Saturday, March 20, 2010

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson sings Newman - Pickwick Records - 70

ok kids , back to the early stuff. this one has been said that it should be ranked up there with pet sounds & the like ! it is an epic session. with harry doin all vocals & randy all music & piano its really is a poignant affair. really low key , not too much goin on - so harrys voice really shines here. it really is one of his best vocal recordings , the man could really sing , ha 
this one goes best with your fave beer ! as always , turn it up !


Nilsson is dead, while Newman now scores movies like his illustrious forbears. Back in the day, however, for one brief, shining moment, the two aspiring songsters united for this still-unrecognized masterpiece. While each participant was well-skilled in singing and songwriting, Nilsson, arguably the better singer, sang, while Newman, arguably the better songwriter, provided the songs and played piano. Neither was well-known to the public, despite chart successes recognized by at least a sliver of the industry. The resulting album was well-reviewed at the time, but failed to click with the buying public. Mine own vinyl copy was purchased at a garage sale a few years after its release; even then it was a radio station freebee with the signature "Jim Sloane" scrawled in Magic Marker on the album's cover. After a few listens, the album became a frequent play for me and vivid enough to provide me, as a budding high school film maker, with the inspiration for several (unmade) animated films. As I listen to it now, at least two decades removed from my initial infatuation, I find that the album holds up quite well. More lieder recital than "rock'n'roll record," points must be given for sheer timelessness. These two took songwriting seriously; they weren't only in search of the latest hit, though both saw chart success, but each also seemed to pursue songwriting for its own sake. Fact is that I still prefer the versions on this album to several of the tracks on Newman's debut; Nilsson's spontaneous studio-smarts and seeming emotional directness as a singer trump Newman's painstaking orchestral arrangements and studious Fats Domino mumble. Take this, then, as a qualified rave. If you've ever responded to either of these artists, or to great song themselves, then give this a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. - [ AMAZON ]

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson sings Newman - Pickwick Records - 70/79 
all trax from wax - akashaman 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps 

1 Vine Street
2 Love Story (you and me)
3 Yellow Man
4 Cowboy
5 Caroline
6 I'll Be Home
7 (So hard) Living Without You
8 Dayton Ohio 1903
9 So Long Dad



akf said...

harry was a crooner- he could shout but his basic style was very relaxed

Miguel Angel said...

Wow, thankx for this and for all music.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

i can't say that these nilsson versions are any match for the newman originals, let alone an improvement. ghastly overdubs. i imagine they could be rescued if they were buried in some orchestral mush and remixed out of sight -- but i find the performances themselves so lame, so why bother? i find the comment upstairs pretty snide too. randy newman has written and performed at least a score of totally great songs -- "mr sheep", "I'm different", "you can leave your hat on", etc -- the latter being a case in point, when did joe cocker ever match randy newman's rendition of THAT song? well harry nilsson gets nowhere near any of newman's here, and the weird sound effects ruin the effect for me altogether.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing.

Many, manny, many thanks.

Pedro from Barcelona (Spain)

Anonymous said...

thank you for this one! this is beautiful! appreciate you sharing.

Skeeter said...

For anyone who may have read the comment above mine claiming that 'these nilsson versions are [not] any match for the newman originals':

This commenter is wrong. There's no need to get defensive for Randy Newman, nobody said the songs were better. The two recorded this masterpiece together, so it takes nothing at all away from Newman that Harry Nilsson leant his angelic voice to these great songs. This album is magnificent, and offers so much at every listen. Some of the harmonies are the most expressive I have ever heard.

As an enormous fan of both artists, finding this record was exciting, any every time I listen I get goosebumps. Please disregard the previous commenter, this is up there with the greatest records of all time.

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