Sunday, March 7, 2010

City Boy - Young Men Gone West - `77 , mercury

ok , here is yet another CITYBOY installment !
and yet another great album. sad music this good never got just credit. my fave tracks are bordello night , young men gone west & millionare , but they all are great !

"Young men gone west" was the first City Boy album to see a change in the line up, with Tony Braunagel sitting in on drums for the departed Roger Kent. Braunagel would not actually join the band though, and no drummer is credited on the album sleeve.

This album does not quite follow the pop ethos of ten songs, five on each side of the album, but only in that there are six tracks on side two! Apart from that, what we have here is sophisticated pop of the 10CC variety, pure and simple. There is a sort of overall concept to the album which mainly focuses on a young man's experiences with ladies of ill repute.

The opening "Dear Jean (I'm nervous)" is the longest and best arranged song on the album, with a fine guitar ending. Incidentally, the LP sleeve mixes up the track order of the first two songs, showing the second song "Bordello night" as the opener. The 10CC similarities are most evident on tracks such as "Honeymooners" with its clever lyrics and jaunty, shuffling melody and "The runaround" which features high range melodies.

It is difficult to pick out highlights here, if one track appeals to you, chances are they all will. The theme of the album though is rather appropriate, as here City Boy are being led astray from any prog sensibilities which might have been present on their earlier albums, into the crowed arena of sophisticated pop. - [easy livin]

City Boy - Young Men Gone West - `77 , mercury
all trax from wax - by akashaman - 2010 ~
MP3 @ 320 kbps - high rez cover scan

1. Bordello Night
2. Dear Jean (I'm Nervous)
3. Honeymooners
4. She's Got Style
5. Bad for Business
6. Young Men Gone West
7. I've Been Spun
8. One After Two
9. Runaround
10. Man Who Ate His Car
11. Millionaire



Anonymous said...

A set with no weak tracks--how often do you find one? This is a fabulous LP.

VaTAga said...

I have all City Boys` albums. I think "Head Are Rolling" is the best!

akashaman said...

hey , thanks man ! but are u on crack ? heads is def the weakest of all the city lp`s , imho !
no matter , they rule regardless ~

rok on

El Isabelino said...

Very grateful for the City Boy lps.Gracias man.Got a request if you can, for Blue's 4th Lp, Fool's Party (ROCKET/1979).Thanks again.

TirNaSNog said...

City Boy! Now there's a band who conjure up all kinds of images from somewhere in the mid-70s! In particular, Sunday nights at Improvision, Sheffield!! We'd see bands like this on their way up.... and we've seen many a huge name too, long before fame!

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