Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ars Nova - Sunshine & Shadows - 1969

hey all :

i love this lp , it has alot of warmth & character to it.
a bit on the jazzier side for me taste , but the songs have so much variation , that i end up gettin` lost in it all:
title track , walk on the sand & she promises everything are my faves!
i hope you enjoy this lost classic !

"Ars Nova was a rock/classical hybrid group formed in New York in 1967...
The merger of rock and classical music was inevitable. Ars Nova was a group of classical musicians playing rock as if the connection had existed all through time. Baroque, medieval settings were suggested from their compositions. Though extremely unique and technically professional, their short career proved that even tasteful novelty isn`t always commercial.
Ars Nova released its debut album in April 1968 and was profiled in the June 28, 1968, issue of Life magazine, hype that didn't help. The album didn't chart, the band re-organized, and there was a second album, Sunshine and Shadows, in June 1969."

ARS NOVA - SUNSHINE & SHADOWS - ATLANTIC , 1969 - MP3 @ 192 kbps

1) Sunshine and Shadows -- Collins, Day
2) I Was Once -- Day
3) Temporary Serenade -- Copeland , Day
4) She Promises Everything -- Collins , Day
5) Well, Well, Well -- Day
6) You Had Better Listen -- Owens
7) Round Once Again -- Day
8) Walk on the Sand -- Day
9) Rubbish -- Day
10) Please Don't Go Now -- Day

Wyatt Day - guitar & vocals
Warren Bernhardt - keyboards
Sam Brown - lead guitar
Joe Hunt - drums , percussion
Art Koenig - bass
Jimmy Owens - trumpet
Jon Pierson - bass trombone & vocals

[ thanks for the re up crazy ! ]
download : -- HERE --


SamIam said...


Congrats on the new site. Thanks for the great post, and looking forward to sharing many more.

Cheers, SamIam

Meester Music said...

Great site!

Lots of groovy psyche.

Keep up the good work!


Bèr said...

Wow, you're really the master of faster! Again a quick reaction to a humble request of mine. Thanks very much for the new link.

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this:
I had the first Ars Nova and traded it ala many moons ago but I got it on cd last year. There's something about their jazz, once it is inside you it never leaves you.
Looking forward to hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
Having had 'March of the mad duke's Circus' in the back of my head for nigh on 40 years and remembering the days when the cardboard of the 12" could knock out Bruce Lee, so I was looking forward to hearing this.
Ars Nova 2 is a great listen, good start, dreamy 'Sunshine and Shadows' sets a mood and it sort of finishes with visions of garbage heaps and junk men.
Really liked, 'She Promises Everything' and 'Walk on the Sand'.
Trumpets keep pumping away adding texture and only going mad for one track.
I recommend this to one and all!

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