Saturday, May 16, 2009

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth - `68 , fontana

rare psych pop gem here on fontana lable. in the vein of early jefferson airplane !
digg in kids.


California group Morning Glory released one album, 1968's Two Suns Worth, that was heavily influenced by Jefferson Airplane and the Mamas & the Papas, particularly in its female-male vocal blends. More psychedelic than the Mamas & the Papas, and poppier than the Airplane, it featured lead vocals by Gini Graybeal on a set of almost entirely original material, the majority written by bassist/rhythm guitarist/singer Bob Bohanna (though some other members contributed in that regard as well). Producing was Abe "Voco" Kesh, most known for his work with Blue Cheer.


Gini Graybeal (vocals)
Bob Bohanna (bass)
Larry Gerughty (organ)
Daniel NuDelman (lead guitar)
Allen Wehr (drums)

side 1)

1.) Need Someone (Bob Bohanna) - 4:28
2.) I Cry (Bob Bohanna) - 2:34
3.) Hey Little Girl (Bob Bohanna) - 2:22
4.) Stone Good Day (Bob Bohanna) - 4:00
5.) Even When I'm Up I'm Down (Daniel NuDelman) - 5:20

(side 2)

1.) Jelly Gas Flame (Daniel) - 4:38
2.) I See a Light (Daniel NuDelman - Gini Graybeal) - 3:12
3.) Live For Today (Bob Bohanna) - 3:12
4.) Point Of No Return (Larry Gerughty) - 5:02
5.) So Glad Being Here (Bob Bohanna) - 3:37



Anonymous said...

I know nothing of Morning Glory, however, the left field always brings its own rewards. When browsing through the racks I usually came away with records like this and leaving behind the more 'known' titles. Looking forward to hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
This record needs to be listened to, I've been through once, guitar, organ all in there, Gini sings her out into the sunshine and darkness. Jelly Gas Flame comes in as a good surprise.
My download playes I see a Light twice, so not sure which track is missing? Does it need fixing?
Thanks for sharing and anyone out there grab this.
I'll listen again happily.

Anonymous said...

When i was a kid i saw these guys in sausalito, an outdoor gig.they were very impressive.Standout member was the guitarist Daniel Nudelman,with a very Hendix-like attack....I bought the album and was disappointed because live they ROCKED and the album was poorly produced(bad audio)....Anyway,always wondered what happened to Nudelman;he was a potential "guitar god "if there ever was one.

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