Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Max Webster - Universal Juveniles - Mercury - `82

well , goin a bit out of order but here is the last ! max webster LP , with rush starring on one track , battle scar. more guitar oriented than previous , some mighty licks here-in , ha

Terry Watkinson [ KEYS ] has left at this point leaving Kim to pretty much run the show. Watkinson does play on the song "Battle Scar" but it wasn't recorded at the same time as the rest of the album. Gotta love the album cover with Mitchell on the run wearing a bright yellow body suit with white boots on. Haha. "In The World Of Giants" opens with some speed of light guitar work from Kim before the rest of the band comes in. Not a bad uptempo tune. "Check" is one of my top three songs on here. It's a short pedal to the metal rocker. Guitar riffs to open as Kim tells his story with passion.Classic WEBSTER. "April In Toledo" has grown on me somewhat. I like the chorus and those earlier words "She's taking a break from my face." "Juveniles Don't Stop" is a straight forward rock tune. "Battle Scar" doesn't sound like it belongs for a reason.We have two bands in the studio(RUSH & MAX WEBSTER) playing this song together, so it's much more powerful.It opens with low end guitar and bass as heavy drums come in and then Kim starts to sing. Geddy comes in vocally 1 1/2 minutes ripping it up with those high pitched screaming vocals like he did in the seventies.Check him out 4 1/2 minute in as well. Great finale to this one. A friend of mine saw MAX WEBSTER at "Maple Leaf Gardens" on New Years eve play this song, and he watched in amazement as Geddy came out on stage playing his teardrop bass, and then he started to sing to the roar of the home town faithful. "Chalkers" features some nice bass throughout. The title of the album comes from a line in this song. "Drive And Desire" opens with some nice drum work as guitar comes in grinding then vocals.Good tune. "Blue River Liquor Shine" is my other top three track along with "Battle Scar" if your keeping track at home.Drum intro as vocals and strummed guitar follows.Something uplifting about this track.I think it's Kim's soaring vocals actually. "What Do You Do With The Urge" features in your face vocals with lots of piano. The best parts of "Cry Out Your Life" are the guitar solos before 3 minutes and 5 minutes in. I would suggest any of their four earlier albums to this one,but RUSH fans will want to hear "Battle Scar" for sure. [sinkasotentree ]

Max Webster - Universal Juveniles - Mercury - `82
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320kbps - includes high rez scans

Line-up / Musicians

Kim Mitchell - guitars and vocals
Garry McGracken - drums
Dave Myles - bass
Pye Dubois - lyrics

also playing:
Geddy Lee , Neil Peart , Alex Lifeson  and Terry Watkinson on "Battle Scar"
Dave Stone - synths
Doug Riley - piano

1 - In the World of Giants
2 - Check
3 - April In Toledo
4 - Juveniles Don't Stop
5 - Battle Scar
6 - Chalkers
7 - Drive and Desire
8 - Blue River Liquor Shine
9 - What Do You Do With the Urge
10 - Cry Out Your Life



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these Max Webster recordings. I have them all on vinyl. And I'm glad somebody else mentioned the Frank Zappa "influence." Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Why do I keep getting recycled back to the download page on whatever I click? Am I missing something?

Great site BTW & thanks for the Max!

akashaman said...

hmm , not sure ; try using google chrome browser , helps with all the damn pops !

Anonymous said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Kim!!!!!!!!!!!

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