & Jeremy as a 60's pop duo - but this is very different - thanks

Dave said...


A real favorite, this Chad & Jeremy cut. Never knew these guys made records this fine by the late 60s. Really amazed. Very nice production btw, sounds like a million dollar recordingsession. The Ark is even better, I think.

Thanks for uploading!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Love C & J thank you :)

bathmate said...

nice posting. very good work. thank you. :)


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Mitch said...

Thank you for this. "Rest in Peace"!

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