Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emitt Rhodes - Dunhill Records - `70

i have no idea why i havent posted this LP yet , probably cause i know most of you have it , ha - this is one of my FAVORITE moments in record collecting when i found this one for the first time - it blew me away & for 50 cents , ha .-  pure pop here ,  ala MR C From the B`s !  pure greatness - OH & he recorded this at home as well , played all instruments !
*** even says "recorded at home" on the dead wax ! with fancy scrolls around the lettering. very cool ~ !


Why Emmit Rhodes is not a household name is beyond me. After his 60s Byrds/Beatles experiment Merry Go Round, he spent the early 70s making do it yourself, McCartney pop.
This may sound derivative, but Rhode's writting and craftsmenship are so above parr, whether he has transended his influences is irrelevent. The music simply sounds THAT good.
Most of his songs are short, piano driven confections. His guitar leads have tbe spare bite of George Harrison, but without large studio productions behind them, making them more even more powerful. When he plays bass-and he plays everything on his albums- his slides and fills are unusual, often leaving space and sneaking in right behind or ahead of the beat. But the playing is so natural, Rhodes makes it seem like his timing choices are the only correct options.
His writting is melodic, which lends itself to the spareness of his music. Like McCarteny, he has an instinctive feel for melody--this music works on the heart, not the head. Like looking at Chinese art, you'll appreciate the simplicity, and then find it is not so simple.
If you are not sold, consider this: when I was a kid my best friend and I used to trade records, 100s of them. This is the only album we would have physical tug of wars over. I won--don't worry. I have since made him a copy. [ amazon ]

Emitt Rhodes - Dunhill Records - `70
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scan

1. With My Face on the Floor
2. Somebody Made for Me
3. She's Such a Beauty
4. Long Time No See
5. Lullabye
6. Fresh as a Daisy
7. Live Till You Die
8. Promises I've Made
9. You Take the Dark Out of the Night
10. You Should Be Ashamed
11. Ever Find Yourself Running
12. You Must Have