Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rotary Connection - Aladdin - `68 - cadet concept records

top download of the kosmos here @ over 4,000 so far ! back to the top it goes , enjoy this one a real mind blower.
OMG , he actually came back. ha

internet has been down , sorry kids.
but i am back with a heavy hitter ,
if this one doesnt blow your mind ,
chances are its already been blown.
this lp was recorded in chicago in the
summer of `68.
tons of horns , heavy
arrangements & fuzzed out leads ,

soaring vocal harmonies - wierd chitter chat ,
earth shattering drums / bass , this lp has it all.
every time i hear it , i like it more.
its quite simply "the bomb"
let me know what "you" think.
oh & thats not me shreddin on "paper castle" ,
even tho it sounds like it , lol.

what were they thinkin ?

"Rotary Connection -- the celestial Chicago group that featured the voice of a young Minnie Riperton, and production by the god-like Charles Stepney! This lp is completely unique -- a mad blend of soul, rock, jazz, and lots of stunning studio touches. Tight rhythms and bassy grooves meet with strings and soul -- and the result is a majestically floating approach to pop that's never been duplicated again! More than a few cuts have some really nice drums in them -- funky where you wouldn't expect, and in a good way"

ha , this one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face , & 40 yrs later , its the same old shit & nothing has changed.!!?

highlights - teach me how to fly , let them talk , **aladdin , magical world & paper castle

rotary connection - aladdin - `68 cadet concept records - MP3 @ 320 kbps - 85 MB
"ALL TRAX FROM WAX" transferred by da` shaman - 2007
* high rez cover art , liner notes included

trip II
1. Life Could
2. Teach Me How To Fly
3. V.I.P.
4. Let Them Talk
5. I Took A Ride (Caravan)

trip II [ cont.]
6. Aladdin
7. Magical World
8. I Must Be There
9. I Feel Sorry
10. Paper Castle



Lost In Tyme said...

Welcome back & Thanks for this !!!

Anonymous said...

well, I realy don't know how to download it!

wkc said...

Welcome back and a very nice share to start your return. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Been a huge fan of Rotary Connection since they first came out. Thanks for this great rip. If you happen to have their album "Songs", it would be greatly appreciated.

ionplayer said...

Minnie was a goddess. Thanks for this, much appreciated - welcome back!

Psychboy said...

This would be amazing--if I could hear the vocals. Where are they? All I can hear are drums and guitar and some kind of fuzzy murmuring in the background.

Anonymous said...

First time here...great stuff...thanks!

djkit dj fanis said...


Allan McLachlan said...

What an awesome album and what an awesome blog. Thanks for sharing

Marco said...

Thanks a lot.I'll always keep an eye on you.Great job

Anonymous said...

Rotary Connection have to be one of the best-kept secrets of late-'60s music. Whenever I burn CDs of their stuff for the uninitiated I get the same response ... "Wow!"

I hope Charles Stepney realized how visionary his production was, and given compliment and compensation for same in his lifetime.

Thanks for sharing this album.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, AkaShaman. It's nice to see & hear this album again. I remember crossing paths with Minnie & the crew on Wells Street in Old Town (Chicago)in the mid 60's. Those were the days of head shops & love ins and wasting time in Lincoln Park with the conga drummers on the weekend. Love you for posting this. John - Atlanta, GA, USA

akashaman said...

hey john !

thats so kewl you actually met them back "in the day" , what a great memory. all i have are these recordings , ha.
this lp still hurts my head , its that damn good 1
thanks so much fo the comments & insight.

spin on `


Hinton the Operator said...

I've been curious to hear Rotary Connection ever since I read about them in James Leo Herlihy's book 'Season of the Witch'.
Thanks for the opportunity, I'm loving the album.

Evan Jones said...

Hey, thanks for posting this. I've got a few comp tracks, but this album is fantastic, through and through.

Duke of Garbage said...

Thank you so much for this

oddster said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog, and this band, Rotary Connection. I was so looking forward to hearing it, but sendit isn't working, which is a real drag. I will back to visit. Any chance there is something you can do about making this album avilable. I've strayed from psych music for awhile and want to be educated! Thx.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love Rotary Connection - been looking for this for a long time!! Thanks! :)

Michael Lechmann said...

Nice, I can't believe I've never heard of this, can't wait! Thank you for your efforts.

Brianiac said...

Great stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

... beautiful music ... that sure sounds like Maurice White on those epic drums, as he was Chess/Cadet's go-to drummer in the late 60's ... Charles Stepney is a God amongst mortals ...

Anonymous said...

... oh yeah ... thank you so much ...

akashaman said...

your welcome !
i dont think he played drums here : i got this from wiki : your right about the chess involvement tho !
this is one of my fave psych lp`s !


The highly experimental band was the idea of Marshall Chess, son of Chess Records founder Leonard Chess. Marshall was the director behind a start-up label, Cadet Concept Records, and wanted to focus on music outside of the blues and rock genres, which had made the Chess label popular. This led Marshall to turn his attention to the burgeoning psychedelic movement. He recruited Charles Stepney, a vibraphonist and classically-trained arranger and producer for sonic wizardry. Marshall then recruited members of a little-known white rock band, The Proper Strangers: Bobby Simms, Mitch Aliotta, and Ken Venegas. Sidney Barnes, a songwriter within the Chess organization, also joined, as did Judy Hauff and a Chess receptionist named Minnie Riperton, who would later be successful in her own solo career. Marshall also called up prominent session musicians associated with the Chess label, including guitarist Phil Upchurch and drummer Morris Jennings.

DJ Baltimore Boogie Man said...

My FAVORITE recording by this group, and also my first R.C. purchase.

Kudos for selecting this post!!!!!!!

akashaman said...

ONE YEAR later & where is the love ???!!!

akashaman said...

OH & this one is at 4,000 ! downloads , yes U read it right !

Anonymous said...

This band is great, and so are you for exposing them to generations after them who are listening for true musicians. Thanks Akashaman.

akashaman said...

np , this one is the best !
turn it up !

justme said...

I don't how I overlooked this the last couple of weeks. I have little by Rotary Connection. Thanks for the album. It is late and I was about to crash for the night when I spotted this. I had to download it before I went to bed but I will have to play it tomorrow evening. Thank you sir!

Anonymous said...

great stuff !!! never seen this before, tho I have the 1st album , on the Checker label '67, bought in a Boots (yes the chemist !) sale for 40 pence mid seventies.

E.Baba said...

Mighty Fine , thanks AKA Shaman.
Nice to find @ 320 & tagged.

Sam said...

Thanks for this, again... This is the second time I've got this from you, I broke my hard drive and found it from you twice. Gods work my man. PEACE!

Anonymous said...


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DJ Kool JB said...

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