Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir - Look Inside , `68 Smash Records

Pretty groovy LP by leon & bro , marc benno. is icicle star tree the coolest song u never heard or what ? ! :) 2nd LP on da way as well !
enjoy !


long-lost Psychedelic album from 1968 by this duo featuring Leon Russell. Poised between his past as a top Wrecking Crew session man (Phil Spector, The Byrds, Sonny And Cher) and assistant to Liberty A&R head Snuff Garret, and his future as a '70s Rock superstar, Russell teamed up with his Texas Psych buddy Marc Benno to work with Gene Clark, Harpers Bizarre and Gary Lewis in their new studio. In between sessions, they created this unusual and breathtaking album. A great lost nugget by one of the major Rock superstars!

Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Asylum Choir , `68 Smash Records - MP3 @ 320 kbps
w /high rez cover scans - ALL TRAX FROM WAX

1. Welcome to Hollywood
2. Soul Food
3. Icicle Star Tree
4. Death of the Flowers n
5. Indian Style
6. Episode Containing 3 Songs: NY Op/Land of Dog/Mr Henri the Clown
7. Thieves in the Choir
8. Black Sheep Boogaloo



Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Used to see this in the 99p bin, all the time, knew it to be good, but somehow always passed it by. Now listening to it all I can feel is "Wow, this needs to be made into a movie, how come, movies like this never seem to get made".
Thanks Aka for this, forty years late.

akashaman said...

welcome !
no one else on this ? it rox ~


ecutuning said...

ved the Assylum Choir and I am so glad that you are here!

wt said...

Your recording is Out Of Phase

akashaman said...

i`ll flip it over ~


dcwestie said...

Any chance of re-uploading this. I've tried twice to download and only get part file. Probabley cdrrupot.
Thanks for the postings.

akashaman said...

i don`t think you`ll be havin` any more prob`s with this one , let me know tho !



franco58 said...

another fine album.thanks

sildenafil said...

Leon Russell and Marc Benno made a lot of things in my life, so I liked their music such as welcome to hollywood and icicle star tree.

HytekFred said...

Thank you sooo much, I've been a Leon fan for ages and could NOT find this one anywhere, and I've always been curious.

Anonymous said...

967kb download that opens a disk image that tells me to run an app without knowing what it is?

Fuck you, I'm not installing your malware on my computer. Go fuck yourself.

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