Saturday, March 20, 2010

James Griffin & Co. - `74 - Polydor Records

here is one for bread fans. found this recently , and had to share. its really good !
a lot of ballads , but its all well produced & top notch players. - enjoy ~

James Griffin & Co. - `74 - Polydor Records
all trax from wax - akashaman 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scans !

Breakin' Up Is Easy
Love You Till the Cows Come Home
She Knows
Father and Son
You'll Get Along
Goin' Back to Boston
Only Now
Love to Light the Way

This is an incredible album from start to finish. One point before going into the songs in depth. Many people have made a point that David Gates wrote all the sugar sweet ballads for the group and Jimmy Griffin wrote more of the punchy material. I think this is so innaccurate. Gates could write rock and wrote some of the heaviest rock by Bread's standards - 'let your love go' and 'mother freedom' were heavier than anything I can hear Jimmy having done. And Jimmy wrote some incredible ballads during Bread's tenure.
This album shows the soft side of Jimmy's writing and each song is absolutely beautiful and poignant. I am so pleased to have purchased ot and would recommend anyone who likes the melodic beautiful ballads of bread to scoop this up, while it is still available.
All the songs are ballads, except for 'love you till the cows come home', which is a really fun rocker. 'She knows' is just about the best song Griffin ever wrote, with beautiful sentimental words and a subtle orchestral backing. On par with this is 'Only now', equally as soft and beautiful.
'Father and son' is a really catchy song, featuring John Miles of all people- (talented guy who wrote 'music'). It seagues into a protracted middle eight ballad section of the song, then reverts back to the up-tempo main section. again, excellent lyrics and really memorable.
'Love to light the way' is an amazing piano ballad with an excellent electric guitar solo. Great falsetto singing and really soothing. 'Breaking up is easy' is also a piano ballad in a similar vein.



wungawunga said...

you're the man, shaman.

akashaman said...

woo hoo - this one is sounding good !

RODAS said...

Awesome lp another lost gem thanks brother for sharing... :)

jw said...

Anything connected to the ultra melodic sound of the Bread has to be worth hearing, & with that in mind I'll give this one a go, especially since it's free.

Thanks for posting, - take it easy

Joe White said...

This is a great album, I've always preferred the James Griffin songs over the David Gates Bread songs. He is more of a rock singer/songwriter. Great post!

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