Saturday, March 6, 2010

Intergalactic Touring Band - `76 - Passport Records


ok , here is yet another lost gem from the 70`s. this one is more in the art rock / prog rock vein , similar to yes & early prog pioneers. very expansive , proposterous piece , bordering on rediculous , but this is what i personally love about it. over the top in many ways , but still very enjoyable for those into conceptual pieces & storylines.

here is a rundown of some players involve here , including a pre "bat out of hell" meatloaf !
* Brian Cuomo: keyboards, orchestral arrangement on "Robot Salesman" and "Love Station"
* Larry Fast: synthesizers, mellotrons and vocoder, prepared effects on "Starship Jingle"
* Paul Marchetti: drums and percussion, primitive percussion on "Universal Zoo/Why"
* David Scance: acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals on "Silver Lady", group vocals and electric guitar on "A Planet Called Monday/Epilogue"
* Peter Sobel: bass, backing vocals on "Silver Lady", primitive percussion, additional vocals and prepared effects on "Universal Zoo/Why?", acoustic guitar on "Reaching Out" and "Robot Salesman", additional percussion on "Love Station"
* Rod Argent: lead vocal on "Silver Lady"
* Steve Barth: lead vocal on "First Landing"
* Danny Beckerman: orchestral arrangement on "Universal Zoo/Why", "First Landing" and "A Planet Called Monday/Epilogue"
* David Bedford: orchestral arrangement on "Heartbreaker", "Space Commando" and "Love Station"
* "The Boss": effect vocal on "Universal Zoo/Why"
* Arthur Brown: lead vocal on "Universal Zoo"
* Ryche Chlanda: electric guitar on "Robot Salesman"
* Clarence Clemons: sax solo on "Love Station"
* Irene Conrad: effect vocal on "Silver Lady"
* Dave Cousins: lead vocal on "Heartbreaker"
* Jim Cuomo: lead vocal on "Robot Salesman"
* Frank D'Agostino: group vocals
* Stephen Gaifas: orchestral arrangements on "Silver Lady", "Starship Jingle", "Heartbreaker", "Space Commando", "Robot Salesman" and "Love Station"
* Bill Guerra: additional vocals on "Universal Zoo/Why?"
* Annie Haslam: all vocals on "Reaching Out"
* Mighty Joe Young Intile, B.E.: tympani on "Reaching Out", additional percussion on "First Landing"
* Percy Jones: fretless bass on "Why" and "Keeper Keep Us"
* Ben E. King: lead vocal on "Love Station"
* Joel Krantz: group vocals, lead vocal on "Why"
* Jeffrey Leynor: lead vocal on "Epilogue"
* Wil Malone: orchestral arrangements on "Approach", "Silver Lady", Starship Jingle", "Reaching Out", "First Landing" and "Keeper Keep Us"
* Pepe Marchello: lead vocal on "Starship Jingle"
* Meatloaf: lead vocal on "Keeper Keep Us"
* Rick Parfett: lead vocal on "A Planet Called Monday"
* Passport Munchkins: additional vocals on "First Landing"
* Janis Pendarvis & Friends: background vocals on "Love Station"
* Anthony Phillips: acoustic guitars on "Reaching Out"
* Frank Prescod: bass on "First Landing" (with Peter Sobel), "Robot Salesman" and "Love Station"
* Harry Rabinowitz: conductor of London Symphony Orchestra on "Approach", and members of the LSO on "Reaching Out"
* Marge Raymond: Silver Lady vocal on "Silver Lady"
* Francis Rossi: lead vocal on "A Planet Called Monday"
* Marty Scott: backing vocals on "Silver Lady", primitive percussion and additional vocals on "Universal Zoo/Why?", electric autoharp and prepared effects on "Starship Jingle", additional percussion on "Space Commando"
* Mr. Snips: lead vocal on "Space Commando"
* Shelly Thompson: group vocals
* John Tropea: electric guitar on "Love Station"
* John Zangradno: flutes on "Starship Jingle" and "Heartbreaker"

The Inter-Galactic Touring Band is a wonderful combination of rock music and science fiction that takes us on an imaginary romp through the cosmos. Special sound effects, mostly performed by Larry Fast of the Synergy® Electronic Music label accentuate the experience and add realism to the entire work.

