Friday, March 26, 2010

The World of Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family - `76 - London Records

Man i love these guys ! partridge family meets the manson family , ha - the poppies can get pretty dark for such a flowery band ..... don`t  let this one fool ya. for those who havent heard much of da poppies , u will be amazed - the production is really good with lots of cool sounds drifting in & out half the time. they always did a lot with so little. terry was a great writer , producer. and susan`s voice is just haunting ! doesnt get any better than this one kids ! let me know what ya think ! 
[ cause i got more poppies ! ] -------------  where is everyone at ? ! lol

Susan Jacks' voice became highly recognizable when "Which Way You Goin' Billy" climbed the charts in 1970, and her husband hit number one in 1974 after they divorced with a remake of a song once performed by the Kingston Trio, "Seasons in the Sun." The meticulous songwriting, production, and arranging skills of guitarist/mastermind Terry Jacks (who later had a huge solo hit with the classic pop single "Seasons in the Sun") lift these recordings above the work of many of the group's better-known contemporaries. Singer Susan Jacks has a beautiful voice that sometimes sounds like (but predates) Karen Carpenter, but is eminently more soulful. Although characterized in the liner notes as a "soft pop" band, the Poppy Family was also capable of a somewhat tougher sound that sometimes recalled Surrealistic Pillow-era Jefferson Airplane and folkier material in the Kenny Rogers & the First Edition/Roger McGuinn vein. Throughout, Jacks frames the songs with creative, if often dated, arrangements that compare favorably to his obvious influences, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Phil Spector.

The World of Terry Jacks and The Poppy Family - `76 - London Records
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scans

seasons in the sun
i`m gonna love you too
today i started loving you again
remember the rain
the love game
shadows on my wall
sail away
where evil grows
if you go away
rock n roll
of cities and escapes
someone must have jumped
i`m so lonely here today
a good thing lost
concrete sea



Troglodyte said...

I like the Poppy Family. I have quite a few of their tracks on a hard drive. The only album of theirs that I own is a vinyl 1982 Susan Jacks solo album titled, "Forever". I picked it up on ebay some years ago.

Thanks for the tunes!

the saucer people said...

"Partridge Family meets the Manson family".....that will do for me! I have always loved "dark" pop music and 'Seasons In The Sun' has always been one of my favourite tracks; such beautiful & poignant melancholia....Scott Walker, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood, Marc Almond...the perfect soundtrack to accompany a world in flames albeit watching from a safe distance orbiting in a spacecraft ;)

the saucer people said...

Damn, I had thought filling out a previous survey was enough to permantly unlock it...have I wiped the settings or do I have to complete a freakin' survey everytime I want to download an album (you can see from my tone I am not the most survey friendly subject)...I get it takes a lot of time and effort to post albums, especially when you are creating original posts and not simply cut and pasting from other blog sites....I really do get that completing a survey is hardly a bad trade off to access such amazing material...but every time ?!?*???

D said...

saucer people, I think you're clicking the wrong download link. Don't click the fake ones near the top!

the saucer people said...

Finally! I get to enjoy Terry Jacks & The Poppy Family without filling in a single survey lol...I feel kinda stupid now, moaning about the surveys as you are completely correct, "dont click on the fake ones!" (of course you know you are right, setting up the blog and links and all!)....I wish I had returned the next day and not nearly two months later as you dealt with my plea very promptly!

Don't worry about posting any new material, your blog's back catalogue is a veritable treasure chest of sonic delights and I am sure everyone appreciates you keeping the blog 'live' while you are off travelling..hope you are having a splendid time!

akashaman said...

enjoy the partridge family meets the manson family ! ha
thanks for the kudos , will keep in touch & i will be back
someday , lol

Anonymous said...

Susan Jacks was the heart of the Poppy Family. Terry Jacks managed them but not very well. He hated touring and turned down the Ed Sullivan Show when they were asked to do it. Susan was very involved in the production as well but never got any credit for it. Together they created some very good music though.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

All links long dead...


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