Friday, August 24, 2007

School of Fish - Debut - `90

  • hey all :

    ok , every now & again i have to get away from the old wax & post some cds that i feel fell through the cracks of time. its always been a sad state of affaris , imo when it comes to great music getting the wider recognition it deserves , so its up to the the few to help spread the word.
    here is a band that released its debut in 1990. the singer josh clayton felt has now passed of cancer. but he was an amazing man. google his name & check out his story.
    i have tons of his solo stuff plus more school , if there is interest. this has to be one of my top 50 desert island discs.
    there is absolutely no filler on this cd, every song flows into one another seamlessly. you will grow to love this cd & languish in its inherit beauty , at least thats what i hope....enjoy ~
    let me know what you think : oh , some might remember 3 strange days from MTV. ?!
    oh , guitarist michael ward went on to play with dylans kids band - the wallflowers , with that "one head light" hit.

    "Josh Clayton-Felt was one of the many fantastic songwriters that emerged in the early '90s with a hot debut album that was quickly forgotten about when grunge arrived. Although School of Fish had a minor hit with the rolling "3 Strange Days," there were several equally great songs on the album that should have made a dent. "Talk Like Strangers" had a nice lazy shuffle and a funky breakdown, while "King of the Dollar" rocks hard and strong. The psychedelic production and Michael Ward's guitar work strengthen the weaker songs. Clayton-Felt's rich, soulful voice is what makes this album a treat, and his ear for catchy hook lines make this a solid, listenable album. Much like contemporaries Jellyfish and Dramarama, School of Fish called it quits a few years later and Clayton-Felt had a strong solo career that was cut short by his tragic death. Fans of good guitar pop should hunt down this album; it might introduce you to an unrecognized talent."

    School of Fish _ debut - `90 - MP3 @ 320 kbps - 88MB

    1. Intro
    2. 3 Strange Days
    3. Talk Like Strangers
    4. Deep End
    5. King Of The Dollar
    6. Speechless
    7. Wrong
    8. Rose Colored Glasses
    9. Under The Microscope
    10. Fell
    11. Euphoria

    DOWNLOAD : -- HERE --


Bèr said...

Hi Shaman,
I am quite curious about this band I've never heard of, but there's something wrong with the very small zip-file I got from the download site, my Mac can't unzip it. I tried other proggies that could do the job, but nada. I am not asked for a password or something else, just get an error code 01. Am I the only one with this problem?
Hope you can fix it.

akashaman said...

hmm , i`ll just re upload it :


Bèr said...

Yep, this one works, I'm getting the full 87 Mb's. Thank yo very, very much for the quick response.

Farfig said...

Hey..just wanna say what a great choice...definitely fell through the of my all-time fav's...solid all the way through...

Todd said...

The CD Single for "3 Strange Days" included a fun cover of Prince's "Let's Pretend we're Married."

Susan said...

Thanks so much for this post! I lost my original when we moved, so finding this here has really made my day! Thx again.

D.Rare said...

HI! Im trying to download the CD but I click download it says this page cannot be display... I really want this CD. I had it and lost it... So PLEASE! Help ME!! (t_t) Thanks.

D.Rare said...

now its working. THANKS A LOT!!! (n_n)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.
I don't suppose you have their album "Human Cannonball" also?

akashaman said...

i have the 2nd cd "human canonball" , as well as rare trax i`ll post soon !


janseswithwolfes said...

a bit tricky to get the d/l to start but it finally worked.
I borrowed this (cassette) from a nieghbor ( dave o'niel) - a real asshole but he had good music. I have never seen it again it is nice to find it here , thanks

Popfanatic said...

Hey Aka
Could you re-up this please!!
I had the cassette but can't find it.
It would be sweet to hear it again

Much Thanks

Anonymous said...

any chance you can post 'human cannonball'?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, human cannonball! can't find it anywhere...

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

i can't download it... please tell me how .. it says that the file was deleted...

Anonymous said...

School of Fish:

Human Cannonball: h**p://

akashaman said...

thanks for the ups pups !



Beau said...

This was such a great album. Both were - it's such a shame that the singer died, I really expected great things from this band.

I saw them twice - once to support the first album, and second right before Human Cannonball came out. What a great sound! I have the CD somewhere in my attic but it's driving me nuts - I gotta hear Euphoria and can't find it anywhere. I'm glad you posted it.

MIInsane??? said...

Does anyone out there have the cover of "Let's Pretend We're Married"? It's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

hi. just an fyi.. your uploads are no longer available.

akashaman said...

fixed link , rok on ; RIP josh !

Anonymous said...

wow. i really hadn't expected a response so quickly if at all.
you are on top of your stuff, lol. thanks man.
these guys certainly were solid and i believe they could have managed a greater degree of commercial success over time as trends shifted or as their own sound evolved.
hearing the the opening strains of this album still evokes strong memories of my misspent youth, :)
you mentioned having some solo work by josh clayton-felt, and alluded to some other school of fish as well. i see you posted human cannonball. do you have any other sof tracks, and have you thought about uploading any of josh's solo work?
hey.. thanks again. I have bought both albums on both cassette and cd in the past.. but those pesky things have a way of floating away after awhile, you know?
the reup is much appreciated, like your blog.
- gerald

franco58 said...

thanks for this great gems

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