Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wichita fall - Life is but a Dream - 1969

i got nothing on these guys
but this is a great LP.
really grows on you

lots of orchestration - real dreamy pop psych ala chad & jeremy , harpers bizarre.

transferred from the original vinyl by da` shaman.



"row , row , row your boat - gently down the stream - merrily , merrily , merrily - life is but a dream"

256kbps - 56mb

1- Morning Song
2- Once In The Morning
3 - Sunny Road

4 - Going To Ohio
5 - Playground
6 - Ornamental Sideshow

7 - Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show
8 - Crystal rain
9 - Hectivity
10 - Schubert's Theme

11- Night Time Suite
12 - Are You Sleeping?
13 - Life Is But A Dream

download -- here --


Little Stevie said...

Thanks for this wonderful record! How about making it even a better Thanksgiving and posting the Colours' "Atmosphere"?

Anonymous said...


tucker said...

Wow - I used to have this album years ago - haven't heard it in forever, but I remember I always liked it! I'm really going to enjoy listening to this again - thanks, buddy! GREAT site you have.

MaryLynn said...

OMG I can't believe anyone had this gem. I listened to it on 8 track going across country with my folks in a FireBall RV in 1976. I was 13yrs old. I haven't forgotten any of the songs.

akashaman said...

haha , i cant believe anyone else knows this LP ! i love , love it myself , thats so kewl you listened to it as a kid ; that`s why i do what i do :

keep em spinnin`


Anonymous said...

the link seems to be broken :/

akashaman said...

enjoy :


Anonymous said...

thanks! i'll get it.

Anonymous said...

I was in the band that did this album. I thought I would do a google to see if there was any trace of it out there. It's great to see that somebody remembers it. Thanks for the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say... if anyone wants to know anything about the other three guys in the band... post it with some contact info and I'll get in touch with you.

Thanks again.

DR said...

We had a great time recording this LP.(The LA philharmonic and all) you should have heard these songs with 2 guitars, bass & drums.
We played most of them live at the Trubador in LA the night we landed the bands management contract. (what a rush)
Thanks Phil and Artie for all the hard work on the arrangements.

akashaman said...

yo david !

are you the one who posted all three of these comments ?
i am tom i run this blog. listening to the LP now !
did you guys download it , if so ; how does it sound ?
ya , this is one of my fave psych-pop lp`s i have discovered.
the arrangements are stellar !
the drums on the intro track just kill.
they are super heavy eh ?
who came up with this concept ?
its really good.
i love everything about this lp , i recently found another as well !
so now i have two copies , lol.

so , ya i am interested in any stories you guys might have regarding this lp , what have u been up to since , etc.
would also love to know what other lp`s from this era that you guys love & cherish ~
i had the sopwith camel lp`s up but got an email from norm askin me cordially to remove them !
he was really insightfull & nice.
i have actually heard from a couple three bands that i have posted , small world eh ?

hit me back if ya get time & let me know whats up !

thanks again for comments already !


DR said...

Appreciate your intrest. I did not post the first 2 comments.
Hal Blaine (prominate sessiom man of that era)handled the drums. Speaking of drummers we worked with Ron Tutt (Elvis) on another project and Russ Knukel (Bob Dylan)but I digress.
The entire album was cut & mixed on a tight production schedule, I think 5-6 6 hr. sessions.
Tex Smith produced and conceptulized the album (now deceased)at the the time concept albums were THE THING! Those songs tied to that concept were a stretch in my view, but it was their sales approach. The audio quality on this laptop of course it's much. I'll check it on another output device. (maybe Phil can take over.)
Thanks, Dave

DR said...

That spelling is Russ Kunkel. You can hear him on the Bob Dylan New Morning album.

Chris Winn said...

The person who posted the first two comments is my guitar instructor (lucky me!). Does anyone know how to get a copy of this album without paying a fortune?

akashaman said...

hey :

i have a VG+ copy i could send you for postage. just shoot me an email.



akashaman said...

there are a few better copies on ebay as well !


Anonymous said...

LOL, well this is a riot! Glad to hear such nice things about my dad! He was the guitar player for Wichita fall. A bit before my time, but it's neat to see it has staying power! THX

ge said...

please! a re-up?
love that psyche!

Anonymous said...

actually never heard of this band but I'm always interested to hear new music from that time (my childhood days). THANKS for making this available. it's REALLY appreciated.


Len Fagan said...

