Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cashman , Pistilli & West - Bound To Happen - ABC - 1967

OK ;
as promised here is the debut by cashman , pistilli & west. came out in `67 on ABC records.
*disclaimer :: this was a request , the LP was a little under par of what i would usually attempt to transfer [ bit noisy ]
but it WAS a request & i managed to clean it up quite a bit. i think it sounds ok now . . . tho i DO need a better copy of this.
[ hey , i only paid a buck for it ! ..:)]

this is a really great LP , i dont think there are any throw away tracks on here , although the only not self penned track , up n down , i could do without.
fave tracks are of course the original version of "sunday will be the same" , "port authority terminal" - he mentions dallas ! & "bound to happen".
these guys really harmonized well , & wrote really memorable songs !
i hope you enjoy this one , its a grower `
please let me know what you think !



"Though best known for producing the classic hits of singer/songwriter Jim Croce, the team of Terry Cashman and Tommy West also enjoyed successful performing and composing careers in their own right. Cashman was born Dennis Minogue in New York City on July 5, 1941; while playing minor league baseball in the Detroit Tigers' farm system during the late 1950s, he simultaneously fronted the Chevrons, scoring a handful of minor pop hits and even appearing on American Bandstand. However, as both his baseball and performing careers waned, in 1964 Cashman joined the promotions staff of ABC Records; there he eventually teamed with songwriter Gene Pistilli to author the lovely "Sunday Will Never Be the Same," a Top Ten pop hit for Spanky and Our Gang during the summer of 1967. In time the duo joined forces with fellow tunesmith Tommy West, born Thomas Picardo, Jr. on August 17, 1942. Like Cashman, West began his career as a performer, co-founding the New Jersey-based vocal group the Criterions in 1958; after a handful of unsuccessful singles, they adopted the name the Troubadours. West concurrently attended Villanova University, joining the collegiate vocal club and befriending fellow member Croce.

As Cashman, Pistilli, and West, the threesome recorded a series of singles and a pair of LPs, 1967's Bound to Happen and the following year's For Love of Ivy, to little notice; under the name the Buchanan Brothers, however, they notched a hit in mid-1969 with "Medicine Man." Meanwhile, at West's urging, Capitol signed his old friend Croce and wife Ingrid to a record deal; Cashman, Pistilli, and West also produced the resulting LP, 1969's Approaching Day, but when the record failed to generate much interest, the Croces were dropped from their contract. Soon after, Pistilli dissolved the partnership to join the Manhattan Transfer; Cashman and West continued as a duo, recording as Morning Mist before issuing 1972's A Song or Two under their given names and scoring a Top 30 hit with "American City Suite." When Croce signed to ABC in 1972, Cashman and West resumed production duties, and as the album You Don't Mess Around With Jim launched a pair of hit singles, "Operator" and the title cut, they divided their time between their own career (issuing Moondog Serenade in 1973) and Croce's (helming Life and Times and I Got a Name). " --- AMG

CASHMAN , PISTILLI & WEST - BOUND TO HAPPEN - ABC - 1967 : transferred @ 256 kbps - 51.5 mb

1 - bound to happen
2 - spring has a tear in her eye
3 - red is red
4 - i`d stumble & all
5 - a song that never comes
6 - sunday will never be the same
7 - port authority terminal
8 - but for love
9 - up n` down [ baby what you want me to do ]
10 - you can write a song
11 - the awakening
12 - bound to happen - reprise

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

This one is new to me...thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...


Great album.
Could you post the following album of this duo?

All the best

akashaman said...

i`ll see what i can do :)


Freddy Fraud said...

I had only heard of Gene Pistilli in connection with the first Manhattan Transfer album, "Jukin'". This is a very interesting connection. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aka!! Yeaaah!!! Good songs,superb harmonies and a new discover to make my life (and my collection) happier.Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

great lp..nice one

jim kosmicki said...

this was a pleasant surprise -- I liked pretty much everything about it. I love how there is so much good unexplored music out there.

Rata de Alcantarilla said...

I am a regular visitor and i keep comming back because you always have nice surprises. I have to say though that this is your first posting i don't like. The vocal parts are ok but the instrumentation is awful. Thanks anyway for this and for all the other great stuff

MNEP88 said...

If you can upload the album again, i would thanks to you enormously.

Excuse me for my not very clear English, i´m from Argentina.

Thanks and greetings!

Anonymous said...

another broken link here

Anonymous said...

Re: Port Authority Terminal - I first heard this song in 1969 on Allison Steel's "The Night Tripper" Midnight show- WNEW FM - and always wanted to get the album.
Moved to England and never found it. Thanks to Google and your fine work I have finally found it!
Many Thanks!!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

I have an old 45 of Goodby Jo by C,P & W that is awesome (but scratchy). Does any one have a clue where I can find a clean copy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aka I'm Live in Argentina,I'm Desperate to ear this album,Please
I try to download and isnt works
Sorry my english is to bad

Psych Out said...

Please check the link

Anonymous said...

here ya go !


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Aka I'm Jorge to Argentina,and i'm very very happy to recover this album,thanks a lot

Bill said...

Cashman, Pistilli & West had a minor hit single called Goodbye Joe that I'd really like to find but its nowhere to be found.
Great site and thanks for the download, I used to have the album but its long been gone.

robin Richardson said...

Thank you very much for this record.


SoulBrother said...

Been looking high and low for another Cashman, Pistilli and West album with a song titled "Sandy While She's Sleeping". Would love to find a high quality rip of that album, just the song even. Anything!

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