Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jimmy Hotz - Beyond the Crystal Sea - 1980

hey all :

anyone into xtian space prog ? :)

here is one from the vaults. Jimmy Hotz legendary "Beyond the Crystal Sea".
released only on LP & in limited quantities , this LP is highly sought after &
rarely shows up on ebay even ~
i transferred this from the original wax !
i also have the "Arkangel" that Jimmy produced if anyone knows this genre ,
they know these two lp`s.
i can up the Arkangel as well , if there is interest.

in addition to this fine LP , i have 4 NEWER trax from
his "Beyond the Gates of Time" EP which is just as epic
-- on three trax you can hear jimmy play his hotbox ,
which is some kind of crazy midi device. !?is it a guitar ?
is it a synthesizer ? some instrument from the future ?
alas , i emailed him , i am no closer to knowing how he
is doing it , but you have to hear to believe !
songs which feature this device are :

*long , long ago
*realm of the spirit
*the gates of time

the last four tracks are the newer stuff while the 1st seven are the entire
crystal sea project.

anyway , this is great stuff , PLEASE let me know what you think !
i included nice front/back cover`s & inside lyrics scans !

here is small review :

"A hard-to-find classic Christian prog
album from the early 80's, released only
on vinyl. Think ethereal Pink Floyd type
stuff mixed with Rush 2112 riffing,
with vocals inspired by Jon Anderson
and songs about heavenly dwellings
and the holy lamb. There's some
great prog keyboard playing on the
disc, as well as Hotz's heavy handed
guitar playing. Well worth tracking
down. There used to be some sound
clips available on the web when existed. I have no idea whats
out there now. Hotz has a new EP
also available as well, and it is
rumored to be re-releasing a CD soon
from Rad Rockers. Hotz also produced
the classic original Christina prog
album Warrior by Arkangel. { dt }"

Jimmy Hotz - Beyond the Crystal Sea - 1980 - vision records @ 320 kbps ; new trax @ 128 kbps - 75MB


-- beyond the crystal sea --
1 - observations of a larger reality
a - march of the dead souls
b - hand of the most high
2 - night passage
3 - vision ships
4 - teton
5 - beyond the blues
6 - alpine magic
7 - from love life did become

-- beyond the gates of time -- EP

8 - song of the desert
*9 - long , long ago
*10 - the gates of time
*11 - the realm of the spirit

* trax with futuristic midi device

download -- here --


Anonymous said...

Thnx a lot man! Nice record and prety different.

Anonymous said...

hey is the man still alive? maybe we can trace him and ask what kind of midi device it is

akashaman said...

haha , ya he is alive & well :

check out these links to see device !
he will build you one , but they are very expensive !

Chad said...

Thanks, I'm gonna grab this, it looks interesting.

akashaman said...

ya , you`ll luv the LP: i gopt an email from jimmy the other day : super nice guy ; i emailed him b4 , it seems like he remembers me , lol !?

Hey Tom,
Great to hear from you.
I am working on a new solo project called "The Gates of Time".
As was the case when I did "Beyond the Crystal Sea" I have to fit it around my other projects.
Hopefully it will be finished over the next 6 months.
How about you? How have you been? Any new music?
God bless you in all things,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Jimmy Hotz LP.
I've never heard of him, but am
looking forward to giving it a good

Andreas said...

The opening track kicks ASS! I would also be really interessted in the Arkangel LP. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this gem quite a while thank you for sharing such great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing,
Pls load Arkangel’s Warrior i also have great interesting about this album.


Anonymous said...

Man,you have to be about the very last of a breed to be giving away/access to such great music.You're the only one that I know who is offering up downloads of both Hotz and Krabbe(on request).I hope everyone who is looking for this fantastic prog rock finds you on the net.Best wishes and keep up this rare form of philanthropy.God bless.

Chad said...

This was such a great record.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I didn't think anyone ever HEARD of this album before!! And what blows me away is that he is still making music!! What a great find and thanks a lot!!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome LP. I bought it when it came out and it was cutting edge stuff!

Joe Blow said...

This album is really nice. My sampler thanks you. Never heard of jimmy hotz but he's hot.

Pat said...

fantastic album thanks for sharing this lost Jem.Highly Rec to anyone

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

72custom said...


Wildean said...

Thank you, I enjoyed this one!

tony edward said...

During my record hunting travels I found a test pressing of this LP. Jimmy wrote and signed a love note to some woman in the center of the record!

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