Sunday, December 10, 2006

Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun - `74 - BELL

here is another request ::
-- so everyone knows the song , but has everyone heard the full LP ?
here it is in its entirety.
try & hang in there for the second side, my fave !
Sail Away even has his sweet wife singing on it !
  • all trax from wax , transferred by da` shaman !
  • TERRY JACKS - SEASONS IN THE SUN - `74 - BELL - MP3 @ 320 kbps - 55MB
  • includes high rez front/back cover scans !
  • 1 - concrete sea
  • 2 - im gonna love you too
  • 3 - pumpkin eater
  • 4 - again & again
  • 5 - since you broke my heart
  • 6 - fire on the skyline
  • 7 - the love game
  • 8 - im so lonely here today
  • 9 - its been there from the start
  • 10 - sail away
  • 11 - seasons in the sun

download -- here --


Venti said...


jim kosmicki said...

what? there's no "put the bone in," the semi-legendary flipside of "Seasons in the Sun?"

I liked the Poppy Family stuff i've found over the years, but i've never actually seen this album, so I'm interested.

the fact that it's early 70's Bell Records alone makes me interested. I would have sworn that my "Seasons in the Sun" 45 was MGM Records, not Bell.

leno said...

thanks ... missed this one thru the years ... only heard Seasons ... so hopefully the rest is on par ...

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the season in the sun


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great gem!!!!!!!

chaos61 said...

Fantastic!, My sister just loves this album. I haven't heard the whole album before and am looking forward to hearing it. Thank-You.

Anonymous said...

What memories this one brings back. A summer with two good friends. Every time I hear this tune, I think of them.


Anonymous said...

Can you repost please. It says the file has been removed. Thanks

Anonymous said...

nice & gr...sorry the comment service is at full capacity

akashaman said...

welcome , i am running out of room ?



Pratl Power said...

Thanks - there's wonderful stuff here that I missed being only born in '71 :)

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

alessandro said...

thank for this album!!!

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Anonymous said...

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