Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Randy Vanwarmer - The Best of the Bearsville Years - `79 - `83

Hey all :

I love music for its discovery , & i like to share some of these great discoveries with others that may not have my curious nature. these might be more selfish sharings , if you will...:)
i got into randy a few years ago after buying his debut LP.
Some of you may remember Randy Vanwarmer , best known for his top 10 hit "just when i needed you most". well , thats not his only great song !
his voice is just haunting , any fan of soft rock will love this. alot of his songs lean toward the melancholy , isolated & misunderstood [ i guess thats everyone eh ? ]
Randy did four lp`s for Bearsville records. i have compliled here my fave tracks off these four lp`s !
all four were made within the span of four years. randy has a very distinctive voice , although i have heard he sounds like christopher cross - ok , sometimes for sure.
there are some really great songs on this comp , my *faves being the first track & last track !
the first track will stop you in your feet. starts out with nothing but randys voice "

"where will you go ,
when all your anchores rust away ,
so will you hold on ?
the mountains where you stand ,
will crumble into sand ,
and you`ll be washed away
if your not falling free"

this track is almost 10 minutes long & definately the most experimental track here.

In early 2003 Randy was diagnosed with Leukemia and he underwent a bone marrow transplant at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington. There were many complications following the transplant and Randy died in his sleep Monday round midnight.
His music is his gift and he gave it to us all.
please enjoy it !
Ron Vanwarmer --- January 12, 2004 [ go build your rocket ]


  • TERRAFORM : `80
  • 1 - terraform*
  • 2 - farther along
  • 3 - all we have is tonight
  • 4 - doesnt matter anymore
  • WARMER : `79
  • 5 - just when i needed you most
  • 6 - your light
  • 7 - call me
  • THE BEAT OF LOVE : `81
  • 8 - suzi found a weapon
  • 9 - always night
  • 10 - babel / dont hide
  • 11 - i guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes
  • 12 - dont wake me up
  • 13 - the things that you dream
  • 14 - gonna build me a rocket*

download -- here --


PHILIPPE said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this home-made compilation and thus allowing me to discover a previously unknown artist (though I had often seen his LPs in sales bins).
Randy Vanwarmer reminds me of the British Chris RAINBOW and, at times, of a less poppy Nick GILDER.
Thanks again and please re-upload all your posts as I have only just discovered your GREAT music blog and would like to download most of them. We do share the same tastes in music, so I will definitely post more comments in future.Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanx, really good to have that!

I knew about the man, read something or whatever. But I never ventured to buy a record - it's not not so easy (talkin' 'bout lesser-known performers) here in Moscow, so you have to think thrice before you do.

Now I've got this poky collection, & that's just fine Captain! I've only heard the first track yet, but I see I'll listen carefully to all the songs here.

Thank ya.

Michael R

Mark said...

Many thanks for this great post. I have all of Randy's albums and was great to se this here as some of my copies of Terraform & Farther Along wernt as good a quality rip as yours. I have the Terraform album posted at my blog and am more than happy to post more of his albums if you want them.

Regards....... Mark

somnobolist said...

"you'll remember the feelings you had/it'll make you feel warm and just a bit sad.."

thank you.

Richard the Landlord said...

Any chance of a re-up for this one please?

I've been hunting high & low for some of this...


Mark said...

Richard the Landlord said...

Any chance of a re-up for this one please?

I've been hunting high & low for some of this...

I still have Aka's post with covers he did. Was contacted by him about it as he lost his copy. I may have replaced some tracks with my own copies though. Am uploading as I type & will post a link here ASAP.

If yopu want anything else by Randy Vanwarmer check out my blog as some links my still be active & if they arent I will gladly upload them again. Happy to help out anyone who likes Randy's music.


Mark said...

Randy Vanwarmer - The Best of the Bearsville Years - `79 - `83

Have checked all my Randy Vanwarmer links on my blog & all are still active except 2. With the ones that are posted on Megaupload if you get a message "file is temporarily unavailable" keep refreshing the page & it will show after 5-5 refreshes.


akashaman said...

mark !

thanks a TON man , i dunno what happened to the ones i did , & i got them off my records , would have taken me forever to re do : u rok :

u guys need to def. chek out his blog , he has some great obscure randy !


i re updated the link here. enjoy


akashaman said...

mark updated the link for us kids : there ya go : enjoy one of the grossly underrated doods ever :

here`s to you randy !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share. Been to your site.. luv it. Any chance for you to reload Warmer. Must have "I Could Sing" in that album. Many thanks.

Mark said...

Hi Aka,
Thought you might want to know that Terraform & The Beat Of Love are to be released on CD soon. You can pre-order at

and at

akashaman said...

thanks mark :

but i have them on original vinyl , why would i waste my money on the cd counterparts ?

i dont buy cds anymore , lol.


Antonio said...

I had those songs in Vinyl, but I have finally found them in mp3 , after so many years !

Thanks for sharing this music, or better said memories, part of our best moments. This is the real power of music.


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