Monday, November 27, 2006

Deadsy `97 Promo

ok ; now for something completely different , lol.
i found this promo cd back in `97 in a used cd store. come to find out , its leader was none other than , elijah blue allman , son of cher & greg allman.
elijah sings & plays all guitars.
i fell in love with this cd upon first liten. i listened to it for months. i even ended up in `99 , buildin & runnin for 5 yrs. , getting emails for the band letting me know how much they liked the site & even got to fly out to LA & see them LIVE at the viper room & roxy ..
elijah is teamed up here with alec puro on drums & renn hawkey on keys , the latter of which he met up north at a prep school where elijah was sent off too.
alot of the mind-set of this recording comes from that sort of debachery that went on during the mid to late 90`s when elijah was growing up here at this school.
this cd never hit the shelves , the promos are all that exist. they have since released two official cds , the first one containing some of these tracks , but not all. this particular promo cd is very rare.
the following two cd releases have shyed away from this vision & are a completely different monster [ minus the tracks garnered from this promo cd ] this release has a magic vibe that was captured , & cannot be replicated.
[ i do have the other releases & rare trax if interest is high enuff - have covers of : tom sawyer , just like heaven , teenage wildlife , texas never whispers & avalon ]

as for the music itself , elijah describes it as "morbid angel meets brian eno in TRON land"
lots of keyboards , guitars tuned down all the way to A , vocals very LOW ala type o neg. , & a very solid bass & drum section.
very futuristic & space - age.
super slow , monotoneous tracks that flow like molasses & drip from your ears.
for fans of : type o negative , gary numan , bryan ferry , roxy music , rush , sabbath , david bowie & the cure.
my fave tracks : flowing glower , future years , lake waramaug & cruella.

DEADSY - `97 PROMO - 320 KBPS - 95 MB - includes art

01 - Lake Waramaug 4.30
02 - The Elements 5.21
03 - Flowing Glower 4.57
04 - Future Years 5.26
05 - From Beyond 3.28
06 - Anti-pop 3.34
07 - Cruella 5.53
08 - This Goodnight 4.57
09 - Sleepy Hollow w/ jonathan davis 4.48

thanks Vinnie !

download -- here --


OZ said...

Hi, thought i`d say hello.Not downing this, just looking. If you down, then i think it only polite to say "thanks". A lot of work goes into these blogs and to "grab" and run is downright rude. So come on people, give thanks.
BTW:nice blog.

akashaman said...

hey OZ ; u have a blog ?
ya , i am new to this blog thing & it is a bit of a let down , so few comments & so many downloads. this deadsy has been downloaded 15 times already & no commenst.
it is alot of effort , as most of my stuff is trasnferred from vinyl which takes 2-3 hours to finish up tracks & scan LP , etc , etc.
i really thought i would get more feedback , but i know folks are busy & all.javascript:void(0)
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we shall see how it goes , hopefully things will improve [soon ] or i`ll just dissapear & keep mny collection to myself....:P

i appreciate your comment tho !


Anonymous said...

Hi akashaman,
many thanx for this nice stuff!!!
Go on with your very interesting blog,
you make a good job !


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I appreciate the upload. Thanks very much.

sub_commandante_marcos said...

Hi there!
Just thought I'd say, that if you are doing a music blog for the thanks, then you will be bitterly disappointed :-(
I always try & say thanks & maybe a question or comment on the music..but I'm in the minority of snatchers. Many of the blogs I visit, get their posts downloaded hundreds of times, yet only a few % of comments. Perhaps you should view the number of downloads as an indicator of appreciation, rather than the comments?

Anyway, don't get [b]too[/b] disheartened..'tis only the interweb & the anonymity it encourages.

Cheers!! - SCM

rush2112 said...

Thanks I'll try it !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing such interesting music.

Anonymous said...

Spooky cover and the music is equally chilling. I like it.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link. deadsy is one of those bands i've heard about but never got a round to checking out.

Anonymous said...

I DO know this band and bought their other stuff, so this is really amazing to hear the early magic.

Tom said...

Do you have any of these?

1995 Demo
Teenage Wildlife (David Bowie cover)
Avalon (Roxy Music cover)

2001 Studio Demos
Colossus (featuring Aimee Echo)(demo)
Tke Key To Gramercy Park (demo)

i cant find them anywhere...

YOu can also just AIM them to me if you want at thomasspring

Alonso said...

can you please re-up?thanks

akashaman said...

re uploaded , enjoy ;


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much I really like Deadsy a lot an these demos are rare thanks for posting

EarthurX said...

Aiyeee! Stumbled on this band a few years back, after seeing a pic of the bass player in an Ibanez guitar catalog and thinking: "Now there's an interesting looking fella!" I managed to acquire the files of the demo songs and was hooked right off. Being a fan of folks like Gary Numan, Brian Applegate, Devo, Polysics and Occupant, the synth-drenched goodness was too much to resist. Sadly, I lost those files in a mysterious Hard-Drive fire and when Commencement finally hit the shelves, I eagerly snatched it up, only to be roundly disappointed, first by the censorship on Gramercy Park, then the excision of a large (and beloved) portion of She Likes Big Words, and overall, by the production value, which I thought far inferior to the hungry, fluid feel of the demo. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making these files available, as I hadn't been able to find them anywhere. I probably got them from you the first time. I remember reading the saga of how shabbily you were treated, once the money-men got into the Deadsy camp, on your old site.

Again... THANK YOU!

ajax said...

Great blog, its nice to know all this music hasn't been forgotten just yet. I'd managed to download the 1996 album back in 2005, but I'd never seen the album art, which doesn't disappoint. I've been fairly obsessed with locating the tracks on the 1995 Demo CD. So far I've got "just like heaven" and "avalon". Though they're both covers, they are exponentially better and deeper than the originals. I'm pretty desperate to get a hold of the other tracks, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could make them available. Deadsy is one of my favourite bands, their early stuff at least.

Anyway, thanks for the good content, I'm sold on it

MLQLZA said...

Thanks so much for this post. I used to have this back when it first hit the cut out bins in '98 and somehow lost it when I moved across the country. Needless to say, I've been looking for this forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aka thanks for the re-upload of this band that i know next to nothing but i listen because of your good tastes.


Anonymous said...

thanx very much, I have been hunting for this ever since listening to it in 1999. Thanx from New Zealand, you have made my xmas, cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! A big Hail from Canada!

KidTuesday said...

big thanks for this rip!

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