Each song tells a different story. All of them are awe-inspiring. If you like science fiction, you will enjoy the ideas presented in these wonderful stories. The music is impeccably arranged and performed and some of the best vocal artists were chosen to sing the scores. (Such as Meatloaf and Status Quo )

  • fan site here with more info than you need : I G T B
  • Intergalactic Touring Band - `76 - Passport Records - 320 kbps - 88.8 MB
    *includes high rez front cover art

  • 1. Approach
  • 2. Silver Lady
  • 3. Universal Zoo/Why?
  • 4. Starship Jingle
  • 5. Heartbreaker
  • 6. Reaching Out
  • 7. First Landing
  • 8. Space Commando
  • 9. Robot Salesman
  • 10. Love Station
  • 11. A Planet Called Monday/Epilogue
  • 12. Keeper Keep Us

download -- here --


moxnix said...

just discovered your site, it is something to behold! had a couple of requests from your list, whenever you feel like it.
central nervous system
danny mcculloch
potliquor / first taste
barnaby bye / touch
rowen brothers
have been searching for a live silverhead album , have you ever seen it anywhere on the net. anyhow, thanks for the intergalactic touring band, will listen to it tonight in your honor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, man. I've never heard of this band but your picks are always winners.

Oz Music said...

I hope this isn't just me, but I've been trying all day to download this album, and the Tommy Roe album. When I right click on the download link at, all that I can download is a html link to the same page instead of the file itself.

If I'm missing something obvious, can I get some suggestions as to what I should be doing?!


akashaman said...

hey : just click where it says download , & it will throw up your save window. right click saves php , no good.


bruce said...

found your site and thanks for youe many sites. some lps i used to have and have found again.

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to download through that zupload - estimated time shows more than 7 hrs - and unexpected end of the archive after aprox. 1 hr of downloading process.

akashaman said...

relax , relax ; i`ll up it to another server ...
server speeds fluctuate , like everything else.
look for new link soon.


Anonymous said...
Enjoy russian garage rarities!
Its wild and idiotive!
Very agressive!
Enjoy please!
Well be waiting for the comments!

Anonymous said...

True story...I had a copy of this album on 8-Track tape(!?!?!)and once I popped that baby into the machine, after the first song played, the tape snapped and no more ITB comming from the speakers. Thanks to you, I can finally know what that damn album sounds like!! (stupid 8-track machine!) Mucho thank you.


akashaman said...

jv , that`s hilarious. let me know what you think !!?


Jamey said...

OMFG!!! A Million thanks for posting this LP! I used to play this back in my college radio days. Tried to find it off and on for years, with no luck, then forgot about it. A true sci-fi classic with a tremendous array of musicians!

Great selections & decent rioting here as well! Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.

Also, thanks for using different download sites than most bloggers! Rapidshare is a drag.

Jamey said...

Ooops, I meant to say... decent writing here as well! Yep, I suck at typing!!!

Joseph said...

Hey thanks for putting up a truly wonderful blog. I really appreciate your taste and style. I've had the opportunity to listen to this gem only long enough to know i was missing out. Thanks for bringing things full circle.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!'s all new to me..cheers!

Anonymous said...

great post but can you re up this?

akashaman said...

2nd link works fine .....


Broeva Haro said...

Thanks for ITB! Never heard of it before. Some surprising names in the line-up too!

Anonymous said...

Could you please reload this? Neither link works now. I'd forgotten all about this album. Would love to hear it again.

akashaman said...

uploaded new file -- see new link !

enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Is there a new link for this LP?? Seen this record years ago at a record fair, and didnt purchase it:( Really want to know what I missed!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

quickie said...

another request for a said file was deleted. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we need a new link again! Current one has been deleted from lack of use.

Clive said...

Yes, if possible please re-up

Thanks for all these fine, fine tunes !

akashaman said...

new link added !



Clive said...

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up. I haven't heard this in years. I used to have a vinyl copy of it as a kid

PROG said...

Great post! please, can you re up for us? many thanks!

R.S. said...

I still GOT the vinyl record and played it a million times back then, very nice to have the unscratched mp3 version now!

Anonymous said...

a real obscure gem...thanks for uploading & sharing this one with us...all the best of luck 4 U in 2010 (an obscure year in the future, he he... ;-)

cheers proggy

Anonymous said...

This is the type of stuff, that caused prog to disapear for 20 years. Not pretencious, but a top ten in allstar shlock. Too many cooks ruined this.

consterdine said...

Great Blog! Thanks

melon4head said...

What a fantastic album! A virtual 'Who's who" of Progressive Masters. "Heartbreaker" from "The Strawbs"- Annie Halsam from "Renaisance"- The writing from the long lost band "Fireballet". It is the song "Monday Morning"- where you hear the full throttle of Fireballet's power- An absolute high on the the reprise of the lyrics "Monday Morning"- what a high for me on that awesome 70's progressive decade!

zappahead said...

A magnificent array of stars...which isnt suprising coming from this blog....I really appreciate all the shares you have and are giving....much obliged....cheers.

Doc Feral said...

I was given this album as a gift when I was 13 or 14 ('83-'84). Played it whenever I could. I loved the inserts which came with it.. from the fake vibracon globe adverts on the dust cover to the "story booklet" which gave you background on each of the songs along with the lyrics.. And yes, I still have it along with the nice extras.

That said, on a whim today I looked it up on Spotify.. And there it was. :)

Anonymous said...

Please can we have a new upload?

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