Sunday, November 26, 2006

Harpers Bizarre - The Secret Life of - WB - 1968

hey all :

this lp gets alot of flack , & the citics really dont like it , but i have them all & this is my fave !
this is one of my fave soft psych lp in this vein.
if you have never heard this & are a fan of these guys , do yourself a favor & grab this one !
it will take you back.

transferred from the original wax by da` shaman.


from liner notes :

Long before trips meant more than 4 1/2 hours from coast to coast and an inflight movie , a gentle writer by the name of James Thurber invented Walter Mitty , a bushy eyed , bright tailed chameleon who found the secret life of his dream world a hell of alot more exciting than the route 4 bus , a 9 - 5 job , and a chicken pot pie at every Horn & Hardart.
Like Walkter Mitty , all of us have our secret lives. cities to conquer. mountains to climb. lovers to love. our private cloud-lined , star dusted stairways to some kind of paradise.
at least harpers bizarre think so. because thats what this album is all about. the secret lives of dick yount , john peterson , ted templeman , & dick scoppettone.
in the sturm & drang of everyday existence , almost anything can trigger our escape. an old song , a faded photograph , that chick diown th street that looks like someone from back home. for harpers bizarre , even a phrase of , "feelin` groovy".
so on your mark , get set , open your escape hatch , and "follow the fellow who follows the dream . . . . . "

tracklisting is a bit longer , but i added couple of the outros & interludes to adjacent tracks. :

1. Battle Of New Orleans
3. When I Was A Cowboy
3. Sentimental Journey
4. Medley: Bye, Bye, Bye/Vine Street
5. Me, Japanese Boy
6. I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
7. Green Apple Tree
8. Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat
9. I Love You, Mama
10. Funny How Love Can Be
11. Mad
12. The Drifter

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

You're right!
I've never understood why this gets the critical kicking it does. It IS their best album, and an absolute primo sunshine-psych-pop classic. Gorgeous programming, too - tracks flowing into each other like a dream. An album for headphones and quiet contemplation.

(I'm not downloading it, just agreeing with you - and thanks for the great shares - keep them coming!

Redtelephone66 said...

Confucious say Japanese Boy who go to bed with tab of acid, wake up with Harpers Bizarre on mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.Loved their first album.Nice harmonies and the music flows along nicely.(doesn`t make you jump up and want to kick something),like a lot of the "newer" stuff!

Anonymous said...

What made Harpers Bizarre unique was their attachment to the early 1900's, and combining that with the 60's harmony sound gave their music a really strange twist that very few bands had at the time. Their production sounds similar to the Association style, but the roots of the music are very different, and the interpretations are excellent. The critics never understood that, and most still don't.

Slackjack said...

Love Harpers Bizarre. Never cared for critics. Always used my own ears to decide what I liked. Thanks so much for this post

Anonymous said...

I could not believe this was still available for download after so many years. Thanks for maintaining your blog. Harpers Bizarre are largely forgotten but made some great music.

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