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Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra - Paul Kantner - 1983

great LP , really out there.
transferred from the original wax @ 256 kbs.
file is 135 MB & included high rez scans of LP & liner notes.

enjoy `



The Alternative Quantum Universe

'Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra,
Everybody Here Can Be In The Band,
Planet Earth Rock And Roll Dream '

Paul Kantner (From Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra)

Black Lights, Day Glow, Zig Zags and Ripple. Nixon was in office, kids lay dead in a foreign land and on our campuses. The whole world seemed to be rushing towards an uncertain future. Even the Silent Majority was starting to talk.

On the west coast of the United States, some of the best musicians of a generation came together to share ideas, explore the new technology and to kick out what would be the greatest, most influential albums of the age.

Woodstock and Altamont were behind - Watergate was ahead and Blows Against the Empire was on every Head's turntable.

"Hey Dick, Whatever you think is totally irrelevant. Both to us and to you. You are the past, we are the future." (From Blows Against the Empire)

Those words were shouted out at so many gatherings. You could smell revolution. The music was real, the times desperate and hope for the future burned white hot. Blows Against the Empire was the soundtrack to the early seventies. Featuring members of Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, CSN&Y, the Fabulous Rhinestones and many others Blows Against the Empire was not just an all star collaboration, but was also a science fiction masterpiece that was the brainchild of Paul Kantner.

While Paul was the guiding force behind the album the influence of what was to become the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra was immeasurable. Grace Slick, David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Graham Nash all have a distinctive voice on the album. You can't steer the wind but Paul was able to keep a firm hand on the till of the ship. The Planet Earth Rock and Roll collaboration continued and several albums were released as solo efforts by this Band of Caballeros! Most of which are available here.

A decade later found Paul Kantner back in the studio with Grace Slick, other members of Jefferson Starship, the Turtles, the Durocs, the Edgar Winter Group and a host of others (including Paul's children). Paul had an epic science fiction novel/movie/soundtrack in mind when he started to record Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Paul Kantner explains the premise for the Album Novel in an interview. "The album is sort of a soundtrack to the novel. It's about a rock-and-roll band who gets a hold of a lot of telepathic amplification equipment, essentially, that the government starts coming after. That begins an adventure of them going cross-country. They wind up in a settlement in Australia, and eventually get off the planet in a unique sort of way. There's a sort-of picture of it on the album."

While the Album and the Book have been out of circulation to most of the world for over a decade a newly remastered edition of Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra will be available soon, right here at Planet Earth Rock and Roll ( So fasten your seatbelts, prepare for launch as we discover the universe of Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

Let' GO!!!

Rick McNamara
Site keeper and amateur astronaut


1. The Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra
2. (She Is A) Telepath
3. Circle Of Fire
4. Mount Shasta
5. Lilith's Song
6. Transubstantiation
Part I : Esperanto
Part II: Science Friction
7. The Mountain Song
8. Declaration Of Independence
9. Underground (The Laboratories)
10. The Sky Is No Limit
11. Let's go

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!
Nice post.

master3d said...


I used to have "elephants memory" , "Tin Tin" and "star castle" and many others you have, but my albums were ruined from flooding in my basement.

I wish you had...
1. Original Caste - one tin solider
2. Third World - America the beautiful (not the reggae band)
3. A Very Strange Brew

akashaman said...

hey M3
thanks so much :
i have never heard of those Lp`s , but will keep my eyes peeled , i am in dallas & see tons of Lp`s monthly.
if there is anything you want , holla
btw , i plan on doin` the tin tin Lp`s soon !

thanks so much for feedbax


ZubZub said...

Nice, thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

This is new to me and can't wait to listen. Thanks for the post!! Nice site!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great Paul Kantner album!!
Again a great post.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Please RE-UPLOAD !!!!!

John said...

Can we get this back on?

akashaman said...

re uploaded :



Willard said...

Hey aka,

Many thanks for this one. Never heard it but am a big JA & associates fan.


Thïrd World Man said...

Awesome upload! This and the Intergalactic Touring Band are just 11/10 finds..

Keep up the great work!

I'm probably going to re-up the Touring Band for the blog I contribute to so hopefully it'lll get even more exposure.

feel free to have a look! ->

Scion said...

Please re-upload this one.
I will take your file and put it on a REAL server that doesn't expire in 2 days, and post the link here.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the reup! I have this album, being a fan of the "Blows" album, and I've been looking a long time for this. I keep reading rumors that he's going to do a 3rd album to complete the trilogy. This is a masterwork and one of the best albums of the 80s JA efforts. Great blog, keep up the good sharing. Lots of stuff I have on vinyl I'm seeing here too...

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up PERRO! I've been looking for another copy since mine was stolen twenty years ago! What a great album! Thanks!

akashaman said...

NEW LINK ! enjoy kids;
feel free to holla when links dead , i`ll re up , bout all i can right now ; life is messy.



Kill.Waas said...

I have so many JeffAir JeffStar and solo projects, but never heard of this one . . thank you very much for the presentation in your yery fine blog!

may your days be sunny : Kill.Waas (From Europe)

Clive said...

I think I got this from you once before but I lost it - thanks for keeping it going!

akashaman said...

the classics must be kept alive : thanks for feedback !


Anonymous said...

While not quite up to the level of "Blows Against The Empire" this is still a worthy 'second' installment. Looking forward to hearing it, my own vinyl now being very hard to listen to.
Many thanks for this posting.


Anonymous said...

My god are you the greatest man ever!!!!!

May you live long and prosper in the most glorious of ways

akashaman said...

well dont sugar coat it my man ! ha _ much thanks -- please play em loud .:)

Anonymous said...

A Great overlooked album by many with all the talent in the music, Thanks

Anonymous said...

i cant thank you enough !!!!!!!!!!

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