Friday, May 15, 2009

The Marbles - Cotillion -`70

Another great pop gem in the vein of tin tin & the bee gees. in fact a couple of bee gee tracks are covered here as well as the famous "storybook children" , i think this was thier hit here eh ?
of course graham bonnet , singer here went on to play with ynqwie malmsteen & alkatrazz !

The Marbles are well known to serious Bee Gees fans for covering a number of Bee Gees compositions, as well as being produced by Barry Gibb. Those expecting a sort of Bee Gees Jr., however, will be sorely disappointed by the Marbles' sole, eponymous album, even if five of the 12 tracks were penned by the Brothers Gibb. It's a far more blustery, orchestral brand of pop/rock than the relatively tender one mastered by the Bee Gees in the late '60s, even when they're doing some songs the Bee Gees themselves recorded back then (like "I Can't See Nobody" and "To Love Somebody"). Most blustery of all is Graham Bonnet's overbearing voice, which sounds a bit like a cross between Tom Jones and the Righteous Brothers, painting mental pictures of some tuxedoed guy sweating it out on the northern England cabaret circuit, his bulging neck muscles turning red with the effort. The pop and soul covers -- including "A House Is Not a Home," "Storybook Children," and "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" -- are rendered schmaltzy by both the vocals and arrangements. The Marbles' few attempts at their own songwriting (numbering only three) are better though not great, convincingly emulating the bittersweet aspects of the early Bee Gees, though sometimes with even more ornate orchestration than the Bee Gees employed. It's of most interest to Bee Gees fans, though, for the inclusion of three Brothers Gibb compositions the Bee Gees didn't record at the time on their own records: "Only One Woman" (a number five British hit), "The Walls Fell Down," and "By the Light of a Burning Candle." They're characteristic of the Bee Gees' late-'60s style, but given such a bombastic treatment that you can't help wishing that the Bee Gees had done them instead. The 2003 CD reissue on Repertoire adds six bonus tracks, including mono single versions of four tracks from the LP and two 1969 B-sides.

The Marbles - Cotillion -`70 - MP3 @ 320 - high rez cover scans

1. I Can't See Nobody
2. House Is Not a Home
3. Storybook Children
4. Daytime
5. By the Light of a Burning Candle
6. Stay With Me Baby
7. Only One Woman
8. To Love Somebody
9. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
10. Elizabeth Johnson
11. Little Laughing Girl
12. Walls Fell Down



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, my wife will adore it, I think.
Keep up with your 'great' work in posting such delights.

BeeQ said...

Thank you akashaman ! really appreciate your sharing this.

Mieke said...

Thank you so much, and great quality too! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for recommend this HTF album
but seem like the link didn't work


Anonymous said...

Always dug Graham Bonnett....nice to see this post! Cheers!

akashaman said...

thanks all , link should be fine try again ! ; this one is great - storybook children ?!


TirNaSNog said...

Graham Bonnet proves his voice was ahead of its time here. Transpose this to early 80s with an appropriate arrangement, then see what you've got. Rainbow, only 10 years sooner!!

John Smith said...

Hey, you have done a great job, I really like your album Marbles-cotillion-70. All the songs in this album are truly great and my favorite one is “Stay with me Baby”. You have sung this song with true heart feeling. I appreciate your feeling from which you have sung every song of this album. Thanks for making a beautiful album. marble company

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