Monday, April 5, 2010

Jim Stafford - `74 - MGM

ok time for comedic break , ha - i think i am showing my age here. this guy was all over the radio when i was growing up. always thought he was hilarious. recently found this LP & thought i would share .
maybe i`ll start posting a comedy LP every now & then. i have most of carlin`s old stuff , some cheech & chong & such - good idea ?  
anyway , for those who never heard of this bloke , check out "wildwood weed" & "swamp witch" ! ha - oh & LOBO helped produce this , go figure ! 

Jim Stafford's self-titled debut album gave him four Top 40 chart singles, with the schoolboyish charm of "Spiders and Snakes" reaching the highest at number three in July of 1973. His friendly voice and novelty style of songwriting actually carried some well-deserved weight, especially throughout the lesson-teaching lightheartedness of "Swamp Witch," a well-crafted story song, and again on the laughable "My Girl Bill." "Wildwood Weed" sticks with Stafford's love of playing with words, and non-hits like "I Ain't Sharin' Sharon" and "16 Little Red Noses and a Horse That Sweats" carry on with the same type of innocent jocularity that ran amuck throughout the mid-'70s, bolstered by artists like Ray Stevens and CW McCall.

Personnel: Jim Stafford (acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals); 
Richard Bennett (guitar); Slyde Hyde (trombone); Gallagher (whazoo); Alan Lindgren (keyboard, synthesizer); Emory Gordon (bass); Dennis St. John (drums); Alan Estes (conga). 
Recorded at Producer's Workshop, Sound Lab and Master Sound, Atlanta, Georgia.------------- All songs written or co-written by Jim Stafford.

Jim Stafford (Music Performer)
Lobo (Producer)
Phil Gernhard (Producer)
Michael Lietz (Sound Engineer)

Jim Stafford - `74 - MGM
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps
includes high rez scan

L.A. Mamma (2:24)
I Ain't Sharin' Sharon (2:14)
Medley: Mr. Bojangles/A Visit With An Old Friend (5:10)
Wildwood Weed (2:41)
16 Little Red Noses And A Horse That Sweats (3:54)
Spiders And Snakes (3:07)
Last Chant (3:19)
My Girl Bill (3:13)
Nifty Fifties Blues (3:03)
Real Good Time (3:33)
Swamp Witch (3:48)



Troglodyte said...

This was really a great album for Jim. He had another tune called Cow Patti that is great too. I downloaded this from 2 mirrors and track 2 won't play. All you get is silence. The other tracks play fine. Thanks!

akashaman said...

dont remember that tune , but there were trax on here i forgot i knew ! good stuff

Troglodyte said...

Try this file.
It contains 2 good tracks if you like Jim Stafford. Cow Patti and also a track called The Devil Went Down To Jamaica. Low bit rate but it is what I have. I think they are funny but I like Jim. :)

Just in case you aren't a country boy and don't know, a cow patty is what cow dung is called in Dixie. lol also called a cow chip. The song will make more sense if you know the terminology.

Anyhow, did you get a chance to check your file to see about track 2? It is interesting that all the tracks play fine but that one 2:12 long and all you get is silence for the entire time. The tags are good and everything but there is no sound on that track. I'm hoping that the track is good on your hard drive. Thanks man!

akashaman said...

i`ll check those trax out thanks !
i fixed the 2nd silent file for ya & re uploaded the whole thing. doh !
and i live in texas , i know all about cow patties, ha

spin on

Troglodyte said...

Thank you sir!

Unknown said...

The cool thing about Jim Stafford is that his hits are hilarious but the way he can play the guitar blows you away. Thanks for posting this! Cindy from Jim Stafford's Marketing Team

Anonymous said...

Carlin's old stuff. I'd call that a good idea!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen - or heard - this album in years. It will be great to check it out again. Thanks for posting!


EricC said...

Hey justme. Devil Went Down To Jamaica is by a guy named Travis Meyer, not Jim Stafford. I have also seen it attributed to David Alan Coe but Travis Meyer came up with it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful album (I have it on vinyl) and wonderful blog. Thanks millions.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for this. lots of memories.

JC said...

"Swamp Witch"! Hell Yeah! Haven't heard that in fact, I can't even remember it, other than knowing how much I used to like here goes...


tanktop said...

Mr. Cosmos, you make good vinyl transfers! This presentation of one of the best albums ever, is better than the official cd sounds.
It's a total pleasure to find it here on your buzzy Blog!
Rediscovering this first Jimbo record makes my summer, man.
Thanks a lot from Ontario, Canada:)

akashaman said...

thanks much tanktop , thats killer u r diggin on this : takes me way back too - & thanks for props on sound : it does sound better than the cd eh !? ha

rock on


John G said...

Wow, real "blast from the past"! I loved his variety show on TV. He had a GIANT muppet like puppet for his co-host. Long before MTV, he was doing live action skits of his songs... Poked around the net to see what he is up to these days. Wouldn't you know it? He has his own theater in Branson and has been voted entertainer of the year for a bunch of years running! Maybe someday I'll make it to the show. I'm just glad he's still around.
Does this album have "I got stoned and I missed it" on it? Guess I'll just HAVE to download!
Thanks for the memories...

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