Sunday, December 31, 2006

Marmalade - Kaleidoscope - the psych pop sessions

hey all :

well , i got my links all set back up & now i can start posting new stuff.
here is yet another killer psych pop lp , tho this one i ripped from the cd.
band is "marmalade" & these are thier earlier tracks , right up there w/ the beatles , zombies , hollies & all other great bands from that era. all these tracks came out before thier one hit wonder "reflections of my life" , an LP which i will be posting soon !
enjoy this one !
[ next up , the lemon pipers & orpheus best of , both from cd`s as well ]

Marmalade - Kaleidoscope - the psych pop sessions - 2003/Castle - 224 kbps - 110 MB

1. I See The Rain (Single Version)
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Mess Around
4. Man In A Shop
5. Butterfly
6. Laughing Man
7. Its All Leading Up To Saturday Night
8. Otherwise Its Been A Perfect Day
9. Station On Third Avenue
10. Hey Joe
11. Mr Lion
12. There Aint No Use In Hanging On
13. Chains
14. Fight Say The Mighty
15. Mr Tambourine Man
16. Time Is On My Side
17. Dear John
18. And Yours Is A Piece Of Mine
19. Can You Help Me
20. I See The Rain (Album Version)

*NEW LINK ADDED [1-1-07]

download -- here @ mediafire

& . . . . . . -- here sendspace


rick said...

Hi Shaman, the download on this seems faulty, just freezes up after a while. Twice now. Great album though, like the rest of your stuff, pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

Yes, THANKS, much, Mr. Shaman! I am having the same problem---the DL stops halfway thru'...three times trying....

akashaman said...

ok , so sorry ; any probs with any other files from same host ?
i`ll re up it somewhere else !


Anonymous said...


Tried two more times and it just halts at a random point in the process; once at 3% and this last time hung at 28%....

Thanks for re-up elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work and the cool tunes. You have a great site.

George said...

Absolutely great post!
Huge thanks.

Anonymous said...

great site. Mooload is no good.It just won't work.I have never known it to work for any download.

Anonymous said...




akashaman said...

dang it with this file ! ha , being stubborn isnt it ?
man , i already deleted my copy as i have the cd. let me see what i can do.


akashaman said...

er , try this : when u get to the mooland download link , instead of clicking on it , iright click it & do a "save target as" & see if that works.
thier server just seems bogged down at the moment. if anyone has this & could upload it somewhere good for me , i would be indebted to ya !


Oz Music said...

Hi all

I managed to download the file yesterday - and great it is too, many thanks!
I've just uploaded the file again and here is the link.

By the way, does anyone have Tangerine Peel's self-titled album from 1970 or the self-titled Skyband album from the mid-70s? I would love to hear them if anyone can help!

akashaman said...

oz !
thanks so much for doing that , i`ll be sure & not use them anymore , lol.
never heard of the peel band , & the other , i have an LP by a band called "sky" which had the dood from the knack in it. kinda soft pop , psych VERY good tho.
could that be the one , or is the band called "skyband" ?

u rok


Oz Music said...

Thanks Shaman - very happy to help out!

Skyband were a threesome - Steve Kipner (who was in Tin Tin earlier), Peter Beckett (who went on to Player - "Baby Come Back") and Lane Caudell. Their lone album came out on RCA in 1974. I guess it must be a different one to the one you mention.

The Tangerine Peel LP was recorded in the UK. The band's main claim to fame was that Mike Chapman was in the band and wrote most of the material. He later wrote a stack of glam rock hits, and wrote and produced Blondie, The Knack etc.

They're both kind of obscure, but intrigued to hear them one of these days!


akashaman said...

ahh , guess i never heard of either , but wil keep my eyes peeled.
guess what tho ?
i have both tin tin lp`s ... ;)
you bet they will be up here soon !
u have em ?


roygbiv said...

Thanks for the re-upload, a true community effort!! This blog is very much appreciated. Shaman, with your vast library of vinyl, might you have The Gordian Knot's album Tunes from 1968(not the more recent group by the same name). Some amazing tunes, heard a few off of comps, but can't find the whole album. Thanks.

Oz Music said...

Don't have either of the Tin Tin LPs - will really look forward to those - many thanks!

flameofnj said...

I created and run Peter Beckett's website with him. Peter Beckett as in Skyband, Player, and Paladin fame. I also sell copies of their Skyband LP, from 1974, on CD. A friend of mine copied it to disc for me. It's a very interesting LP with Peter, Steve Kipner and Lane Caudell sharing the vocals. It grows on you the more you listen.

Peter also took over for Steve Kipner in TIN TIN, when Steve quit. Later on peter and Steve formed a band called Think Out Loud and recorede to awesome CDS. It's all on Peter's website...

Our website is There is a Skyband page for info.

I also have a Skyband page at You can listen to a few of their tunes on there. ENJOY!

Patti/PB's Webmistress

Anonymous said...


You still found the time to get down to blokes'n'jerks who buggered you so much - and you did re-up what they've yearned for - probably for the second time. Glory be with you man!

Thank you.

Michael R

darnall42 said...

thanks for this,in the uk marmalade had loads of hits

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Richard said...

Thanks for this - my 'better half' rather likes a little Marmalade.



Anonymous said...

Thank you - love Marmalade and quality is great.
This is a great blog - thanks so much for all your offerings here. I will be spending a lot of time here.

quarrymen78 said...


akashaman said...

this link still active !

Anonymous said...

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cant believe im listening to this Jimi Hendrixish album!


pijagrande said...

thanks !!

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