Saturday, May 16, 2009

George Harrison - Wonderwall Music -`68 - Apple Records

Fancy finding a copy of this that is still playable !
well , i did & here it is !


The first Beatle solo album -- as well as the first Apple album -- was a minor eruption of the pent-up energies of George Harrison, who was busy composing this offbeat score to the film Wonderwall as Magical Mystery Tour raced up the charts. With the subcontinental influence now firmly in the driver's seat, the score is mostly given over to the solemn, atmospheric drones of Indian music. Yet, as a whole, it's a fascinating if musically slender mishmash of sounds from East and West, everything casually juxtaposed or superimposed without a care in the world. Harrison himself does not appear as a player or singer; rather, he presides over the groups of Indian and British musicians, with half of the cues recorded in London, the other half in Bombay. The Indian tracks are professionally executed selections cut into film cue-sized bites, sometimes mixed up with a rock beat, never permitted to develop much. Touches of Harrison's whimsical side can be heard in the jaunty, honky tonk, tack piano-dominated "Drilling a Home" and happy-trails lope of "Cowboy Museum," as well as a title like "Wonderwall to Be Here." Occasionally, the overt footsteps of a Beatle can be heard: "Party Secombe" is a medium-tempo rock track that should remind the connoisseur of "Flying"; "Dream Scene" has Indian vocals moving back and forth between the loudspeakers over backwards electronic loops. As this and Harrison's second experimental release, Electronic Sound, undoubtedly proved, pigeonholing this Beatle was a dangerous thing.

George Harrison - Wonderwall Music -`68 - Apple Records - MP3 @ 320 kbps

1. Microbes
2. Red Alady Too
3. Tabla and Pakavaj
4. In the Park
5. Drilling a Home
6. Guru Vandana
7. Greasy Legs
8. Ski-Ing
9. Gat Kirwani
10. Dream Scene
11. Party Seacombe
12. Love Scene
13. Crying
14. Cowboy Music
15. Fantasy Sequins
16. On the Bed
17. Glass Box
18. Wonderwall to Be Here
19. Singing Om



Anonymous said...

Good choice Akashaman, I have this on vinyl and cd, George had/has his followers and his music has taken all of this time to be truly appreciated. John and Paul sort of bullied him into a corner. George's spirit is with us and his gardens are in bloom. A look at his Wilbury idea shows the depth of respect he had, the only real 'super group' worth a listen. As Macca fades in terms of 'listenability', George's music rises as a phoenix.

blue said...

hi there

thanks for george harrison.
pls advise the tracklist as it shows 20 tracks but i could only found out 19 song name.

akashaman said...

ya , sorry bout that . that lp was confusing as hell to disect. might as well be one long song !



Anonymous said...

Not the first Beatle solo album. That would be Macca's "The Family Way" soundtrack, released 1 1/2 years earlier in Jan. 1967. I've never heard either but I'm sure Harrison's is the more interesting. Many thanks.
Is "subcontinental influence" synonymous with "subfluential incontinence"? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful album. In it's own obscure way it's my favorite George

Private Beach said...

The Indian influence extends to the cover art, too - the right hand side is clearly drawn from all those traditional paintings of Krishna enjoying the attentions of the milkmaids.

DJ Neva said...

Hey there! I can't thank you enough for posting this album. I suddenly started thinking about it recently and decided to try to find it - and you made it so easy! The LP came out when I was 12 years old, and it was my constant companion. I actually wore the grooves smooth on it!

akashaman said...

DJ Neva
thats great u found this after all these yrs : not exactly easy to come by ! hope it brings back some nice memories !



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

stuniya said...

I once owned a dubbed cassette tape of Wonderwall Music….
and am so very stoked to have this digitally!
YOu rock, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
Suprised as I was, this album was really hard to get ahold of on the net. So thanks for sharing!

Dave said...

@Anonymous - I thought it would be easier too, Akashaman - cheers for posting!

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