Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up .... It`s Tomorrow - `68 UNI Records

The second & best from these boyz ! This is one of my faves of the new post coming your way. love the poppiness here & the great hooks. super production as well : turn this one up ! fave trax , sit w/ guru & song from psych out !

For their second album, Wake Up...It's Tomorrow, Strawberry Alarm Clock built upon the solid writing and musicianship that inevitably carried over from the Incense and Peppermints project. In retrospect, it is baffling as to why they were relegated to the "one-hit wonders" file, as their most social and musically relevant statements had yet to be made. Stylistically, the material on this album vacillates between the lighter and pop-oriented sides such as "Tomorrow" and the stunningly agile vocal arrangements on "Pretty Song from Psych-Out" to the exceedingly ominous "Curse of the Witches" and "Nightmare of Percussion." Howard Davis -- whose spoken word narration can be heard during the latter track -- arranged some stunning vocal charts for "Soft Skies, No Lies," "Go Back, You're Going the Wrong Way," and the "future" section of the "Black Butter" trilogy. They are reminiscent of the tight harmonies incorporated by Harpers Bizarre or the retro New Vaudeville Band. Conversely, "Sitting on a Star," "They Saw the Fat One Coming" (which refers to the infiltration of Roy Freeman, a lyricist hired by the band's management), and the first two movements in the "Black Butter" trilogy reflect the group's mod garage rock roots. Here the band projects a more primal sound akin to People or the Chocolate Watchband. [ amg ]

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up ... It`s Tomorrow - `68 UNI Records - MP3 @ 320 - high rez scans of front/back covers

1. Nightmare of Percussion
2. Soft Skies, No Lies
3. Tomorrow
4. They Saw the Fat One Coming
5. Curse of the Witches
6. Sit With the Guru
7. Go Back, You're Going the Wrong Way
8. Pretty Song from Psych-Out
9. Sitting on a Star
10. Black Butter, Past
11. Black Butter, Present
12. Black Butter, Future



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Akashaman, having passed on 'Wake Up It's Tomorrow' on another blog. I suppose I just wanted to stick with peppermints and incense. has offered the slowest download for unregistered users so far, that said, time for coffee I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Having listened this is one deeper record than 'Peppermints', it is all here and I'll need to listen to this lots to let in all of its textures. The band are really focussed no stand outs on listen one.
Thanks for sharing.

phantomlevers said...

I obtained a few discs here (Hamilton Streetcar, Human Beinz, Strawberry Alarm Clock). The quality of the vinyl rips is superb. You, sir, are an artist.

akashaman said...

ha , thanks a ton : i try & retain the inherent warmth !

rok on


Anonymous said...

Thankyou, awesome, now seeking vinyl copy... said...

10x again man!

keep it up!

Renzo Sinisi said...

Excellent band and excellent disc! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

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