Hi Tom (correct?) Drummer Len Feigin (now Fagan) here. I'm bad with computers, but it was great to see that SOMEBODY heard and even liked the album. I never liked the concept or production. When the 4 of us actually played we had more in common with The Buffalo Springfield than the rearranged, wimped-out production and arrangements (with orchestra!) that is represented on the release. Would like to reach "DR" (David from the band), who I saw posted some comments here. Any help someone might give me would be appreciated. I can be reached at:
I still have some official publicity photos from Liberty Recs, along with numerous personal photos of the group. Sure would like to locate the original recordings the four of us made for Epic and then, Liberty Records---BEFORE the powers that be started changing our songs and sound. I remember that I thought they were pretty good. Also, the personal secretary for producer Dallas Smith, then Julia Brose (since married to both John Densmore and later Chuck Negron) has mentioned to me over the years that she never understood why they messed up the band's sound so much, since, as she said, "You guys were great without all that fancy production" (and she was there during our original recordings, without the orchestra) and she has excellent taste. By the way, the drums on the released album were played by 3 different drummers on different sessions: Hal Blaine, the great Jim Gordon, and John Guerin, all popular session players back then. Would love to reach David, and I bet he knows how to reach Phil. Haven't spoken with either of them in at least 35 years---nor bassist Larry Watson, either. If anyone out there really cares, I would be happy to answer any questions they have, just as David said he would do, also. Thanks for remembering us---even on the non-representative LP release. Anyone out there ever see the REAL band perform, live, in Hollywood, Cal? Also, am wondering who posted the "anonymous" comment saying, "I was in the band that did this album". Over these many years in L.A., I have bumped into a drummer who said he was the drummer in the band. He used to be in a 60's band called Thorinshield. After I left the group in late 68, he did move into the band house we rented in Laurel Canyon, but spent almost no time as the drummer, and never played live or recorded with us four original members. A nice guy, though. Can someone help me reach the person called "DR" on the blogs? That would be David Roush, I'm certain. Please let me know. LF

Anonymous said...

to Len F. & the rest of the band.
Always loved your LP, orchestration & all!
I understand your distaste for this version, given your original concept of what you felt it should sound like. Bought the LP many years ago because your cover photo reminded me of Buffalo Springfield & I've always been glad I did. Having never heard you live, I & others who enjoy your music can only say, if this is your music on a bad day, man, would we like to hear some of your live & unedited work!
I recently started commented on a message board that your music reminded me a little of Love & the Moodies, but also Poco & Springfield. What were your musical influences back then?

Anonymous said...

Len, I just checked back in and would love to make contact. Miss you buddy..
Thanks Akasaman's Kosmos.
DR. multiarts@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

contact me @ multiarts@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous said...

My mentors were Elvis, Costers,(Leiber & Stoller) The Bros. 4, The Kinston Trio, Marty Robins, Mary Wells, Phil Spector, The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Poco, CSN, GOD! and so many more!

akashaman said...

hey guys !

how is everything goin` ?
well , i think i replied to len via email , but i disagree about the LP. i find the arrangements & overproduction to be the fun of it actually. so much experimentation , collaberation & imagination that went into this project , its just epic., imo.
incidently i know where a couple more copies are , of the LP ; if anyone is interested , let me know & i shall try & snag them - if they are still there , lol.
condition prob VG+ / VG+ not too bad actually !

what have u guys been up to of late ?
what kind of music do u listen to these days ?

thanks for comments & all.
sorry for not being able to update the site much of late....:(

holla at ya boy !!


Anonymous said...

Again thanks for the blog. It has allowed me to touch base with with with some friends from the past.
As far as musical intrest, I can listen to and enjoy most forms "Classical, (Thanks Phil) to out-of-tune Gospel".
My current projects are Country Rock & Blues (in the secular vain).
And I am writing & recording songs For a Praise album (with a Country, folk, Rock feel)that should be available on itunes early next year.

Gary Steward said...

Have a copy of this great LP I am converting to MP3 so I can listen to it in my truck! Bought it new in Vancouver, BC in late 70's and still in mint condition. Great to read the comments from band members! Makes me feel young again!! See me at www.garyandmarie.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

fanx great blog nice rips happy trips

Anonymous said...

Shux! File not found!

akashaman said...

re upped this classic !

jpmullen1 said...

I remember Phillip Black and the Wichita Fall band. I got out of the US Army in 1970 and auditioned for their great band. Did not get the job with Phil and David but stayed and played music with them for a week. So nice to meet them. I love the album Life is but a Dream. I consider Phil Black a good friend although I've not seen him since he was with Magpie band. jpmullen1@hotmail.com and also on fb in Arizona

jOsSse.co.nr said...

you dont know how much i thank you for sharing this vinyl!
it really grew on me!

and i find amazing how there's nothing (info) about them in the internet, but oh well it's simply rare and available to some people thanks to you! hehe

keep it up pal!

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