Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Climax - featuring sonny geraci - `72

hey all :
here is a lost classic from the 70`s. one of my first installments into my great "one hit wonder" lp`s. some of you older kids might remember the hit "precious & few" , well here is the full LP , very scarce & never released on cd. hard to pin down , but has elements of pop , soul & rock.
the horns & strings fight for their respective places in the sonic landscape while sonny wails over it all , sounding at times like a male facsimile of CHER.
Prog fans will enjoy the bombastic , rambunctious "merlin' , albeit edited version ..:(
this LP has something for everyone , i personally love the ballads. this is one my faves - a real grower - get it while its hot
great lyrics & thoughts throughout , very inspiring in this day & age.

lovingly transferred from the original vinyl by da` shaman.
"all trax from wax"


[ more killer "one hit wonder" Lp`s coming soon - jigsaw , pilot , etc. ]

Formed in 1970 in Los Angeles, California, Climax was a band most noted for their 1972 classic hit song "Precious and Few". Climax consisted of Marc Gordon, Larry Cox, John Stevenson, Walter Nims, and Sonny Geraci. The band is considered a one-hit wonder because no other releases gained much widespread success. However, Climax was not a typical "one-hit wonder". Lead singer Sonny Geraci, who was formerly the front-man for the 1960s garage rock band The Outsiders (of "Time Won't Let Me" fame), later sang on a number of hit studio recordings with other artists. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that keyboardist John Stevenson wrote the song "Rock and Roll Heaven." Climax decided to sell the recording rights to The Righteous Brothers who turned the song into one of the pop classics. Though "Precious and Few" was the band's only major hit recording, Climax has played a somewhat influential role in the wider arena of rock music.
One pressing of the LP has surfaced with 2 additional tracks, Hard Rock Group was inserted between Life & Breath & I've Got Everything and a 5:20 version of Park Preserve (Single was 3:47) was inserted between If It Feels Good-Do It and Merlin. Sonny Geraci has said that it was a first pressing. The record label didn't want the heavier songs on the album. Without them the only heavier song you get is Merlin which in turn was edited. (longer version unavailable) Apparently the original version of Merlin was between 5:30 and 6:00. Edited out was a longer, more drawn out intro and more than half of the original guitar solo. This version was shortened even before the first pressing. After Precious & Few's chart success, they wanted the album more AM sounding. The band was disappointed because they were more into the rock sound." -- WIKIPEDIA

  • *includes high rez front/back/lyrix/images/ scans for you printer freaks , you know who you are !

  • * 1 Life & Breath
  • * 2 I've Got Everything
  • * 3 Prelude
  • * 4 Picnic In The Rain
  • * 5 Face The Music
  • * 6 Precious & Few
  • * 1 It's Coming Today
  • * 2 Rainbow Rides Are Free
  • * 3 If It Feels Good-Do It
  • * 4 Merlin
  • * 5 Postlude
  • * 6 Child Of December

download -- here --


master3d said...

Yes, this a good album!

Pilot's 1st album is awesome...can't wait!!

P.S. Don't forget about "Spanky's greatest hits"...a lot of my friends are dying to hear the long version of "Sunday Morning"!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks. i've been looking for this for years!!!
may god bless you!

Anonymous said...

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Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up this one. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

MMMM sorry it is kinda working - but is taking me on a merry-go-round of Always Busy. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for putting this album up. I've been looking for this for many years, and was shocked when I found it. I was a huge fan of this sound when it came out in the '70's. I love Sonny's vocals on the ballads. Thanks again.

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