Thursday, November 16, 2006

COLOURS - debut - 1969 DOT records

"Among the many unmemorable late '60s psychedelic bands that put out a record or two, Colours do stand out from the pack a bit for a couple of reasons. One is that they were among the relatively few American bands to adopt a very British orchestrated pop-psychedelic style, which must have been honed by incessant listening to every track the Beatles did in 1967. The other is that their bassist was Carl Radle, who soon went on to play in Delaney & Bonnie and, shortly afterward, Derek & the Dominoes, as well as with J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton the solo artist. Colours drummer Chuck Blackwell also achieved some renown in the early '70s by playing with Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Taj Mahal, Freddie King, and other artists.

However, the prime architects of Colours' sound were songwriters Jack Dalton and Gary Montgomery. They wrote all of the material on Colours' 1968 self-titled debut album on Dot, a competent if unexciting derivation of the sort of florid, bouncy, multi-textured songs the Beatles did on their 1967 LPs and singles" -- AMG

well , here is another lost classic from the archives.
colours debut LP on DOT records. very reminiscent of early bealtes with tinges of psych-ish elements , sitars & such.
i really love this LP , it really grows on you , my fave tracks :

*rather be me


*brother lou`s love colony [ also done by "the moon" ]

this was a really clean LP transfer that i did , sound great !
re-mastered it a touch to bring out some clarity.

let me know what you think please !

ripped @ 256 Kbs

50 MB file :

COLOURS - 1968 - DEBUT :




Anonymous said...

Man!! that looks like a SUPER nice copy of this Lp. mines not great.but the music is. another fav.Great find there. DACE>

tilted2oneside said...

OH MY GOD! Look at my blog - - I have been looking for this album since forever! You are the coolest! I am adding your link right at top!

Anonymous said...

I have a low bit rate somewhat scratchy copy of this album. It is a great album and you have a great copy!


toober said...

I ended up here on tonights journey. I was copping some Pandora and they played what they call Catalyptic by Aorta. Damn. It reminded me I hadn't ripped my reel copy of Colours yet. 38 years ago I was too lazy to write down titles so I hit google to find a track list, thank you much. Your copy is better than mine after years of demag. Rare ticks easy to remove. Anyway, dunwich.html lists Aorta track as Cathatyptic but trust me it's like a Litter version of Cataleptic. I remember radio spots for both albums like yesterday. I have Colours 2nd on tape. You want?

The ALF said...

Okay so the lyrical approach was sophomoric but this was their idea of being "professional" and "bad day at blackrock" is a classic - it indicates someone at the helm.
Extra two points for love beads and nehru jackets (heh heh)

- I enjoy your selection of music


grovermanor said...

a friend of mine has been looking for "Bad Day at Black Rock, Baby" since forever. says he heard it on the soundtrack to the 70s drive-in flick Truck Stop Women. many thanks for this one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!
I'm very curious about this one!!

Lost In Tyme said...

Thanks for the HQ rip !

akashaman said...

your very welcome : all my rips will be @ 320 ....
this music is too good to try & save HD space , lol.

keep on spinnin`


akashaman said...

ps @ tyme ;
someone commented on my blue LP - another night time flight , that the rip @ your site sounds better than the one i did @ 320 ~
i told him to lay off the bong some , i a/b`d them when i found it on your site & didnt think so...

i actually make money off of sound engineering & recording & such , maybe i better look for another line of work !



Anonymous said...

Hi there
Just to inform you: Some days ago I posted a tribute video (my own production) to Colours on YouTube.
If you'd like to watch and listen, please go to and search for Retrophonia. One of the results will be "Helping you out" which was on this album. Hope you will like it.
Greetings Henning
a.k.a he17ba on youtube

Anonymous said...

Just ran across this. I've been a fan of this band since hearing Love Heals on AM radio in Los Angeles. It was a big hit in L.A. at the time (summer 1968 I think; same time as Hey Jude), so I'm surprised that so few people know about the band. It was released on CD by a small label a year or so ago.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for posting this! i've been looking for this forever!

Anonymous said...

Hi. The link goes to a BAD site now.

Please repost this album!


Anonymous said...

And BEFORE "Colours" Carl Radle was with Gary Lewis and the Playboys.

Anonymous said...

Dead link. Please repost. Thanks!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare PSYCH, PROG, soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Grew on me from first listen. Off to find a vinyl copy...

Douglas Swartzendruber said...

For a bit of an update on Colours and Gary Montgomery, visit

Taylor Swift said...


Anonymous said...

My brother, Rob Edwards, was the guitar player on Colours. I knew them all and when Carl Radle went on vacation, I played bass with them (I'm Rick Edwards). Jack and Gary usually toned down the guitar on the mix, which frustrated Rob some, but the sound was pretty good. They also had a second album, which I have and I digitized. If you have a place for me I will send it to you with the cover image. FYI, Rob first played with surf band Eddie and the Showmen in high school and with Larry Carlton, later was a studio musician and was guitarist on Pacific Vibrations (which I saw on your images to the right). He also played with Daniel Moore and others. We had our own band and played in local clubs. Other guitarists liked Rob a lot, but he was not very business-like, or very social, so not many have heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rick
I'm he17ba - the one who made a tribute to Colours on Youtube (as I wrote here earlier. The way you talk about Rob indicates that he is dead? I'm very sorry to hear that. When did that happen?
At some point I had hoped to be able to write a greeting to all the lads in the band - except Carl of course, since he died much earlier, but I guess that it will never happen.
Please tell me what you think of my Colours rendition on Youtube.
Greetings from

nick crescendo said...

Hi there,

All you ever wanted to know about Jack Dalton, The Colours, etc, but were afraid to ask! on this very interesting podcast with Jack!

Great website here!!!


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Hectorvadair said...

Hi and thank you a lot for sharing this. I have downloaded it some years ago now, but I re listend to it tonight, and wow, this is really great stuff. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you to all involved (band and blogger). F, from France.