Monday, December 4, 2006

Bread - On The Waters - 1970

hey all :

here is a request. great LP , definately one of thier best. there are some great ballads on here & great guitar.
beautiful harmonies as always from gates & co.

transferred from the original wax by da` shaman - mp3 @ 320 KBPS - 73 MB
includes high rez scans of front , back covers + liner notes.


"Bread broke big with their second album, thanks to David Gates' sentimental soft pop classic, "Make It With You" -- the song that set the standard for sensitive mellow pop ballads for the '70s and for years to come. Its pull is strong, but it's a bit misleading, since the group hardly just turns out a series of these lovely, luxurious pop tunes throughout the record. In fact, with the considerable assistance of Robb Royer and James Griffin, the group actually rocks it harder than Crosby Stills & Nash (if not CSNY, true enough), and they continue to show that the diversity and range of material they demonstrated on their debut was no fluke. If anything, "Make It With You" doesn't set the pace for the rest of the record, since even the softer moments, such as "Look What You've Done," isn't as lushly mellow as that -- there is more coloring through the guitars, and the songwriting has more edge and melody than that. Of course, this is hardly a hard rock record, but it's a first-class Californian pop record, one that is as blissful as a sunset when it lays back, and as incandescent as a day at the beach when the tempo is sprightly." -- AMG


  • 1. Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
  • 2. Make It With You
  • 3. Blue Satin Pillow
  • 4. Look What You've Done
  • 5. I Am That I Am
  • 6. Been Too Long on the Road
  • 7. I Want You With Me
  • 8. Coming Apart
  • 9. Easy Love
  • 10. In the Afterglow
  • 11. Call on Me
  • 12. Other Side of Life

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

Hi .. awhile back you said you might post Colours second album. Any chance you'll still do that? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


(S/T, Manna, Baby I`m- A Want You, Guitar Man)

akashaman said...

ya , this is a great LP , i will transfer thier debut next which is really grand as well !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bread LP. Used to
have it years ago. Robb Royer's
guitar work is excellent throughout.

rokosh said...

Thanks for this share- will check it out. Always thought Bread was slotted in the 'ultra-soft' league so your comment about them rocking harder than CSNY came as a surprise.

Pratl Power said...

Thanks yet again

Anonymous said...

I tried to download this album and some foreign site comes up. Is it possible you may upload it to a different site?



Anonymous said...

the downloads are strange. I thought I was at some foreign place as well then noticed a flashing blinking thing in my bottom bar on desktop which is how you save the file. It' quite confusing. Any chance of offering these in lossless so I can remove clips and pops and then encode to mp3.

Anonymous said...

the original wav files are all deleted after i encode to 320 mp3. i would hope that would be sufficient , but i guess for some its not.
sorry your not happy with the free shares.
in order to do what u r asking , i would have to re do the whole LP.

maybe u could buy the cd ?
[ if u can find it ]


Anonymous said...

tbank you - I like the melodic sound of the Bread, as I sometimes call them

pharmacy said...

Thanks for sharing that link. It is the first that I listen their music and I have to admit that they play pretty good.

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