Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Box Tops - Non Stop - Bell Records - `68

well , as most of you know , we lost alex chilton recently so i thought it befitting to lay one of thier lp`s on yaz !
this one is pretty good ! prob the hardest one to find as well. hope u guys enjoy it !  [ sorry its a little scratchy folks ! ]

The Box Tops -- or more precisely Alex Chilton and producer Dan Penn -- were treading water on the third album to be churned out under the group's name in less than a year. The usual blue-eyed soul dominates the program, without anything on the order of "Cry Like a Baby" or "The Letter," although with "I Met Her in Church," Penn and songwriting partner Spooner Oldham were probably trying for something on that level. Sometimes the moods are a bit on the bluesy side ("Choo Choo Train," "Rock Me Baby"), at others on a gentler and poppier one ("Rollin' in My Sleep"). For the first time Chilton had the opportunity to write an LP track, and with "I Can Dig It," he brought out his most gravelly voice for an average midtempo soul belter. That's nothing compared with "Yesterday Where's My Mind," in which he sounds like he's trying to out-gravel the most sandpaper-voiced white singer of the era, Tim Rose; in fact, the track bears more than a passing similarity to "Morning Dew," one of the songs Rose interpreted on his debut album. "Sandman," a luscious ballad by the composer of "The Letter," Wayne Carson Thompson, is the most interesting little-known cut. Overall, though, this, like all of the Box Tops' albums, is a middling product with its share of filler. [The 2000 reissue on Sundazed adds five bonus tracks: two of them mono single versions (of "Choo Choo Train" and "I Met Her in Church"), the others from non-LP 45s. Those non-LP items include a Randy Newman cover ("Let Me Go") on which Chilton sounds like Paul Jones of Manfred Mann, and another of Chilton's earliest self-penned numbers, the soul-pop ballad "Since I Been Gone.."]  -- [ amg ]

The Box Tops - Non Stop - Bell Records - `68 
all trax from wax - akashaman - 2010
MP3 @ 320 kbps - includes high rez cover scan

Choo Choo Train
I'm Movin' On
She Shot A Hole In My Soul
People Gonna Talk
I Met Her In Church
Rock Me Baby
Rollin' In My Sleep
I Can Dig It
Yesterday Where's My Mind
If I Had Let You In



Anonymous said...

An underrated album. Thanks. W.

justme said...

Thanks VERY much for this one. I love their hits but it's always nice to get a complete album. Know what I mean?? Never mind. I know you do. :)

I ran this puppy through a filter and removed most of the vinyl noise. I'll send you a copy if you want. I didn't want to post a link in the comments without your prior approval. I'm not trying to take anything away from your post. I know how much trouble it is to rip and scan vinyl. I spent hours on one this week. After you get the link you can delete my link from the comments or I could leave it in the chat box. Or I could just shut up. lol Whatever floats your boat makes mine sail!

Thanks again!

akashaman said...

hey thanks justme ~ sure , send me a link to akashaman@live.com & i`ll chek it out. sometimes those de-clik/pop apps can take too much away from the music as well as artifacts ~ but i`ll give it a listen

justme said...

Should be in your inbox but I wouldn't bet on anything. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I've been off line for 4 months and last night....after a bit of slog I got the new pc on line.....thanks for Alex Chilton....the first download on the new computer.....it sounds just fine.....warm and rich....good to visit Aka....okay.....
Cy from Pck

VaTAga said...

I love this group. I have only one there album "The Ultimate Box Tops" (1987 ed.)

Music lover said...

box tops great band I hear them in a long time cannot wait to hear them all over again. thank you for your posting of this rare to find Lp.

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